In My Home This Week: Second Verse, Same As the First

In my home this week:

It really does look like a repeat of the week just past, with the difference that John will be home all week long.  The flooring was rescheduled to go in on Friday morning...and then rescheduled again for this coming Wednesday.  I cancelled my hair cut to accommodate the first change of plans.  Too late to get that appointment back so I'm scheduled for Friday of this week.  And John, who has spent three weeks doing a Daniel fast has requested that I keep making such meals with just the occasional meat meal thrown in.  I feel like Ground Hog Day (the movie) has hit my home and it's not even February.

...I plan my work:

While the bulk of the small items in the guest room are stored in that closet (which is also my pantry and therefore inaccessible to me), there are a few things stacked here and there in the living room, as well as some of the music room items.  To keep myself from going stir crazy, I'll just head on out to the shed and put that in order this week, because heaven knows I want to put something in order with the chaos all about me!

Harvest day:  Bills, errands and groceries

Carpet day is supposed to be Wednesday.  Fingers crossed.

Continue to look for meatless entrée ideas.

Since the pantry isn't accessible, we'll have to rely on what's in the cabinets and freezers for meals this week, until we finally get to the grocery which will be a challenge in itself due to our schedules this week.  It will be a challenge to 'forget' that I have that pantry!  That's an interesting way to end the month since it's the way we began it...Did I mention Ground Hog Day?

Hair appointment on Friday. 

Go pick up car tags. DONE!

....I plan our meals:

I'll be looking for more recipes to use that are for meatless entrees.  I just hope I find several that are as good as the Kale Farro Stew.  It's no hardship really, now that I've got three weeks practice under my feet.  And then again, it is, too.  I must have new recipes to try.  Well there are plenty of ideas from the past three weeks we never did get around to eating.   And won't this week either.  I expect we will be out of the house at least 3 days this next week and possibly 4.

out of house x 3 this week. 

Pasta with Chicken, Artichoke Hearts, Spinach and Not Sundried Tomato Sauce,  Green Salad, Garlic Bread

Pinto Beans, Cheesy Corn Bread, Coleslaw with Apples and Walnuts

Hummus and Veggies in Pitas with Greek Salads

Twice Baked Potatoes, Green Beans with Walnuts and Mushrooms, Tossed Salad

...I plan my leisure hours:

I do wish I could stay abed and sip coffee and comfortably read the paper.  My body seems to dislike that whole leisurely in bed thing.  But doesn't she look relaxed?

We've a busy week ahead of us.  There's an awful lot to be done but I mean to take time out each day to do something truly leisurely.  Perhaps I'll take a nap.  Maybe I'll just sit and read for the pleasure of reading.  Tea on the porch if the weather warms up enough would be awfully nice, agreed?   I'll try to keep track of my daily leisure moments so you can see I am a woman of my word.


Lana said...

I love the picture with the meal plan! :) I am hoping for a warm day for the porch swing. It sure does boost the cheer factor around here.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Hope you get your floor covering put in this week, Know your looking forward to it.. and getting your house back to order.. smile
Your meatless meals sound wonderful.

Hope you and John have a wonderful week off and enjoy yourselves too.
Lana.. How is your husband? Praying for you two..

Melonie K. said...

I, too, love the meal plan picture. I've just wrangled 65 pounds of dog to put ear medicine in both her ears - and she hates it. That lady looks about how I feel this moment. Gave me a smile as I try to catch my breath now!

Lana said...

Judy, he is doing great. He is stronger every day. Not back to work yet but I think it will be soon. Thanks for asking.

Lana said...

My daughter's family is mostly vegetarian so I have been thinking about what they eat so I could make some suggestions. Here goes-
eggplant Parmesan
They put beans in spaghetti sauce for the protein
refried bean and cheese quesadillas
many dishes made with cauliflower like General Tso's chicken-see Pinterest for ideas
Zucchini fritters
Minestrone soup
Any soup over rice for the second day she serves it
baked potato bar
Alfredo sauce over pasta
Aldi deli type cheese pizza with added veggies
Cheese enchiladas
veggie shepherds pie
vegetable lo mein
ALdi has some great stir fry veg in the frozen section that comes with a sauce pack that she uses for stir fry over rice- add beans or tofu

A friend has a son who is vegetarian and she always keeps hard boiled eggs to supplement protein for him with any meal. They also make falafel.

Hope it helps!

Terri Cheney said...

Lana, Thank you for the suggestions. Some of those I'd seen, some I'll look up. I found a lentil Bolognese sauce that sounded pretty good. I think Lentils pretty much take on the flavor of whatever you cook them with so far as seasonings go.

I too loved the meal time plans picture. I feel that way some days when I've failed to plan ahead or plans just didn't go along as they ought to have,lol.

Annabel Smith said...

Beautiful images! I plan too. I know it helps. Meal planning is a money saver as well.
I hope you re having a good week! With love

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