Weekend Reading

I have a list of links saved up for weekend reading.  I'd meant to post last weekend and I just didn't have time to get to it. 

Georgene shared this post on her blog, "5 Things Tidy People Do" .  It spoke to me because I am a tidying sort of person...and it's not at all what I used to be!  I LEARNED to be tidy and anyone else can, too.  I have only one exception.  I will leave dishes in the sink overnight on Shabat evenings, but I start Shabat with a clean, empty sink and all dishes put away...I just choose to honor the 'rest' by rinsing and stacking neatly so I can load dishwasher first thing on Sunday morning.

Gramma D had some questions about CVS shopping this past week...And I think Rhonda's post on shopping at CVS is a good one to share.  I personally count the ECBs when I earn them as a sort of rebate on the items bought.  But their value is in USING them to purchase needed items.  Rhonda has a great system and if you read through her blog she lists several Facebook group pages, vlogs and blogs that will help anyone interested in trying their hand at CVS savings. 

I just found Lori Alexander this past week when she showed up in the things Pinterest thought I might be interested in.  I won't even get into the discussion of how I loathe having a media tool decide it knows what I want to see, but I digress.  I actually did enjoy this post and several more by this blogger. 

What follows are no particular articles but a listing of sites or author sites I have used at times to brush up on skills, learn new ones, or just to get the frugal juices flowing:

http://www.couponmom.com/  Love her comprehensive listing of stores, sales, and deals.

http://www.stretcher.com/index.cfm  I read this newsletter for years and even wrote for Gary a couple of times in my early writing days. 

http://elliekay.com/wpress/  Ellie was one of the first authors books I picked up in my days of desperately trying to save money.  This link leads to her blog which I didn't realize existed.  Happy find!

And just because I like to read a good almanac:  http://www.almanac.com/

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Anonymous said...

At the 'stretcher' site under TDS I like to look at the older posts from the old forum even better than the new. When they changed over a couple years ago many of the older contributors stopped posting. I miss learning from them. :( The older forum's information is not dated but still very relative. People wrote back and forth so much more back then too. The old and new forums are treasure troves of information. Also you will see an index and ABC listing to find information on the front page top. I agree there is a lot of good information throughout this .com. If you especially like one of the contributors ideas you can even find their name and it will show you all the posts they have ever done. Thanks Terri for bring this site up. Sarah

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