This Week: Menu and Work Plans

Much as I shall regret seeing summer past us this year, I am feeling the energy that comes with seasonal change.  I worked hard last week three days (meaning far more than usual) and I'm looking at doing the same this next week.  I suppose, since I've got the deeper cleaning in a monthly rotation, the energy I'd devote to seasonal cleaning is being diverted into project work.  This is not a bad thing at all!  It means that I will get a few of the multiple projects on my long list accomplished.

The weather has not cooperated in cooling down.  That's fine.  We are, at the moment in a cycle of warm days, nighttime temperatures very near the daytime temps and daily thunderstorms which are hit and miss with rain.  I told John that Friday I came home down the dirt road, stopping to check on Granny's house.  About every 15 feet I hit a patch of dirt road that was either bone dry or freshly rained upon.  It was literally a 'band' of showers that went through...which we got none of mind you.  Anyway, meals are a mix this week, some summer, some autumn.

Sunday:  Fried Chicken, Macaroni Salad, Tomato Sandwiches, Sugar Cookies
I never made this main dish last week.  We picked up chicken today at the supermarket, and deli salad too.  I had the tomatoes, fresh basil  and sour dough bread here at home.  Though it was a splurge we'll make the best of it.  John and I will both get dinner off that chicken tomorrow as well as today and I expect there will be a bit leftover even after that which we'll chop and eat atop a salad for supper one night.

Monday:  On my Own
I have leftovers of fried chicken and will add a salad or coleslaw and perhaps some beans.  I have to run errands but do not plan to eat out today as I want to get back home and tend to a few jobs.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti Diable, Italian Green Beans, Green Salad, Garlic Toast
The casserole is made, and if I cook green beans Monday to go with my leftover chicken, I'll just cook extra and reheat for Tuesday.  That will leave the day open for working since dinner will be pretty much heat and eat.

Wednesday:  Roast Beef, Succotash, Scalloped Tomatoes, Biscuits
Scalloped tomatoes is an old recipe Mama used to make.  It's pretty easy: tomatoes (canned or sliced fresh) topped with salt/pepper/garlic powder and then a sprinkling of shredded cheese and crumbled saltines.  I have an excess of tomatoes but they aren't pretty enough to eat sliced, so I'll use them in this cooked dish.

Thursday:  The World's Best Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Carrot and Raisin Salad
I've seen this recipe on Dee's menus a few times and so I made it a point this week to buy a bottle of Dijon mustard just so I could try the recipe.  I usually have Dijon mustard in my pantry anyway, but just hadn't seen it at Aldi.

Friday:  Out with Mama

Saturday:  Leftovers

This Week's Work Plans

Last Week:
Do a freezer/pantry inventory.  I didn't even think of this.  I got project minded!
Work on fourth quarter budget sheet. Sat down to do this task and realized the quarter is up end of September not end of August.  I'll work on this all through the month instead of knocking out in one week.
Clean all the ceiling fans and dust each room.Dusted and vacuumed and swept but no cleaning fans this week.
Mop kitchen and baths.Nope 
Get groceries and other errands tended to.
Bake cookies for the cookie jar.
Shop for a gift for a baby shower this next weekend.

This Week:
1. Bake cookies
2. Run errands: paying bills, pick up Rxs, pick up items needed to complete a project, thrift store plunder
3. Dig up last of iris
4. Mulch bed
5. Bake cookies
6. Move items in guest room that don't belong there and take to shed or put in car to donate while out running errands.
7. Clean out my top dresser drawer and organize
8. Move linens from guest/craft closet (which is a pantry) and into our master closet  Started that task this afternoon and realized that the back closet is larger than ours.  I would have to move some paperwork I'd rather keep in the master closet, so things stay put.  Neatened up and made it look nice...and found a quilt I can use in my guest room makeover if I can find sham/dust ruffle material.
9. Work on outfits for this season.  Photos and print out so I have a reference notebook to put things together.  I hope this will help me better utilize my wardrobe pieces.
10.  Work out new daily schedules to better utilize time.


Anonymous said...

More about outfits? I am thinking of fall and I feel like I don't make the best use of what I have. More a grab the same old thing and go person. Wouldn't mind stepping things up a bit. We are both chicken minded this week!

Anonymous said...

Having been gone a few days and busy days before that, I had to catch up with reading your blog. What fun to have several days to enjoy! Yes, you really do have a ministry to those of us who read and enjoy.

Our garden is producing abundantly right now ... sometimes there is so much produce that it is hard to keep up with it. Our tomatoes are late this year and just starting to ripen ... and now the weather man is saying frost this week. Ack! I want to can tomatoes and tomato soup and lots of it. Really helps keep the grocery budget under control.

We were at our daughter's last weekend. One store in their town had 4# of sugar for .99 cents. It was a limit of one per visit, but what a nice surprise! I haven't seen sugar that low in a very long time. Of course, I live in the country and the closest grocery store is just a small country store, which I must say we are very glad to have even if their prices are a little higher. Gas costs quite a lot these days to get to a town with several stores.

I'm welcoming fall and the cooler temps. We do need some warm days still to get the fall crops to full maturity before harvest. What a trade-off!! ; 0) Cooler temps or harvested crops???!!!

Keep blogging!

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