Menu and Weekly Job Plans: August 4-9

Now doesn't that look like a perfect summer day?  I do love a good picnic, but I've no idea when we'll get to have another.  I must wait for a bit until things settle down around us.  In the meantime, we'll maybe get a meal on the patio or back porch if the pleasant weather holds.

John's already mentioned a favorite meal he'd like to have, I tried a new recipe today while I was on my own and that just leaves me a few more to plan.

Buttered Peaches and Ravioli, Green Salad, Crusty Bread
Yep, that's a brand new recipe.  I'll share that one here shortly along with my review of it.

Tuna Pasta Salad, Saltines,  Peach Dumpling
A cool and easy meal, full of good vegetables and refreshing.  I find a warm dessert is always nice following a cold meal.

Quiche, Green Beans Almondine, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Ambrosia
And a nice cool fruit dessert to follow a warm's all about balance.

Stuffed Peppers, Mashed Potatoes, Butter Beans, Fresh Fruit Compote
I never got to make the Stuffed Peppers a few weeks ago.  Now that meat is short, I need a nice stretcher meal such as this one. I've had trouble of late when making stuffed peppers that my rice remains hard.  I will parboil it and let cool before mixing with my meat.

Southwestern Chicken Salad, Pico de Gallo, Tortilla Chips, Pineapple Sherbert
I'll use corn and black beans in the salad along with sliced fried chicken cutlets.  I think I'll make Ranch Dressing for the salad.

Corn and Cheese Enchiladas, Southwestern Cabbage Salad, Chocolate Pudding
The burritos will be made up of leftover corn.  The southwestern salad is red and green cabbage, carrot strips and red pepper strips in a cumin and garlic seasoned vinaigrette.

Roast Beef, Italian Roasted Vegetables, Wedge Salads
I figure we'll surely have a plethora of fresh vegetables by end of the week once we've done our grocery shopping, so a good time to plan my favorite roasted vegetable dish.  Now if I can just remember I want to make extra roasted vegetables for a meal first part of next week.

This week:

Plan and shop for groceries, run errands, etc.  I expect this one to be an all day thing.
Hem black pants.
Tag 5 items for booth.  Plan to spend a little time working on booth this week.
List books on Ebay.
Go to Meat Market.  This will be a 1/2 day affair as Mama is going with us and besides the long drive there will be lunch out somewhere plus putting meat away when we get home.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you. How is your shoulder doing? I was in a room today and all of a sudden decided to clean the window and it's curtain. I had put it off too long. It is not easy to get at , especially with an old body! :) Yet with God's help I found a way I can do it now and got the job done. It felt SO good to have that little job done! So I went and tackled another little not done job and that too was finished. YEA! I have been only buying used magazines for quite a while and evidentially no women's Days. I looked at a new one in the check out one and they do still have the month's worth of menus. I will now look harder to find the Woman's Days and check out summer issues for ideas! I can afford the little these cost new but at 10c used I get the same info out of them and so wait and get them used. It is not unusual for me to find the same current one on the newsstand that I find at the used store. That is extra fun! :) It has cooled some since we got this unusual for us summer rains. And a good rain too! What a lovely surprise! Since summer veggies are now producing I have been cooking up spaghetti sauce and such for later. Lasagna is on the menu for tonight with a double batch so one can go in the freezer. Peppers are coming in too so I am checking out some new ideas for them. The buttered peaches and ravioli is sure not a recipe I would have thought of!! :-) I tend to over cook the frozen ravioli and the cheese comes out. :( I should be making a peach cobbler for hubby though as he loves it! Many of the recipes I use a lot were ones I have used forever. Some of them if I had not started using them years ago I probably would pass up today. Just from reading the ingredients. So maybe I better give some new recipes a second thought! :-) Sarah

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