Stick Tights and Beggar Lice

Monday, 17 September 2007

  • Stick tights and Beggar Lice

    Growing up in the country as I did, I had occasion to wander about the fields playing as a child, and just walking as an adult.  I've enjoyed the countryside and all it had to offer, but it pays to be cautious in all seasons.  In spring and summer there are snakes, and the poison ivy and thorns and other dangers.  In autumn and winter there are other pesky things to watch for, like stick tights and beggar lice.  Both these plants are pretty enough when in bloom, but both produce a fruit, a nut if you will, that is spiny and when fully ripe, will stick tight to your clothing, embedding themselves so fully that often you will find the pesky things days after your trek over the fields.  These plants literally do 'stick tight' to you, despite your best efforts to rid yourself of them.  And often you don't know you've acquired them until they get their spines through your clothing and prickle your skin.
  • The other day, I was having a bit of worry and trouble in my life.  Nothing major but it did seem that I'd been unable to shake the cloud I was under and eventually I began to feel I was being 'prickled' to death.  Everywhere I'd turn a certain situation would rise up and confront me all over again.  I seemingly could not get rid of it and I got more and more frustrated and more and more upset, until finally Chance noticed my agitation.  As he prayed over me, he mentioned to God the situation and how it was 'sticking tight' to me.

  • Immediately I 'saw' these pesky nuts (or fruits) of the two weeds of the field and I realized that unknowingly he had hit upon the very words that allowed me, as a born and bred country girl, to 'see' the situation for what it was.  I imagined myself picking off the irritants as I used to pick off these nuts after a trek in the field.  But my mine went further still.  For it seemed to me I clearly remembered reading in some translation of the Bible about 'sticking tight.'  After research I found this verse in the New International Version:

  • Proverbs 18:24
    A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

  • What a lovely image I had suddenly in my mind.  It may be true that the situation stuck tight that day in my mind, but I'd forgotten that God himself also 'sticks tight' to us once we accept Him as our Lord and Savior.  How much more pleasant to 'see' God clinging to me, watching over me, helping me over the rough places, than the image of pesky things hanging on to me and prickling my skin with irritation! 


Kathy said...

Love that word picture!
Thank you for sharing!
Hope that He is making things better for you.

Lana said...

Praying for you my friend. I pray that you will feel His awesome love and care for you daily. He is such a good Father.

Our awesome God is so good to us. We had our inspection of the much hoped for new home yesterday and so many serious problems showed up that we pulled our contract. The neighbor came out and shared with us how shoddy the workmanship was on the big addition on the back of the house. He was such a nice man that we are sad he will not be our neighbor but so thankful that God used him to warn us.

Anonymous said...

Lana , I wonder if the first person who had bid on the house found the same problems and also then said good bye. You must have been stunned when the inspection turned up so many problems. It is a good thing you found out about the problems before you found your dream house turning into a nightmare later. We will continue to pray God will show you the exact right home He has for you.
Fall is my favorite season so although seeing Halloween costumes already in the shops seems weird ,.. thinking fall is comings is fun! The whole year has flown by though... Each day has been full of projects and getting as much accomplished as possible. It is a good feeling that so many are behind me. The list of things to do yet though is still too long... On these hot hot summer days we all yearn for fall and a cool breeze :-)
I decided to put books in the 'to read soon' pile that are ones that I can read and pass on for sure. No reference books or such right now. My piles of books to keep Must get smaller!!!
I am weeding out some plants in the yard. I realized I have to many pots to hand water. Four are the same plant just different places. I will give away three and keep one. I need to cut down the time I have to spend like this in the yard so I have more time to enjoy it. Also more time to get at other yard projects.
Someday I might try to put in drip hoses in the largest pots I will have left.
Yes I want to live in this moment and yet need to plan some for the next so when it comes I will be ready for it too.
Thanks for the mushroom reminder. I have just enough fresh ones left to use with our peas and I do love that combo. I am making chicken pot pit with the leftover roast chicken this week. Swedish meatballs sound wonderful too. We use cooked barley and brown rice combo under it. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I posted the first comments thinking I was posting from the first post..... Anyway, I do like the thought from this sticking close to you story. I am forever finding pieces of blue plumbago flowers or the sticky parts of lantana bush on parts of my clothing. I look but don't find all of them to brush them off before going out and about. People have looked at me in horror thinking at times they are bugs on me! lol Now though I will think back to this post and the thought of our Savior sticking close to us and with us will bring to me a remembrance of is love. What a beautiful reminder you have showed us. Is Chance your son? Just wondered. Sarah

Lana said...

Thank you Sarah. The first buyer did not have an inspection and actually put her contract on the house sight unseen from states away! Crazy!

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