Weekly Menu and Job Plan: August 10 - 16

John and I had a lovely time Saturday evening at Katie's wedding.  It was very simple, very understated, very sweet and tastefully done.  It felt just the way she wanted it to be: a small intimate group of family and friends without a lot of fussiness or expense.  Katie's gowns were purchased years ago when she dreamed of her wedding day.  They were beautiful still.  She had the long one for the service and then changed into a shorter dress for mingling and meal after.  There's a photo she wanted most especially with Matt's parents and us that is so sweet it made me cry when I saw it the first time.   I can wish all those things we always wish: that I weighed less or had adjusted my clothing better etc, but you know that moment was sweet and it was captured beautifully.  I promise I'll share a bit more as the week goes on.  I'm still playing catch-up this week!

Our meal yesterday was a disaster in more ways than one.  I'll share all about that in a bit.  I don't need to plan a lot of meals.  John is working three days this week  Today in between bouts of housework, running around with Mama, etc, I've been reading long past Xanga posts and I've made myself right hungry reading menu plans.  And gotten a lot of ideas I want to remember to try and use over the coming weeks.

Quiche Lorraine, Tossed Salad, Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting
This main dish never made it to table last week.  This is likely the last time you shall ever see Quiche on my menu...  It's comedic now, but was purely tragic yesterday.  I had nothing thawed and nothing ready for a quick meal or even anything prepped and frozen.  We were at church when John asked about dinner and remembering the pastry shell in the fridge, I said "Oh I can do a meal but it won't be an 'instant' sort."  Once home I started the quiche filling substituting ingredients as I went.  I made double sure the recipe said just a pie shell and not deep dish.  Well regardless of being careful the egg milk mixture ran all over the counter out of the shell because one section of the rim was apparently bent down.  Big mess.   Big clearing up.  Put the filled pan on cookie sheet and put into oven and as the pan warmed I heard it do that 'bonk' sound that means the pan has just bent itself.  More pie filling oozed all over the place.  More big mess, all attached to cookie sheet.  The quiche was minutes from coming out of the oven when John asked what I was making.  And when I said "Quiche"... sigh.  Let's just say that he apparently is a 'real man'.  Who knew?  He loves eggs and cheese, so what's not to like?  He had a sandwich.  I ate quiche for lunch, quiche for dinner, quiche this morning for breakfast and am thinking quiche for supper is just too much to expect of a 'real woman'. Quiche!

Lunch out with Mama.  

Kid's Favorite Casserole, Fruit Salad, Corn Muffins
As a rule I don't care to have a casserole type dish and a mixed up side dish but this casserole is more of a layered thing.  Cooked green beans go on the bottom, topped with a tomato based ground beef layer, then mashed potatoes and cheese.  It's a glorified but simple Shepherd's pie really.

Leftovers for me.
John is working an extra half shift today.  No need to cook a meal just for myself.  There should be leftovers...but not of Quiche!

Crockpot Cranberry Chicken, Rice, Green Peas with Mushrooms
One of my Pinterest recipes.  I've seen this recipe floating about net for years.  I will scale back to a 2 serving portion for us.  I have a bit of leftover cranberry sauce, some Catalina type dressing and some powdered onion soup mix.  My experiment will not be exactly the recipe but it will be close enough that I should know whether it's a keeper or not.

On my own again.

Steak,  Zucchini au Gratin, Armenian Potatoes, Green Salad
I bought steak at the meat market and I've been trying to determine just when we should have it...I think Shabat dinner will be a lovely time for it and a perfect way to end the week.

Last week:

Plan and shop for groceries, run errands, etc.  I expect this one to be an all day thing.  Half a day and 11 stops!  Whoo boy!  
Hem black pants.
Tag 5 items for booth.  Plan to spend a little time working on booth this week.
List books on Ebay.
Go to Meat Market.  This will be a 1/2 day affair as Mama is going with us and besides the long drive there will be lunch out somewhere plus putting meat away when we get home.

This week:
Plan to spend a little time working on booth this week.

List books on Ebay.

Start digging and dividing the iris.  And planting.  I can't forget the planting.

Mopping floors/washing down back porch flooring.

Sort stuff in craft/guest room and determine which I'm keeping for booth and which I need to donate or sell online.  

Make up new labels for booth.  I'm ready for a fresh design.

Finish ONE project (I have about four or five in various stages of completion).

Thrift day.  


Anonymous said...

I tried serving quiche once. As I said ..once. Although the recipe I made was a bit bland it was not bad to me but for Hubby it was a no no. I found a zucchini one later I loved and had a sample of so if I am ever alone and want to try one..just for me! :) I will cook that one! lol I looked round my fridge and found one English muffin. Leftover cooked hamburger and Italian sausage and left over homemade spaghetti sauce. So guess what we are having for lunch? Pizza burgers. I also have some cheese that needs using up and with only some Italian spices to add it is a done deal. Just add sides. So a little bit of this and a tiny bit of that and we have a meal...and more cleared up and used from the fridge. Yea! I have some cooked chicken but frankly I am tired of reinventing uses for it so I packaged the rest in ziplock bags and put them in the freezer. Chicken noodle soup and whatever can be made later. Right now I want a change from chicken! LOL I am ready for some cool weather even for a day or so. I have very little appetite when it is hot..and humid too. ;( Hubby is still hungry even when it is hot and wants a nice big meal but I could do with some crackers and cheese or a little salad. LOL Hmmmm,... Zucchini Au Gratin...I had forgotten about that. Good idea! We have found we like the crook neck yellow squash better than the green zucchini cause the yellow is not ever bitter. So that is what we plant now. They are of course interchangeable. {except harder to stuff!! LOL } Well I am getting slap happy so good bye for now! Sarah

Kathy said...

Sounds like a lovely wedding!

Funny about the quiche. 3 out of 4 of us like quiche, but I haven't made any in a long time.

Your crockpot cranberry chicken sounds good...let us know how you like it.

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned no sales on condiments. Well I just opened my mail. Inside the usual one page ads was an ad with a coupon for 99c only stores. Buy 3 items get a 4th 99c item free. One thing that was shown was Hunts ketchup and Moorehouse mustard. Perhaps you might want to check out the 99c stores during this season? I usually get any relishes I don't can there. I have seen leading brand horseradish sauce there and many others at our 99c stores. The dates are as far ahead on these items as they are at our bigger chain grocery stores too. Hope this might help you. Sarah

Deanna said...

I started making a no crust quiche years ago when I was eating low carb. I continued making it fairly often when we had chickens as a way to use up eggs. It was really easy, versatile and my guys like it. I haven't made it in awhile because I'm now buying organic eggs at around $5 a dozen!

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