Modern Home Economics: Sewing Lesson- How To Set A Sleeve

When I began sewing I thought putting in sleeves was the second hardest thing next to zippers.  Well, if I'd had such an easy tutorial as this I'd have found it a good deal easier, let me tell you!  I thought I'd share this find from a 1950's Woman's Day Magazine.  It was tucked back in the How To section and would certainly be worthwhile if you are removing sleeves and refitting.  There's even a small section on how to add a gusset which would help if you have sleeves that are too tight.

I don't know about you all, but reading these simple instructions and recalling how much pleasure I got from making my own clothes years ago...Well I'm sort of thinking this is something I'd like to do once more.  I believe it's Hobby Lobby that has patterns on sale this week for $.99. 

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Kathy said...

oh thank you for posting how to set a sleeve! I hadn't made clothes in 30 years, but my husband was wanting to make a Dr. Horrible lab coat for Halloween. The instructions really helped. Thank you!

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