Weekly Menu Plan

I'm working under a handicap at present...Nothing sounds really good to me, but meal plans are necessary whether the mood is right or not.  I'm looking for all kinds of inspiration in all kinds of places and feel sure I will manage a week of menus.  Recipes abound around this house, in magazines, online, in cookbooks, etc.

I've been asked at least twice about favorite cookbooks for thrifty meals.  If I had to say I had a favorite one I'd pick my old standby: The Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook by Ruth Berlzoheimer.  I am on my third copy of this cookbook, first published in the mid-1930's and reprinted periodically ever since.  The first copy was Mama's, given to her as a wedding gift and I confiscated it at age 15.  I read that book cover to cover and then started it all over again.  I still recall my huge disappointment that white sauce, which sounds so elegant, was nothing more than a thin milk gravy in country cooking.  However, my interest in reading about cooking led me to read that book again and again and it was a gift from Mama to me, when I married and went to my first home.  I wore that book out!  It literally fell to pieces and so I was thrilled to find the 1976 issue.

The book contains a monthly menu plan for each month of the year with ideas for lunch, brunch, dinner and breakfast meals.  It has a huge glossary of terms, calorie/nutritional information and such.  There are chapters related to Leftovers (my inspiration for Leftover Makeovers), all the usual food chapters plus chapters for cooking for one, cooking for two, campfire cooking, curing, preserving, table settings.  It's a chunky cookbook with a lot of illustrations and photos, recipes that are pretty straightforward and almost always turn out delicious.  The ingredients are usually basic, easily found items.

The book may be bought on Amazon or eBay and prices vary widely.  This past year I was blessed by a Christmas gift from Samuel of an original first edition and a 1955 issue that I now use as my current go to copy.  The 1976 copyright book has been put to the side, missing many pages from little ones handling the book as I worked in the kitchen, too precious to toss and too battered to be useful.

Hamburger Pizza, Salad
Today's meal is really a sort of "I don't want anything nothing sounds good what would be easy".  I know I must decide what sweet item I'll make for snacking, toast some almonds for a salty treat.  Pizza is a toss it together meal from crust to toppings and requires little or no thought on my part which suits me perfectly.

Spanish Chicken Soup, Green Salad, Mexican Cornbread
Leftovers from this weekend will become a makeover meal.  I'm still working out just how this will take place in my head but it involves extra chicken, leftover yellow rice from the arroz con pollo and chicken broth.

Turkey and Swiss Sliders, Chips, Pickle Spears
Usually on Harvest Tuesday I buy takeout for lunch but this week I want to save that bit of money and use it for another purpose.  I know we'll likely do take out of some sort on Thursday when we shop for groceries, so don't feel I'm shortchanging either of us.  I can heat the sandwiches quickly after getting back from banking, local shopping and such.

Tuna Potato Cakes, homemade Tartar Sauce, Coleslaw, Corn on Cob
I have leftover mashed potatoes in the freezer, just about 1 cup which is what this new to me recipe calls for, so I thought I'd try it.  I used to eat salmon cakes on a regular basis and would occasionally use leftover potatoes in them, but John does not care for salmon.  I know he likes tuna but it's been many years since we've had tuna cakes.  We'll see how he likes this dish.

Teriyaki Chicken Wings, Broccoli with Garlic, Soba Noodles with Bok Choy and Red Peppers
I usually make my own teriyaki sauce.  I'll pour this over the chicken wings so they can marinate as they thaw.  If I cannot find Bok Choy, I'll probably buy a Savoy cabbage which has a more tender texture than traditional head cabbage.

Sauerbraten Meatballs, Spaetzle, Red Cabbage Salad, Apple Dumplings
Another new to me recipe.  This one from the Betty Crocker site.  I can't link to it at the moment but if it turns out to be a keeper, I'll post it.  I'll make the Spaetzle from scratch.  There's a recipe in that favorite cookbook of mine. 

Homemade Corn Dogs, Carrot Raisin Salad, Apple wedges with Peanut butter
Planning a seventh meal just in case we require an extra one...provided the hot dogs are on sale!  They haven't been of late, so I may end up making sausage dogs instead.  

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Karla said...

Sounds like you've got a great week planned! Do you have a recipe or source for how you make your own yogurt? This is something I've been interested in doing.

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