My Plans For This Week: September 28 to October 4

Lovely cool weather came in this past week.  I wore a light sweater all day on Wednesday...and good thing too, because I had on a new blouse and didn't remove the tags!  I felt so silly when I got home and took off the blouse and saw them dangling from the back of the neck.

I made chili Thursday, even though it wasn't on the menu.  Boy did it taste good!  The weather isn't due to last this week, but will return to 'normal' once again but it sure was nice to get an early taste of it.  Makes me that much more hungry for good hearty entrees.

Last week I said I was planning out three meals each day.  I'm balancing the big breakfast days with a slightly lighter dinner midday.  We too often are not very hungry midday on those days.  The whole meal plan worked beautifully this past week for saving time in the kitchen.  That was lovely and gave me extra hours to play about with projects.

Breakfasts:  Eggs with toast x2 workday breakfasts for John
                      Breakfast sandwiches Toasted bread with cheese or sausage and egg etc.  It varies
                      Breakfast casserole with Hashbrowns Using up frozen bread end pieces and making a big
                       after work breakfast, too.  I can put this in the oven when I get up and it will be ready when
                       John comes in.
                      Bagels with cream cheese Usually Shabat morning
                      Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuits I always have plenty of biscuits, another after workday                            breakfast.  John can eat his fill of biscuits with jelly after he has his main biscuit.
                      Cheese Grits, Toasted Biscuits  One of my favorite ways to use up leftover biscuits is to                            split, butter and toast them.

Suppers:   Turkey, Apple and Gouda Wraps Super thin slices on a tortilla.  I will use a mayo spread
                  Smoothie This and the leftover meal below for my two evenings alone
                  Leftover of my choice
                  Marinated Sandwiches  Again thin slices of meat and cheese in a hot baked sandwich
                  Chicken Rice Soup I have over a dozen jars of broth in the freezer.  I'll use canned chicken                          meat to add to the soup
                  Sloppy Joes My sloppy joe recipe calls for many vegetables and little meat.  There will be                            leftovers
                  Personal Veggie Pizzas  I'll make up pizza dough and roll out one larger piece for the freezer,
                  two smaller pieces for this night's meal.  I'll use whatever vegetables we have on hand, usually                       onion, peppers, mushrooms and whatever else I find that seems reasonable.

Sunday:  On my own

Monday:  CornDog Casserole, Slaw, Apples with caramel Sauce
Hot dogs, beans topped with cornbread make this an easy dish to prepare and economical as well.  I'll use just half a package of hot dogs.

Tuesday:  Hot Wings, Corn on Cob, Celery and Carrot Sticks
Wings are on sale at grocery and I'd like to make my own.  I prefer a sweet and spicy sauce.  Corn from freezer, raw vegetables with dip as sides.

Wednesday:  Beef Stew, Corn Muffins, Ambrosia
I'll put this in crockpot before we leave, make muffins when I mix up the corndog casserole and use the last of the oranges to make ambrosia.  I expect this will be a grocery day dinner when we return home.

Thursday:  on my own

Friday:  Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Black eyed Peas, Sliced Tomatoes
I love to make Salisbury steak with rich gravy...I just so seldom do it though.  It's not uncommon in the south to serve freshly cooked black eyed peas with chopped onions to top them.

Saturday:  Orange Chicken, Rice, Steamed Broccoli 
I'll make the rice and steam the broccoli, the entree is a frozen one we bought in August and put in the freezer.

Jobs Plan for this week:

Last Week:
1. Mulch the flower bed. 
2. Make cookies  Made cupcakes instead...
3. Move things from guest room that don't belong
4. Get address to mail off baby gift to Katie's friend and  get it in the mail 
5. Defrost/organize/inventory small freezer 
6. Inventory pantry
7. Return window blind and swap for another 
8: Good thrift plunder I had to choose a day of work or a day of play.  I chose work.
9. Make Challah
10: Tag and take to booth 5-6 items

This week:
1.  A good thrift plunder
2.  Start work on the next  flower bed.
3.  Make up several batches of cookie dough for the fridge/freezer
4.  Grocery/errands
5.  Pull books to read for October
6.  Work on cleaning hope chest and dresser with Liquid Gold
7.  Plan out October goals
8.  Get to work on the 4th Quarter budget sheet
9.  Work out a planned visit to the Athens children


Laurie said...

I always like how you plan out your menu and weekly chores. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Nathalie said...

I tried planning my menus in advance but it ended up costing me more than just trying to use up things that I already had because I would get overly ambitious! So lately I've been jotting down ideas of meals to make with things that I have in my fridge, freezer and/or pantry but not necessarily following a menu. I do need to cut down on the eating out amount though. Even though we really don't eat out all that much, I've realized that we've spent over $300 in eating out in September! Yikes.

What recipe do you use for your Challah bread?

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