Weekly Menu Plan

The past two weeks have flown past and been busy as they could be.  Even our Shabat day kept up a rather hectic pace until we came home.  Then the skies opened and rain poured, football was on the TV, dinner was an easy meal and we snugged into our chairs and whiled away the last of the afternoon.   The week ahead looks busy enough as well.  John will be going back to work and the grand babies are coming to visit.  This too will be a hectic week and likely will fly past before we're half aware it's gone.

A new season is upon us...and didn't summer seem to just skid right away from us?  The golden rod is fully in bloom, the lovely big orange Harvest moon has shone all this past week, lighting the night so brightly you could see from the kitchen window to the bottom drive as though it were noon.  We had a beautiful Sukkot celebration last night under the night sky with a concert and dinner.  It was lovely and cool, too.  Just right for an evening under the stars.   It is a night for memory, a reminder of how summer ended and autumn began...

Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Chips, Apples
The Honeycrisp apples are fresh in the market just now and boy are they good!  I don't normally by the higher priced apples in the market but they were so pretty and smelled so good that I did just that this week.  Worth every penny extra I paid...Watch for the leftover makeover of the hot dogs and beans.

Hero Sandwiches, Chips, Pound cake
A lighter meal midday was wanted as we had the concert and picnic dinner last night.  We were on set-up crew (which was light duty) before the evening began.

Corn Dog Bake, Harvest Slaw, Armenian Potatoes
My Leftover Makeover feature for this week.  I'll be posting it in a few minutes.  The potatoes were leftovers from last night, a perfect dish for a picnic as there is truly nothing in this dish to spoil if it sits at room temperature.

Baked Chicken,  Tomatoes au gratin, Green Salad
This tomato dish I'm having as a side is an easy enough one to make but so tasty!  You can use canned tomatoes or fresh, adding a little pepper, parsley and garlic as seasoning.  Crush a sleeve of saltines and sprinkle over the topTop that with grated cheese and bake until piping hot and cheese is melted.

Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes,  Green Beans, Cornbread
I'll add a little apple to the meatloaf mixture which adds a nice moisture.  I'll top the meatloaf with a ketchup and brown sugar 'sauce' that bakes up as a nice glaze on the meatloaf.

Macaroni and Cheese, Sliced Tomatoes, 3 Bean Salad

Red Beans and Rice, Corn Pudding, Baked Apples
I likely won't serve two meatless entrees back to back.  That never seems to work well for my household.  However, both these meals will be served this week.  We need to make a trip to the meat market and restock.  Not sure if we'll do that this week or next.  Either way, it's time to step up our meatless eating once again.  I'm checking out all sorts of recipes to help promote this.  In the meantime I'll serve the tried and true ones I know we enjoy.

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