In My Home This Week: Quiet Expectations

In my home this week...

...It's been a nice quiet weekend here, despite storms about us.  We've had a few rumbles of thunder but no high winds, no excess of rain.  It's pretty much been a normal rainy winter weekend.  For that I am deeply grateful.

Today, John and I attended church.  I love when the sermon lines up with conversations we've had.  John used a word this morning, "Expectatious"...He was discussing his desire for having prayers answered.  I looked at him in wonder.  "I don't think that is a word, John, but it should be.  It seems to say you've got audacious expectations."  We both laughed at that because it's true.  Our pastor's sermon today was partly about having those high expectations.  After service, I was able to speak to him briefly and shared with him John's word.  He laughed out loud.  "That's it!  I like that a lot!"

Expectatious is what I am about the new administration coming in.  I know there's been a lot of rankle about President Trump.   I will tell you truly that I think the people who protested in violence this past week were mighty foolish folks...and they are, frankly, exactly why this man is president now.  The idea that one might have a 'hissy fit' as we say in the South, show out with actions that are blatantly wrong, and think every one should suddenly give in and do as you want, is a bit like watching a two year old fling himself on the ground in a tantrum because he can't take off his feet.  It ain't gonna change anything...but it does confirm the opinion of many that it's time for some kind of change.

I'm sharing my opinions at the moment, I'll share as well that I haven't time for women marching on Washington either.  I'm not a feminist.  I'm a woman.  I grew up with the strongest sort of women about me and not one of them ever complained that life wasn't fair because they didn't get this or have that...nor did they think men had it so much better than themselves.  They got out and worked hard alongside their husbands in the field.  The husbands weren't helpless in the home, either.  They came in from the fields and got together a meal or hauled in water to do dishes or chopped wood.    The man and woman admired one another for dedication and strength.  Feminists are more of those spoiled, privileged sorts for the most part.  I say stop acting disappointed that life isn't going your way and get out of your own  way and make the change.  Waiting for the world to hand you the privileges you think you're missing is foolishness. 

Blips on the weekend.   I am moved to hope for the changes promised and will wait, expectatiously, as my husband said this morning.   I'll dare to hope because I am tired of feeling hopeless.  I am reminded  that people spoke loud and clear in seeking change, doing it in a way that is legal and right, by casting a vote. 

...I plan meals:

Another week of meatless meals for John.  He will only be home four days of the seven.  I'll be out with Mama one of those days.

Kale and Farro Stew, Green Salad, Oranges
No Kale at my Aldi, so I'm subbing in spinach which I'll add more at the last minute.  Besides the spinach was only $.79 this week and the tomatoes in the dish were on sale as well.  I realize it's not as sturdy a green as Kale but it will do well enough.  I did find the farro at Aldi.

Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Apples with Cheese (and a hot dog for me)

Veggie Fr. Rice, Egg Rolls and Ambrosia
No rice for it last week.  I was delayed in grocery shopping.

Tortilla Tower, Green Salad with tomatoes, PB and nut dipped banana pops
I'll use some of the lentil taco filling in this dish this week.  It was very good last week as tacos, butit made up a lot.

...I plan work:

I have a ton of things I might do but the absolute NEED to do the early part of this week is to move all the small things I can from the guest room in order to ease the way for the carpet layers on Thursday.  I'm also going to help John with the music room, but he's lead man on that job.  Of course, when it's all done, we get the pleasure of putting it all right back, so there's an extra bit of work in this, lol.

I really want/need to plant peas.  I'm thinking in front of the trellis where the roses normally grow.  They should be finished by the time the roses put out any growth at all.I did this on Friday since I knew rain was slated for the beginning of this week.

I must take time to gather some needed paperwork for driver's license renewal.  I may as well go ahead and buy tags while I'm in the county seat area.  And if I get the time I'll go on ahead to the next town and renew my license.  It will be good to just have it done.

I have yet to make it out to the shed to tend to moving that dishwasher and checking it for dry rot etc.  It's meant to rain a few more days this week but hopefully I can get out there and sort that out, too.

Appointment on Friday for a hair cut.  This is not exactly work and then again it sort of it.  It means I must be ready to leave home at a certain time, must get all done I can before I leave because usually when I arrive back home I'm done in.

