The Week Ahead: Birthday, Father's Day, Birthday, Birthday....

I've mentioned before we are in the midst of birthday season.  Four more to go this month. From the last week of May until the last day of June we have 8 birthdays and Father's Day tossed in for good measure.  I have done better this year about getting cards out in time but gifting is off.  I have two gifts I haven't even purchased and the birthdays are both past.  Fortunately everyone ahead this month that I normally would gift has been gifted already.  Now to play catch up with the ones I missed.

It was lovely weather to end last week.  In fact, it was so cool on Friday morning, I came back indoors.  "It's too cool..." I told John.  "I'm going to go to the back porch and sit in the sun."  He laughed but he appreciated the shady coolness of the front porch after he'd mown grass.  It was more pleasant at noon.

What I got done last week:

I did put block in the corner flower bed and ended getting some weeding done there as well.  I did NOT expand the new flower bed, but I did lay cardboard as weed mat in that bed and filled it.  I cleared most of the junk off the back porch and from the guest room and moved it all to the shed.  I played about in the flower bed in front of the back porch and the one next to the steps and made them both look a little more attractive.  I got all the new plants potted up and set out.

I got all the planned inside work done except cleaning and straightening my closet.  I deep vacuumed and deep dusted (that means I picked items up and moved them and dusted them too, not just swiping at surfaces).  The guest room has a new headboard though you can't see it and the pictures got home.  I pieced together outfits.

And the insurance fiasco was all sorted out and I was reinstated at the tax credit level rather than paying full price, which wasn't going to happen anyway.  If I could afford full price I wouldn't be attempting to get the tax credit would I?

The two meals missed on our menu this week were because I didn't have planned overs for one of those meals and  I reworked the other menu.  We ate out on Friday.


I have no hard and fast plans for outdoor work simply because I have no material to do any project to completion.  No paint to paint with and no plants to plant nor mulch or block to lay.  I'll try and make a trip to the garden center/diy store and remedy this.  My budget is limited but I do still have a small gift card I might use.  I will do some yard work if I can get materials to do any with.  I'm trying to make it a point to be outdoors at least an hour most mornings and do something  even if it's nothing more than deadheading and sweeping patio and porches.  I don't want to lose my head of steam on this outdoor work.  later: I wrote out all that yesterday afternoon...but it occurred to me that I have pots, I have soil and a bucket full of glads and daylily and iris and stuff that must be planted.  Then John brought home a surprise with my garden beds in mind and he.did.GOOD.  So phooey on this nothing to work with, I feel all inspired all over again.  I'll make something work!

It is pay week so all the tasks that go with that.  Bills, errands, and usually groceries.  I don't know if I will shop this week or not.  We spent a portion of this period's budget on Friday stocking up on some sales items and truthfully I don't need anything.

Book our vacation room for October.  I love that John said I might go on and do this because it means I get first choice of any number of rooms rather than having to take whatever is available at end of September when I usually would book.

Sort out my bedroom closet.  It does need the work and I feel like I must get it done.

Play a bit more with my wardrobe.  I've spent all this afternoon pinning similar pieces to what I have in my closet and that hit of inspiration I got for the garden has hit me for my clothing choices, too.

Move the little bookcase out of my room.  It's been cleaned and it's a matter of seconds to clear it now.

My big project this week will be zone work.

I still have a pillow  I mean to make for my bed.

I've got two days alone this week and I feel I must go out and look at thrift stores...It's work when it's warm and there are multiple stores to visit, but it's fun, too.


Kitchen, laundry, back entry
This week I want to move the big appliances and clean under and behind them.  I want to dust coils and clean the finished portions really well.  I won't plan any other tasks this week but these.  It will be enough I think since the bulk of energy will go into moving things and then getting the tight spaces cleaned.


Sirloin Shish Kebab and Vegetables, Rosemary and Olive Oil Quinoa, Salad
The quinoa was a miss.  It was a box mix from Aldi and not to my taste at all.

Probably a deli meal...

on my own x 2

Fresh Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella Cubes over Pasta, Salad, Rolls

Black Beans and Rice, Pico de Gallo over Green Salad, Tortilla Chips

Pan Fried Chicken Tenders, Squash Casserole, Green Peas,

Smiles and Gratitudes:

Lovely cool mornings on the porch listening to birds sing and enjoying coffee.

Finishing one book and starting another.

The birthdays of these two:
Josie turned 17 this year.  Isn't she lovely?

And then Josh turned 5:

Impromptu visits from family.

Just enough rain to make a real difference.

There was more but I can't remember it all!


Kay said...

goodness the years have flown. I cannot believe Josey is 17! And the photo shows her a beautiful girl. Congrats on booking the vaca room now. I envy you. I don't think we'll get an away vaca this year.

terricheney said...

Lol Kay...Nothing takes us back quite so much as seeing how our friends grandchildren have grown! Yes, 17 and the youngest of all of the grands just turned 5. We have more on the way though. It looks like our grandchildren years will be as extended as our parenting years were. Sort of lovely, really!
I'm sorry you'll see no vacation this year. Will family come in?
And have your fields been planted yet? Did the weather affect you much? So many questions to ask and catch upon.

Lana said...

I think grandchildren grow up faster than our own did!

We are working working outside. We finally have it all done for the screen porch and deck. Yesterday we tore apart the fountain on the deck that did not work all last summer. I spent an hour down shoveling rocks out of the base so we could get everything out and clean it and yay it works again! I have a bunch of tomatoes coming on and a planter box full of carrots that are progressing. Herb seeds have come up and the peppers are limping along. I am trying to figure out why they are not happy. It is all a learning curve. Hopefully we will all get some rain this week. I want to get to Aldi and stock up on strawberries for the freezer this week and make a strawberry pie. Have you tried the pound cake mix at Aldi? Very good but only seasonal so we have put a stock of them in the pantry. We tried one first to see what we thought. Not the heavy texture of homemade but very good.

terricheney said...

Lana, I haven't tried the poundcake at Aldi...just the angel food cake. Mostly I steer clear of cake mixes and brownie and muffin mixes only because I make perfectly good ones from scratch, but I can't deny that they are all handy to have on hand and certainly cheaper than homemade which is sad but true.

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