In My Home This Week:

In my home this week...

...We have worked hard this past week.  I don't know what is upon us, but a definite determination to let go of things has hit us.  Mind you, I've about got such notions out of my system now and the house feels tons lighter due to it, but this week the bug bit John.  He hauled boxes and bags of things from the music room and music room closet, both of which are solely his province.  If the house felt lighter with my work, I promise you I heard the house give a great huge sigh as John's work progressed.  No need to ask if we're done yet, because we're not!

I finished up all I meant to do to in the laundry, back entry and kitchen this past week.  What I've left behind me are prettier, neater, less cluttered spaces.  It makes me feel good to walk into those areas. This next week I shall begin the same deep cleaning of another space.  I think it will be ever so slightly easier this go round as I'll no longer be deep in boot camp.  I'm graduated as of Friday at sundown! 

Before I graduated however, I spent hours reading at Laine's letters from her "In My Home" letters.  I just wanted to share with a few of you that if you've visited, read a letter or three in that section of the page and then come upon a black screen that says the domain might be for sale, don't quit!  Come back later and pick up where you left off.  Odds are the letters will appear just fine.  It seems to be some sort of time out glitch sort of  thing.  I read well over a year's worth of letters Friday afternoon and I encountered that page a few times.  This is only for the 'In My Home" letters that I've come across this.  That is a box at the bottom of the title page and it reads "In My Home"  "Laine's Recipes", etc. You can click on those boxes and get more letters, just in case you haven't tried that.  The truth is I'd not done it ever before and had no idea what a wealth of information was there.  I wish I had printer ink because I would most definitely be saving this body of work!

Many of you mentioned wanting to see some of the old Penny Ann Poundwise stuff.  I was thinking of sharing some of that with you all.  I started my newsletter back in 2003 and began blogging on Xanga in 2006...  I did manage to save my material from Xanga which is great because I cannot get into that site without paying a subscription now.  Just be patient with me as I sort through a LOT of old material.  Because I wrote many years in a letter format, information is caught up within the body of a letter and so will need to be sort of rewritten in order to be timely, but I will look into the possibility of sharing over the next few months.

I have, for this week, a number of posts for Graduation.  It is my brainstorming lists and it came out to three posts I think.  The one area I did not address in this session was Earnings.  I am a little at a loss what my possibilities are in that area at present.  Over this past year I've had to close the booth, had to cease working so hard at Swagbucks due to data usage and had to give up two survey groups.  All I have at the moment is Pinecone research and that has been so s.l.o.w. this summer.  I'm not worrying.  God has opened doors for me many times and then shut them and opened others.  I just need to see what he opens.  In the meantime, I wait.

Mind you all, my mind is still clicking along with home things and fall wardrobe and gardening and oh so much more!  And I'm thinking CEUs will be in order each month:  Continuing Education Units are mini courses to help keep your degree fresh.  We don't want to lose our frugal fitness now that we've gone through Boot Camp, do we?

...I plan meals:

What to do, what to do...In the kitchen that is.  Honestly we are in for a bout of 'cool' weather, meaning temperatures are meant to be in the low 80s this week.  BUT I'm skeptical of weather forecasts.  I'm making tentative menu plans, subject to change.

Steak, Rosemary Roasted  Buttered Potatoes, Tossed Salad, Peach Cobbler

Lemon Broccoli Chicken Pot Pie, Green Salad
Years ago I made a ham pot pie that had broccoli and a light lemon sauce.  I'm going to try to replicate it with chicken. 
Maple and Mustard Chicken (crock pot), steamed Broccoli, sundry leftover vegetables, Croissants and Peach Cobbler

Out with Mama

Corn Chowder, French Bread Pizza
I tried this pizza last week while John was working.  I used a hearty slice of the Turano bread we buy at Aldi as my base. This was so good, I have to make it for John.

On my own

Almond Chicken with Rice,  Pineapple Salad, Homemade Fortune Cookies

Chili, Salad, Cornbread

...I plan my work week:

I'm going to focus on the main room this week: dining/front entry/living room.  I've a cushion that needs to be altered on one chair, a slipcover that is wearing out on another.  I'm going to see what I can do to alter that slipcover so those worn places don't show.

I've had a bigger project in mind for months now.  I can't complete it but remember that motto of mine for this year "Start where you are.  Use what you have. Do what you can."?  Well I'm going to start where I am...I'll be shifting some furnishings about to start.

Get the other three dining chairs sanded.

Deep cleaning the main room: dusting, polishing, decluttering.

All the regular daily stuff.

...I plan my leisure:

Call and set up a hair appointment for this week.

Go by the library in the next town over.  My card is good in a wide area surrounding our county.

Start planning Fall wardrobe.  As impossible as it seems it will come and I might as well have an idea what I'll be wearing.

Beauty morning.


Lana said...
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Lana said...

Clearing out the stuff is one of the best feelings there is. I am actually looking forward to clearing out much more as we move, if we move. We will know tomorrow. We were in the area and took a quick drive by and saw that sellers are moving out. They had so much stuff. There was a dumpster in the yard. We are way ahead of that since we have been clearing out for about 18 months now. I plan to tackle the linen closet this week.

One goal I have is to get more meals in the freezer to be ready to move. We had the most delicious baked spaghetti at our son'S house over the weekend and it would make 4 meals for us so it is a good place to start.

We plan to enjoy the OlympicS while they are on. Have a good week!

Karla Neese said...

Now that we have an empty nest, I've started in on the decluttering as well. Last week I hauled a large garbage bag of items and a paper-sized box of items to the donation bin here by my office. I shall keep going!! It does definitely feel lighter.

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