...I plan leisure:

 Honestly, I'm about ready to roll my eyes at the idea of leisure but I did enjoy some last week.  I had a shake up in my week's plans when Bess needed someone to keep Josh while she went to back to back appointments.  That was FUN but I sure wouldn't call it leisure, lol.  Sam sent me a photo of Josh sound asleep within minutes of leaving here.  Well Gramma slept like a two year old that night herself.

We've got a fairly full week and weekend ahead of us but I will have time to squeeze in a bit of time here and there.  I do most days.  I've just finished up one of the books I've been reading.  I have one that I'd set aside in autumn I'm ready to go back to, Beyond the Snow by Christine Rawlins.  It's a biography of Elizabeth Goudge.  Last time I was inspired to grab one of Goudge's books and read it.  I am sure I'll experience that all over again!

Watch the second episode of "Victoria" if I can.

Continue to work on that genealogy notebook which is both fun and work.  I am working hard to get my notes in chronological order by date in history, so there is a timeline for those individuals I've information on.  It's a good time too, to make notes about what information is needed to fill out blank spaces.


Lana said...

We watched the inauguration and felt hope rise from that speech and then when Franklin Graham came to do his benediction he noted that the rain that began as the swearing in began was a sign of God's blessing according to the Bible. Wow. After hearing of all the destruction I have thought that deplorable is a good word to describe it all.

I am finally starting to feel rested after those 16 hospital days and my husband is starting to seem like his old self even though he is still very tired. There had been thoughts of brain damage but I can see that it is not the case. Prayer has certainly worked. I would ask for prayer for a particular need on Facebook and it was answered time and time again.

I am glad to be back to cooking! We made a quick grocery stop for some produce items this morning while we were out for breakfast. That totaled a little less than $8 and was all that we needed for the week. We are blessed to be able to watch our church live streaming while hubby recovers so arrived home again in time to watch.

We will watch Victoria by way of PBS on our Roku. That way we can watch whenever it is convenient. I would also like to maybe go to a movie this week to get out of the house a bit. We have free soup on our Chick fil A cards that will a lunch out this week. We will also take a 30 minute ride over to our daughter's house and spend a little time with the local grandchildren.

Rebecca said...

I could not agree more with your first paragraphs here! Thanks for writing them.

Rhonda said...

Good post Terri 👍🏻
I've seen photos of the women crowds and I'm wondering how can so many women can be off work or find alternate care for their families to be out there all at one time. I truly don't understand what all their fuss is about.

It has been so overcast and clouds here all week. Today was the first blue sky in days.

Have a good week friend ❤️

MBreitel said...

I love your blog and am an avid reader, but am disappointed to hear that you think feminists are "spoiled." I don't see anything ridiculous about the idea of equal wages for doing the same job. I think feminism is a good thing if it teaches our daughters that they're just as valuable to society as men are. Not better, but equal. It seems like so many women who don't work outside of the home take issue with it... I don't understand why.

Melonie K. said...

I think you've said most of this quite well, but I think this is the best, and applies to a lot of people these days - even the past 40-50 years, to a certain extent: "I say stop acting disappointed that life isn't going your way and get out of your own and make the change. Waiting for the world to hand you the privileges you think you're missing is foolishness."

I wouldn't limit it to feminists, and I wouldn't include all feminists in it either (and I'm sure you are speaking generally - I know you don't paint with a wide brush on all). I particularly see it in the area we currently live in, including parts of the military community, and it saddens me. Other places we've lived, folks were still more willing to work hard and have self-respect and respect for others. It's interesting to see how that ebbs and flows.

Wendi said...

Three cheers for this post! My FB feed is so full of politics and the women's march (from both points of view) that I have had enough. I told hubby today that I will have to step away from FB for a while. It is all more then I can/or want to handle. Someone I went to high school with declared that I live in a bubble. (regarding a question I asked on FB about an education decision we need to make for our daughter which resulted in a brutal verbal attack.) Honestly, I have plenty to care for in my own "bubble" and I am fine with that. ;)

Delorise said...

I am so tired of all these protestors--do they not have lives- families, jobs??? Please explain to me why people in other countries are protesting over what is occurring in the USA. It is none of their business!!! Can they all just stop whining-- Clinton lost-- get over it. Now I have that off my chest. We got wind and rain but were fortunate that they tornado that hit our area wasn't close to us. Thank heavens, though there was some damage their were no lives lost. Unfortunately at the last count we heard eleven had died in Adele and there was lots of damage. We are still waiting to hear what damage occurred from the tornado that struck in the Wilcox county area today. This week, hubby will be helping a friend clean up their yard--every tree in their yard fell- on a car, a fence--down they went. Feeling so grateful that we were spared damage. Busy week for me, funeral tomorrow and have to take an aunt to the doctor in Macon Friday. Meals planned out and still eating out of the pantry and freezer. Got to eat the squash and eggplant up before summer. Going to turn colder here. Enjoy your blog so much.

nenatsixty said...

