Meal and Job Plans for August 24 - 30

This is it...the last week of August?  Gosh but this month went even faster than all the months before it I think!  And another season is ending as well.  My goodness!  I think we should put the brakes on this year, don't you?

Don't you just love the new post topper?  I think it was a Magic Chef Oven advertisement from the 1950s.  I think that weather vane with the utensils hanging from it is too nice!  I'd take that in a heartbeat for my own wall decor.

I ended this past week with a Free Rotisserie chicken.  We had a tiny portion for our dinner on Friday,  I put the legs in John's lunch for today.  I'll make good use of the rest of that chicken this week.  I picked up a few more items while I was out today.  I've been looking for shoes (found two pair need one or two more pairs) and stopped at the grocery to buy something for my lunch and get a newspaper.  I had a short list of items I wanted to add to my pantry (unfrosted poptarts, wild rice mix, more of the sale priced kosher hot dogs).  I pulled up into my space and the woman next to me was unloading her cart. I offered to take it back into the store and told her not to hurry, stood back so she didn't feel I was a pick pocket, lol, etc.  Well the nicest thing happened.  She reached in her purse and gave me a $10 gift card with food and beverage purchase coupon from Target, which Publix honored as a $10 coupon.  I had a little more than the required purchase amount but what a wonderful blessing from someone that I meant to do a small kindness for!  And whoot whoot on even a portion of groceries for free!

On my own:  Deli Sandwich, bottled soda

Chicken Fried Rice, Snow Peas, Egg Rolls, Ambrosia
I will use some of the chicken meat and rice cooked ahead Friday to make this dish today.  I bought cabbage to shred for the egg rolls.  I just need to thaw the orange sections I put in the freezer for the ambrosia and then add some coconut.  

Chicken Noodle Soup, PBJ sandwiches, Sliced Apples
Cooking the carcass, and a back of the chicken I cut up and froze two weekends ago should net enough meat for soup.  I don't need to save anymore broth in my freezer, so I'll just cook this to use fresh

Out With Mama

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Green Salad, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Easy Tiramisu
The weather is supposed to tone down a bit, and should feel rather mild...So I think spaghetti would make a nice dinner.  We haven't had it in quite some time now.  I'll likely cook extra spaghetti and sauce and put up at least one of Dawn's Poor Man Lasagna Pies.  I have cottage cheese on hand that I purchased this past week.  If I'm blessed I might manage two of these for the freezer.

Fajitas, Yellow Rice, Refried Beans, Chocolate Ice Cream with Bananas
I'll slice sirloin steak thin and cook with taco seasonings and onions and peppers.  I do expect leftovers of all these items (except the ice cream) so will put up some steak and bean burritos for a future freezer meal.  I can extend the meat for those with the beans and rice.

Pigs in Blankets, Corn On Cob, Coleslaw, Baked Apples
I will use the saved portion of the hot dogs we had late last week.  I split them and filled with cheese and froze them.  I just need to wrap with biscuit dough.  Since I want to make biscuits this week for the freezer I can use a little of the dough to wrap the hot dogs.  The hot dogs, corn  and apples can all bake in the oven.

Jobs for this Week

Last Week:  clearing my throat....
So let's make it THIS WEEK as well...
Fun day for me. I've been promising myself a fun day for two or three months and I've been NOWHERE at all.  While out I will buy what's needed to complete two projects.  I did have a fun day out but I did not make it by Hobby Lobby which was where I'd meant to go for projects stuff.  Perhaps this week.  I also need a few items to make repairs on some things.

Finish work on tags.

Start digging and dividing the iris by the back steps.  And planting again. And plant the iris I dug up at Granny's in spring. In fairness, it was our first week of 100F temps and even mornings were humid and toasty.  This week we're supposed to cool off so I plan to get outdoors more, which will go for the next two goals as well.

Work on front porch railings.  I've got two small sections done but really need to concentrate on finishing this job so I can get paint for the floor boards before end of month.

Cut down small trees in the flower bed areas.

Empty and move the bookcase in the guest room.  Work on guest room.

Take a few things out to shed.

Finish Gone With the Wind.  I've promised Bess to pass it on to her so I have a little more incentive to read. I did make some progress towards the end of the book.  I've got about 1/4 of the book left to read.  I knocked our five or six chapters yesterday alone.  Technically I can't qualify this as a job but it is something I want to get done.


Dawn said...

I will certainly give you a pass on the yard work. My own plans for cleaning the back deck were sidelined by the heat. I tried to do some weeding, but when it feels like 90 degrees by 8:30am common sense requires giving up.

vickie morgan said...

I love your menu plan...sounds so good. As far as heat -Michigan has had two hot days this last week and I didn't venture out much unless I had too. So don't blame you a bit!
Those weeds will be fine. Have a good cool week!

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