My Latest Pinterst Inspired Craft

I knew the moment I saw this wreath on Pinterest via Marlen Diaz-Sanchez

that I had to make one for myself.  I had all the components on hand...but ended up buying the wide burlap ribbon, instead of cutting a strip off my length of burlap as I'd originally planned.  Total cost to make: $1 for the section of ribbon used (you'll find it in Hobby Lobby in the sewing area for $5.99 for the spool).

Notice my little innovation there on the sunflowers?  One lost it's fuzzy brown center piece. I had other sunflowers I could use but I also have this sort of homespun fabric on hand that I thought would be cute.Perhaps it looks a bit more autumn-is than summer, but I like it all the same.

My grapevine wreath is a  little wonky but it's a genuine handmade wreath.  My kids and I went out to the backroads and cut wild grapevine about 10 years ago and wove them into wreaths.  It's a nice tight sturdy vine and has stood up to many uses.  You might recall that I used it for this wreath back in the winter:
No telling what it will end up being next...

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Anonymous said…
Love your inventive way of fixing the sunflowers!! I thought of putting burlap centers in mine but had no burlap. I do though have other fabrics and could fix that too! :-) My wreath is from jasmine vines and other vines we had here a couple years ago. I didn't have enough of each so wove them together. I think this fix would look cute even in a flower arrangement in a vase. Sure adds a bit of whimsy doesn't it! Thanks for this fresh idea! Sarah
Lena said…
Cute! And I love that you used what you already have. I haven't done anything pinterest-inspired in so long, it's sad...
Your wreath is so cute! I love what you did with the centers and that fabric - quite genius!

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