I live in England. I have read your blog for several years and have enjoyed it. However the comment made here by Delorise really saddens, and frankly shocks me. She says:
"Please explain to me why people in other countries are protesting over what is occurring in the USA. It is none of their business!!!"
Over here we are proud of our relationship with the USA, but it is nonsense to say that what's happening in America is none of our business surely? American foreign polices have a huge effect on other countries, for better or worse. I wish that this was not the case but sadly it is, which is why we are so concerned. Your President has been democratically elected, and I truly respect that, but please be aware that we are going to be a little apprehensive until everything settles down, and that all we have to base our understanding on is what is reported in the media.
I do not wish to offend anyone, and apologise if I do so, but felt that I just wanted to explain why we in other countries are concerned at this time.

Terri Cheney said...

MBreitel, I think I pretty much stated my thoughts clearly. It's nothing to do with being at home. worked outside my home for many years, starting when I was 12. I am home now because we made the choice to have me concentrate on the work at home. The message in my home from my husband and myself to our daughters and daughter in laws has always been that we encouraged them to do what makes them feel they are doing their best work. For some that is to be at home. For a few that was to go to work in the world.

Despite my work history and my work ethic I hear all too often that I've 'sold out' the women who work outside their homes. It's a huge challenge to work outside the home and in it, too. This is MY joy...It's just a doggone shame some women are so intent on acting like I'm an idiot and fourth class citizen because I choose this instead of a paying position elsewhere.

My sons and my daughters were taught to have a work ethic. They take pride in the jobs they do. They do not allow others to detract from their value because they are male or female.

Terri Cheney said...

nenatsixty/Lesley I am sorry you felt offended at Delorise's remark...And I'm equally sorry I read a comment you made on facebook on a mutual friend's post about this same subject. You see, I felt some of that was rather rude. But I also allowed that you had a right to your opinion and left it at that.

I do understand that US policy affects the world in some manner, just as we're aware that British policies affect the world that we share. I think what's difficult to take is the bashing and the name calling and the insulting of those who might have voted in the current administration. I assure you that even in the US, even among those who voted, it's very much a wait and see moment for all...But there is a certain American pride in our own democratic state that we cherish and we can get rather testy with those from other countries who feel they have to make darned sure we know just how idiotic they think our President. I'm equally sure that were we to make similar remarks about your governing folks it would be offensive to you. I think if we can keep those sorts of remarks between ourselves and our own countrymen we'd be better off...Don't you?

nenatsixty said...

I very rarely comment on Facebook on anyone else's posts, and my own Facebook page is not open to the public (my family are spread all over the world and I mainly use it to message them) so am not sure quite what/ whose post you refer to . As I said earlier I apologise if I've offended anyone here. These are sensitive times for us all, and the world is a worrying place. I do wish you all a peaceful and happy future though and will respect your wish and not comment further.

Debbie said...

Great post! I have friends and family that were part of the Washington DC Women's March and in local marches around the nation also. While I do agree with some of their message like equal pay for the same job, there are other areas that I do not. I am Pro Life and was saddened to see that the group that was Pro Life was uninvited to the march in Washington DC because they did not advocate the killing of babies like the organizers of the march did. Here is something that I just don't can a group say they care so much about human rights in general and women's rights in particular, but still think it is ok to kill unborn baby boys and girls? I also don't understand how a group that claims to be so environmentally conscious and concerned can leave behind all the garbage they did for others to clean up. Leaving behind all those signs littering the streets and park was not a political statement that is going to win you any the contrary, it is going to weaken the message that they had hoped to spread. And for goodness sakes, if these women want to be respected and don't want to be looked at as sex objects, then why did they pick someone like Madonna to be a key speaker and performer who has made a career out of portraying herself as a sex object. Madonna's remarks about blowing up the White House were way out of line and a threat and yet my family and friends did not see anything wrong but thought it was all beautiful and a day filled with love. UGH!

Karen said...
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