The Week Ahead: Work, Work, Play and Work

Friday was a mixed lot sort of day.  Good news, the little boys come to play, an unexpected visit from Katie, pancake supper, Shabat and then tired boys, tired John, storms,  a stupid mistake that resulted in a problem I can work out come Monday that triggered anxiety, and finding Maddie had dug another hole at the foundation in a different area. More blocks required and no expansion of the new flower bed as planned unless I can find another solution.  Sigh.  Isn't that just the way life goes?

The good news is that it was just an average day, nothing overly traumatic or difficult and the good news was the sort that sparked true joy and laughter.  That's a nice balance to things.  Like eating really healthy foods all day long and then having a special dessert, just that little something extra that makes it worthwhile.

I worked as much as I could last week.  I always like to review my goals to see what I did/didn't do before I start the new week.  It gives me a chance to discover what needs to move forward with me.

So last week, I: bought the Fern and Bougainvillea and potting soil that was needed.  I also got Petunias and Marigolds, more Dianthus and a Pentas.  I skipped the buying of more landscape blocks for two good reasons.  #1 I was very tired of lifting blocks that morning, having built the new flower bed which involved moving concrete blocks across the yard and also moving landscape blocks to try and create a more gentle curve that John could more easily mow through.   #2 I really needed a water hose for around back.  It's ridiculous to haul water by bucket to plants and/or to struggle constantly with trying to get the hose off one faucet and haul it around to the other one and try to get it hooked up and then having to do it all again the next time I watered. It seemed more prudent to buy the hose than plants at present.  I wasn't able to use one of the gift cards I'd meant to use but Good news! now that little trouble is fixed I still have it to spend. I will be using it for my yard.

I  got the headboard to the guest bed painted and it's cured nicely.

I removed some of the excess from the back porch and hauled it out to the shed.  Yes, there's more to be moved but it's a start.

I got the living/dining/front entry room dusted, and did a deeper cleaning.

I didn't: get the footboard of the bed painted (ran out of paint) nor did I clean the ivory rocker, make the accent pillow or spread the extra mulch to cover bare spots.  I did nothing in my closet nor with my wardrobe.  I didn't move anything from the guest room to the shed.

For menus we ate at home all but one day this past week.  I made hamburgers on top of the stove (Sizzle burgers, anyone remember those?  Just butter and Worcestershire sauce to cook the burgers in.  So good).  I didn't have the Hibachi style chicken and vegetables but used all the vegetables in the meal we had today, which is first on the menu.    All in all it was a mixed week for goals as well.


Put down more block in the corner flower bed next to the foundation.  I'm going to try to use the two extra pavers I have and see if that deters Maddie at all.

I'll go ahead and expand the new flower bed using the two extra concrete block.  I'm being very hopeful.  I've told John if I must I'll buy two more concrete block to use.  Had I the money I'd contract to buy the pallet of block from the woman on the corner.  Then I could do all sorts of new flower beds and... But I have what I have and must work with that.

Repot the Avocado and put it on the patio.  Pot up the Petunias and Marigold and Pentas.  Perhaps I should check the fern and see if it requires a larger pot, too.

Spray the Sweet Gum trying it's best to come up through the  back porch.


Work on my closet.

Pair up outfits in my wardrobe.

Take the load of stuff from the guest room to the shed.

Paint frames for the guest room wall.

Clear the little bookcase in my room for Katie to use in baby nursery.

Work on guest room overall.  I want to remove risers from the bed frame, hang pictures and get the new headboard up even though I am unsure of color at present.   With stuff cleared from corners I should think that room would look nice once again.

Keep the boys on one of my free days and spend the other with mama.  That's my alone time and my prime work days gone for this week so I'll need to find my balance for the week ahead.  I won't have food prep time on Sunday nor will I have an early morning baking day.  Ho hum...Where I shall I fit things in?!

Call and straighten out the health insurance mistake.  I've been cancelled for failure to return paperwork.  Not my fault.  The notice to send paperwork was dated May 30 and arrived June 7 and the last return by date on the paperwork was May 30.  Does anyone else see the problem here?


Just going to go ahead and plan bedrooms and baths as my area this week since so much of my work will be in those spaces already.  I will polish the wood pieces in my room as well as slide out furniture to vacuum under.  In the guest room: dusting and clearing up the junk and setting things to rights once more.


Macaroni and Cheese, Italian roasted Vegetables, Lemon Zucchini Cake

PBJ, chips and Oatmeal cookies (boys).  I'll likely have some other sort of sandwich for my lunch and for supper I'll have leftover enchiladas and salad.

Grilled Chicken (weather permitting), Corn on the Cob, Fresh Green Beans, Sliced Tomatoes

Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli with Cheese

out with Mama

Salad with Grilled Chicken, Apples, Cranberries, Walnuts, and Brown and Serve Rolls

Open Faced Meatloaf Sandwiches, Green Salad, Chips

Smiles and Gratitudes:

Rain.  We didn't have terribly heavy rain but once.  Mostly we had good soaking showers which is exactly what was needed.  It started Thursday night and has gone on all through the weekend.  It's slated to be in the high end of chances the rest of the week.  I'm not complaining.

Time with the boys on Sunday afternoon and again on Friday afternoon.  Truthfully Friday was a little harder.  John was tired and the boys hadn't napped as they ought to have done before coming over.  Josh was too excited for that but his sweet and joyous thank you voice mail made us smile and it was worth while.

Isaac asked twice to go potty while he was here and followed through, even though he's still got a diaper.  I'm pretty pleased with him being mindful when he's playing here.

New toys for the boys to amuse themselves with.  Nothing fancy but Zulily had a cute little plastic bowling set on sale.  The pins look like little caterpillars.  It cost less than the plain one at Walmart and is as cute as can be.

Good sleeps and good reads.


Lana said...

We have been so thankful for the rain. I am hoping it will take a break tomorrow on our anniversary so we can head up to the mountains for the day. He is still the one after 41 years.

terricheney said...

Happy Anniversary Lana...I know it's late but enjoy your time in the mountains.

Pam said...

Hi Terri, I have a suggestion for mulch that will keep a dog from digging, at least I think it will. I live on a hill where the wind blows. We have few trees on our prairie. I have tried every kind of mulch known to man over the years and spent plenty of money on it. I've hauled bags of mulch and spread them out and the area was lovely - until it all blew away or gophers or voles or ?? dug up from underneath. I finally hit on using old carpet as mulch. It lasts for years, can be swept clean and works amazingly. Any time I see a used piece of carpet, I snag it. My hubby teases me I'm going to carpet the whole outdoors but honestly, it is free, stays in place, keeps animals and weeds at bay, and it looks really nice. Pam

terricheney said...

Pam that is an interesting suggestion. I'll happen to know if won't keep Maddie's digging at bay because she was continually scratching up the mats on the back porch so that she could 'nest' in them but I'll keep this in mind. It might make a wonderful path in a vegetable garden, etc.

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