Staying Out of Debt for Good: The Last Little Piggy

Well here we are down to our last little Piggy, the one who cried "Wee Wee Wee" all the way home.

Now I don't know if you know anything at all about pigs but far more than "oink" they tend to squeal and it sounds a good deal like "Wee wee wee"...It's not a happy sound.  It's generally a form of protest, a complaint,  over being pushed away from the slop trough or herded back into the pen they happily rooted their way out of.  Nope, not happy in the least!

Now oddly enough you'd think the little Piggy family who had none was unhappy, but they were just being themselves and despite their grumbles and complaints over their self induced misfortunes they were content enough.  But this little piggy...Oh dear.

This little piggy had apparently been out somewhere since she is headed back home.  Perhaps to market with the first little piggy?  Or off to visit the little homebody piggy?  Or having tea and cake with the Roast Beef piggy?  I daresay she did NOT visit the None little piggy family as they were likely off seeking a free meal or vacationing with their latest windfall!

Oh yes,  this little piggy is a complainer.

Perhaps she had bigger ideas than budget when she went off to market and would settle for no substitutions.  Or she overspent and blamed everything from the lack of good pay to the overpricing at the market.  Mind you she might have taken the time to plan before she went to market, creating a menu and balancing the pricier items with less expensive options so that she stayed within budget.  She might have looked over sales sheets and determined to treat her home purchases like purchases made for any business: bought at the lowest possible price and stocked up in order to last until the next sale.

Perhaps she stopped off to see the little  piggy who stayed at home and found her busy indeed, putting up corn  for consumption come winter.  No doubt she spent a great deal of time telling that little Home Piggy how foolish she was for wasting her time putting up what could be bought in the stores.  And you can just bet she felt rather slighted when the HP didn't offer her any to carry home, as she'd intended to do, because HP took that foolish talk to heart.  She'd shamed the homebody, too, for her lack of other housework as she'd worked hard to preserve that corn...

Perhaps she'd stopped off to see the Roast Beef Piggies and discovered they were sporting what appeared to be new furnishings.  Little did she realize that Mrs. RBP had been busy making slipcovers from fabric she'd bought at a warehouse close out sale and had refinished her old tables.  She'd admired the new plants in the garden and the well clipped lawn and grumbled that she couldn't afford someone to landscape her yard, not once remembering that Mrs. RBP had been busy in the yard all Spring planting seedlings she'd started herself and offered her extras of, or that Mr. RBP had offered to mow her own lawn many a time, but she'd turned him down every single time.

No doubt this little piggy is just the complaining type, so busy complaining she can't see how she might have better spent her time being helpful to others or simply learning to be thankful for small kindnesses.  Let her go on home and take her complaining with her! 


Kathy said…
Loved your discussion of the piggys! So funny but true! Thank you!
Louise said…
LOL I have loved following the story of the Little Piggies... Hope you come up with more such stories.. they have very good points to be taken seriously.
Susan in SC said…
Loved this post! I don't want to be a complaining piggy but sometimes complaints just slip out.
Lena said…
I will miss the piggies...Being busy all day with a project that made me smile when I've read about RBP :)
lona said…
Great message! Thank you!
Anonymous said…
You wove the cutest story. Really. I loved The Little Red Hen as a child and understood its moral story and your's is a keeper!! I would have never thought of telling it so cute and packaging it in such a good story!!!!!! :) Soooo many good points!! I almost hate that all the piggies have now had their say. :( Sarah

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