The Modern Home Economist - Taking Care of Ourselves: Foot Massage

It's been a few years since I wore high heels, but my feet ache all the same some days, especially after a day filled to the brim with housekeeping!  This caught my eye in one of the September issues of Woman's Day (1950 I think).  It was John who convinced me to soak my feet in a warm Epsom salt bath when I had had a particularly long day and my feet hurt terribly.  I couldn't believe how just that small thing made them feel so much better.  

Next time I overdo I'll follow all the steps in the tutorial below. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Perfect timing on this one...I will do this TODAY!! :-) Sarah

Karla Neese said...

Oh my feet are simply terrible! I really must start putting time into my schedule to take care of them. My heals are like sandpaper when I forget! And this will be a nice added treat to the ritual.

Thank you!

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