In My Home This Week: A New Season Awaits

In my home this week...'s Springtime at last.  No matter what the weather acts like (seasonal in our case) or what we feel like, the calendar assures us it is a new season.    We've passed our last frost date.  Now it is safe to plant for those who care to believe the weather will be true hearted.

We've had a busy week behind us, one that was both pleasurable and a little stressful. John worked extra hours and because he was at work more than usual, I was busier than usual in my home.  I did spring cleaning in our bedroom and bath and closet.   I turned out the small guest bath and freshened it up after.  I'd like artwork to go in that room but haven't a clue just yet what I'd like.  I cleared and cleaned up the guest room aka sewing/craft area at least three times this past week.  I think I can most assuredly call it spring cleaned, too, since we just dismantled it all the first week of February. 

I did the usual household things and bought groceries and did errands.  I might add I was rather glad of bedtime each night!

It appears there are schedule changes ahead at John's workplace.  If this proposition passes the new schedule will be demanding and seriously inhibit what time we spend with family.  At this point, with all the talk that's gone on about the job, we tend to look at one another and whisper "Just three more years...just three more years." 

We had a quick visit with Katie and her family.  Taylor is very much a toddler girl and not at all baby-ish.  She talked and talked and talked to me.  I've no clue what she said but she carried on a conversation.  She wasn't babbling either, because if Katie babbled at her, she mimicked and babbled right back.  Having seen how quickly Josh's speech advanced and knowing how rapidly Katie's did as an infant, I expect we'll be understanding most all of her conversations before this year is out.

I admired all of Katie's DIY projects (headboards for the master bedroom and Taylor's room, a huge string art piece for the master bedroom, new curtains for the kitchen.  I admired her super good bargains on sheets and comforters and even new mattresses and frames.   It all looked lovely.  These visits with my family are always far too short.

Well that was last week...Now it's time to plan this week.

....I plan my work:

A lot of work got accomplished though little from my list of things I'd meant to work on.  I count it all as work towards the same end and it really doesn't matter if I didn't work over much on the kitchen last week after all because other areas are completed and won't have to be faced in the coming days.  I got the fridge cleared and cleaned.  I bleached the countertops as planned.  But I did not clean out and freshen that cleaning cupboard.  That project is on my list this week for sure. 

I also planned to do freezer/pantry inventories but didn't.  Well that also is on my list once again.

I'd like to spend some serious time in my wardrobe determining what I might wear for spring.  I didn't do this last week and I've obligated myself financially so I can't buy anything else for a bit.  Best to sort out what I have and how I can make it work.  Fortunately I just got a delayed shipment from January in from Zulily and it contained three new tops that fit fine (and two that didn't but that's the way it goes).  I think I'll do all right with those three and what I have on had already.

I plan to paint the guest bath door.

The grass is growing.  There are many little branches and such down that must be picked up prior to mowing.  I don't worry over those further down in the yard but right up near the house, a flying stick can bust the siding (and has in the past).  I want to be sure to get those without firing distance of te house out of the way.

We bought ten new landscape blocks this week.  There's a spot where John has cut back a tree that died.  I said I'd work on making a flower bed where the stump is.  Now I have one idea.  Just from the way he laid out the block I can see he has another idea entirely.  I'll just change it to suit me.  After all, he just mows, I do the planning and prettying parts.

I'll be out with Mama one day this week.  I'm going to try to get all my little errands done at once so I can spend all of the other free day at home doing my routine and planned tasks.

...I plan meals:

Grilled Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, Broccoli Salad, Dill Pickles
I want to share this recipe Katie used to make that broccoli salad. It was good and a little different.  Her dad really raved about it on his way home.

Lasagna, Salad, Apple Pie

on my own  xs2

Chicken Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, Steamed Asparagus, Oranges
I think I have four more of the homemade egg rolls in the freezer. 

Lima Bean and Sausage Bake, Corn Bread, Green Salad

Roast Chicken, Cream Corn, Green Beans, Coleslaw, Apple Pie

...I plan my leisure:

I was better than you might think I would be last week about my leisure.  I didn't do a full spa treatment but I managed a manicure and some pedicure work.  I finished one book and plowed ahead with the other.  I fell into a rabbit trail of genealogy research.  Nicest of all though was John taking me out for a date to a favored place in the foothills an hour or so away.  It was a beautiful day, though it was bitterly cold. 

This week I've no idea just what I might do for leisure.  I have my book to continue reading. Now that it's middle of March I'd really like to pull out my vintage April magazines. 

I'd like to work on the genealogy notebooks more.  I'd like to discover what information I don't have so I can better focus instead of randomly gathering stuff that might or might not be needed.

I think I'd like to plan out my container plants for spring/summer.  That's a nice bit of quiet work.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, we had a sunny day at last. My niece and I took a walk. It was very cold, but beautiful. It felt so good to get out. I'm glad you got to get out, as well, this week.

Changes at work (or anywhere) are never fun. Hopefully, they will get your husband's work schedule figured out in a way that works for you, although I get it that you are at their mercy where that is concerned.

It sounds like you have a great week planned--not to busy, but not boring,either!

Delorise said...

Gorgeous day here- clothes on line. I cleaned and organized kitchen cabinets-- finally thru!! I also plan to make it thru the summer with the clothes that I have. I sure don't need to buy more clothes when I have lots I have never worn---plus the current summer styles of off the shoulder and whole in the arm look ( yeh I had to try them on the last time I was in Belks) just looks bad on me. Currently reading a book by an author that I had never read before ( thrift store book) and it is so good. I am so glad that I love to read--I can be stuck waiting anywhere and as long as I have a book to read the wait doesn't irritate me. Hope you have a great week.

Mable Hastings said...

I read your blog and admire all you do to make your home better. It also makes me glad that I don't much care how my house looks---as long as it is clean, I don't even notice when things don't match. I also don't get bored with how furniture and stuff is arranged; I like things always being in the same place. The same for clothing. If I find something that fits, I buy six identical pieces and then just wear those out before I get more. For years I felt inferior because I didn't pay attention to the home arts, although I liked reading about them. What you do with your house seems so, well, caring, for lack of a better word. And it seems peaceful. Maybe it was God's plan that I am the way I am because my husband has very limited eyesight, so doesn't like furniture to move about and doesn't notice things like paintings on the wall. Perhaps if I liked a lot of change or felt badly when I decorated and he didn't notice, we would not have made it 33 years now. And our income is limited partly due to his eyesight, so not wanting new furniture or clothing has kept our financial life low stress. My sister visits me once a year and always insists that I let her pay for a haircut because otherwise I cut my own. Anyway, please keep your homey style of writing, it always makes me feel like I have stepped into a sort of country life. And also thanks for the inexpensive menu suggestions; I have used a lot of them.

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