A New Fall Wreath

I put this wreath together early last week.  It was quick and easy.

The base is a straw wreath I picked up at the thrift store.  I wrapped it using the wide burlap ribbon you buy in the fabric department at Hobby Lobby.  I picked up two rolls last year for $4.99 each...I'm warning you all that it's increased to $5.99 this year, because I bought another roll this year.

I sewed the end piece down and bound the florals and leaves to the wreath using a needle and thread.  In the past I've used glue or glue dots and it tends to turn loose in our sometimes too warm, sometimes cold weather.  I wanted this to hold together for at least two or three seasons.

I bought fresh picks.  I have plenty of the autumn leaves and mums left to use in other places.  The little black eyed Susan flowers were all used here.

Total cost for my wreath was about $12, but there's nothing here that can't be used again (and again and again, knowing my frugal ways).  I noted the cost of the thrift store straw wreath was about $3 and honestly, you can buy brand new ones for that, as I discovered when I priced them at Hobby Lobby.  Our Goodwill stores have gotten a little pricey on things, sigh.  I just assumed it was a great buy.  Nope.

This wreath hangs on the back door right now.  I'm pretty happy with it and especially like the mix of green leaves added in here and there.  It suits the season at present which is definitely a mix of autumn and late summer.


Very cute wreath!

The Goodwill store that I sometimes go to is very hit or miss on their prices. Sometimes it's a bargain and sometimes it's not. I have noticed that if I am looking at something glass or ceramic, I need to look and look again, almost everything is chipped or broken. I know some items are donated in that condition, but almost all of them?--Maybe the good stuff gets picked over before I get there.
Anonymous said…
Quick everyone! I saw burlap table runners and also the natural tan burlap with white poke dots,.. Ah what do you call those things??? ...the banners {?} people are creating now. A string or bias tape with half a diamond in fabric sewn on it and lined up over and over...!! I forget the right name!! Anyway, they were each$3 in the $1 and $3 section every Target has. I think they just put them out with the new fall things. I passed them up but know many people love to use the burlap. :-) Sarah
Anonymous said…
Cute wreath! I wanted to let everyone know about the burlap things Target had so when I saw you mention burlap I jumped in and wrote that post..then read the whole post! ;) I imagine those items will disappear fast from the Target bins. My fall wreath will need redoing this year too. I sort of fixed it last year but it needs complete redo this year. I can reuse things here I believe. It is time to get going on that too. One of these days it will be cool...hopefully! lol I had a kitchen rug with fall motif. Love it. The colors are still bright and pretty but the backing is gone now and we have a better rug we always use on the floor daily now. I realized it fits on top of my coffee table and I will put it there this year. I use the cloth rugs or table runners on the top of it through the seasons. Pretty napkins we use like doilies where a punch of color is needed. Or a pretty cloth t-towel. Now I am getting excited to start my fall decorating! lol lol Sarah
Tammy said…
My plan for this week includes "Fallifying" around the house, including the burlap wreath that is hanging on the front door. I did take the boys to the local farmer's produce stand the other day and we got pumpkins. Just a couple, but they make me smile.
Anonymous said…
What a pretty wreath. The fall colors do something wonderful for my soul!
Such a pretty wreath.. I love fall and all the fall colors.

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