Menu and Meal Plans: Sept 1 -7

Time just clips right on, doesn't it?  I don't know about you but I'm ready for September, much as I regret seeing summer die out.  A fresh new month, with a fresh new season in it, is really just the kickstart I need to energize me right now.

I got busy this morning and tackled the iris and had the bed nearly cleared out within a half hour. I took advantage of the damp moist ground and last night's rain to get things cleared out this morning.  The garden wagon is piled high with the things I pulled up.  There's a bucket of iris sitting by that bed, too, which must be replanted somewhere.  I'd meant to replant a few iris right back there, but I don't know.  You see there is a water and electric line that runs under that bed and deep digging is not allowed hence the iris with a ground cover of Bouncing Bett, or Soapwort as it's better known went into that spot.  However, some other invasive things haven't heeded the need to keep that bed free of deep rooted things.  There's a bit of privet and spiderwort, and day lily that decided to move in and moving them out is not proving as easy as the iris removal.  I'm thinking the best idea now is to put down some good weed mat and mulch it and use it as an area for potted things. I have pinned a few ideas on Pinterest that I think would be just the thing.

Now let's talk about meals.  It's hot.  It's supposed to stay hot.  Nevertheless my body says it's time for some nice slow simmered dishes.  I suspect I'd better plan lighter meals much as I might want those rich autumn dishes.  Cooler weather will be here shortly, I feel sure.

Meatball Mini Subs, Chips, Pineapple Sherbert
My meal  was a remake of leftovers from yesterday.  I put a quart of spaghetti sauce in the freezer, but saved out the meatballs and put them on a bit of French bread and topped with cheese for my dinner.

Polska Kielbasa, Coleslaw, Hash Brown Casserole
I will make up a full recipe of the hash brown casserole and put half in the freezer for a  future Saturday brunch.  I'll add browned ground cooked sausage to the portion I put aside for that.  If John is very hungry I'll add some garden peas to the menu.

Mushroom Omelets, Pub Fries, Toast with fruit preserves
We ate out twice last week.  Three times for me because I ate out with Mama!  I think I won't eat out this week. I think we'll just come home and make a quick meal.  I might add sliced tomatoes to the menu if I see pretty ones.

Tuna Salad Nicoise, Muffins, Pineapple Ginger Fizz
This is another idea for a quick menu after a day out if I leave the vegetables prepped and in the fridge.  It's just a matter of plating it up prettily.  Of course, the muffins would take time to make but I could alter the menu and serve with a variety of crackers.  Pineapple Sherbert with gingerale poured over makes a very cool and refreshing drink that serves as dessert, too.

Beef Burritos, Green Salad with Ranch Dressing, Cinnamon Graham Ice Cream Sandwiches
This will use up some leftovers from our fajita meal this past week, so likely this will present early in the week.

On my own

Fried Chicken Legs, Rice, Gravy, 24 hour layered Salad, Banana Cream Pie
I don't mind frying chicken when I can do it in the electric skillet.  I set the legs aside when we bought cut up chickens at the meat market.  This should net enough for our meal and for John's work lunch one day as well.

Jobs This Week

We'll just start fresh this week and forget all those jobs I kept saying I'd do.  Gracious!  Here we are with a new month and I reckon fresh tasks are called for instead of dragging last month into this one.

I hope to:
Do a freezer/pantry inventory.
Work on fourth quarter budget sheet.
Clean all the ceiling fans and dust each room.
Mop kitchen and baths.
Get groceries and other errands tended to.
Bake cookies for the cookie jar.
Shop for a gift for a baby shower this next weekend.

That should be quite enough in addition to the usual things, don't you think?

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susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

The temperatures are dropping just a bit here in Missouri, but on the day I was planning this week's menu, it was 98 degrees, so we will be eating salad tomorrow, but then I will be making a chuck roast, baked potatoes, and carrots on Tuesday. Some fall-ish foods are sounding really good to me now. Your 1chicken and dressing have me craving chicken and dressing. Maybe next week, if the weather continues to be cool.

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