Coffee Chat Sunday - Holiday Helter Skelter

Well, do sit down.  I'll have you a nice hot cup of coffee in a few moments.  We're 'getting by' at present with this single cup coffeemaker but we'll remedy that later this week I am most certain.  There's a chocolate pound cake.  I didn't have time to bake proper this week and knew I'd be starting Christmas baking this week so I didn't have to think too hard about taking that cake from the freezer.  Who couldn't use a tad more room?

I haven't been up to much yet, the week just past still being partly one of recovery from flu and not housekeeping for another week.  Oh my gracious!  It does just sort of slide off downhill doesn't, that housework I mean?  I dusted this morning.  I do so loathe dusting but it is easy enough I suppose when you're decorating to clear off a spot, dust, then put up the decorations.    There's much to be done just yet.  I thinned out the things on top of my big tall bookcase and now that looks too bare.

  See what I mean?
I've added another plate to the right side there but it's not enough.  And I don't think I much like it either.  And it's got to have something pretty and Christmas-y just now anyway, but what about later?  I removed about ten pieces of green glass ware and two brown wooden items from up there.  Not happy with it at all, but that's all part and parcel of decorating, isn't it?

I have been slowly doing the Christmas decorating.  I'm lacking inspiration I'm afraid.  I did make those cute little pillows and then a decent looking wreath for the front door.  I've very pleased with the mantel and the buffet.  Not so thrilled however with the tree nor the dining table centerpiece, but I can do only so much with what I have.  I haven't done much shopping either mind you and it's awfully hard to come up with ideas when you've only the same old things to deal with and don't buy a thing new to work with.  I bought pine cone ornaments last week and three floral picks.  I love the pine cone ornaments and that's a start to the tree I hope to have.  I'll keep playing with things and perhaps I'll find another item or two (new or used, it's no difference to me) that will help me along.  I really want to be all done with the decorations by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.  I have so many things to do!

I sat down this evening and planned the baking I mean to do.  Not so many things really, just a few old favorites that we tend to reserve for this time of year.  I want to make a cake but am undecided.  Williamsburg Orange or Carrot?  German Chocolate, perhaps? Or Italian Cream?  No need to ask John for he will simply reply, "Yellow cake with Chocolate frosting," which is his very favorite and he sees no reason whatsoever to have anything more.  At this time of year, Granny made a fresh coconut and a Japanese Fruit Cake which isn't exactly a fruit cake.  It's a rich spice cake with a fresh coconut, lemon and pineapple glaze.  Oh yum!  And Grandmama C always made a rich dark Devil's food with the most perfect creamy white frosting (very much like bakery frosting) and a Red Velvet cake which she frosted with coconut pecan icing that I thought best suited to any other cake than Red Velvet.  John is absolutely not a fan of Red Velvet and unlikely to eat the Japanese Fruit Cake, either.  If he isn't offered a yellow cake, chocolate or pound cakes will do, but he'd rather have cookies.

Now myself, I like cookies well enough but I do love a good cake.  I've decided that in 2013 I shall make a cake each month.  I know it's just the two of us and we don't need loads of cake, but gracious I can make wee cakes can't I?  Cupcakes and baby cakes using half recipes and such.  I really need to put that on my list of resolutions: Make and eat more cake.  John of course, will get his yellow cake with chocolate frosting, for his birthday as he does each year.  I myself usually prefer a Black Forest Cake.  I have lovely recipes for cakes I never make anymore: Strawberry cake which isn't a thing like Strawberry Shortcake but that's a good one too, and Marble Spice Cake and Butternut Cake and a beautiful Lemon Meringue Cake filled with lemon curd.  Then there's Tres Leches Cake...

Well that leaves me right back where I started: what cake do I want to make for Christmas eating? Hmmm...

I had the loveliest Saturday evening.  It was the first night of Chanukah and typically we'd do something special, besides just prayers and lighting the candle but John is working and I'm hardly going to prepare latkes or doughnuts for just one.  So I was thinking the evening was a little let down but I flipped through channels and found "The Tenors" on GPTV (click on the link so you can listen to them) and that was about awesomeness right there, listening to those guys sing.  Then I flipped about some more and came across a movie I'd wanted to see  last year, "The Borrowers".  I fell in love with Mary Norton's book in my childhood and re-read it this past summer.  The 2011 movie is a sort of continuation of the story and I really enjoyed it a great deal.

Tonight we lit our second candle and I passed out the Chocolate gelt we bought in St. Augustine.  I was about to enjoy mine when John opened up his computer and said "That boy is here!"  My facebook had nothing on any page, mine or the parent's pages either one but I walked over to see what was on John's and there was the roundest, most beautiful new boy.  It's V's and B's first child, D!  All 9 pounds and 22 inches of him.  Gracious that is a nice Chanukah gift for anyone if you ask me!

To top off my joy, I went outdoors to feed the girls.  I was not happy with the two doggy girls at all this morning as they had a knock down drag out fight right there on the front porch and even several dashes of water from the jug I'd meant to be watering plants with didn't break them up.  But this evening, a truce had apparently been drawn between them.  About the time I got ready to come indoors, I looked to my left, which is South and there was the most beautiful sunset colors in the sky.  I called John out to come look then hurried out back to take pictures of the first really spectacular sunset we've had for December.  So lovely!
The western view is pretty awesome isn't it?

Sunset means it's time to send John off to work once again.  Today seemed an awfully short day with his going back to work this morning.  Tomorrow I must work really hard and start my cookie doughs for the freezer.  I need to inventory the freezer too and work on my grocery lists, do something for the back door wreath, figure out where I'm putting nativities this year, try to do something with that dining table centerpiece...Oh gracious, I've a lot to do!  I'd better rest up this evening, huh?

Good evening dears, hope you enjoyed the visit!

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Karla Neese said...

I love a good cake too and find I rarely make them anymore what with the new work schedule and being so involved in our new church family. But perhaps I'll join you on your cake quest of 2013. I must say John has good taste in cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my favorite as well.

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