Where Were You??

I did not have an easy  week, much as I normally look forward to it.  Tuesday's grocery shopping was pretty tough.  I got all the cold things unloaded, sat down to rest and went right to sleep.  John was working that night too, which meant less than usual sleep.  I got downright depressed over a family situation on Wednesday, we nearly had an accident on Thursday after an especially long and tedious day and Katie was in an accident (she's fine! but her little car isn't).  Found out later that brother in law and Samuel both narrowly avoided bad accidents, too.   I was under the weather and truly did not feel well.  Ill enough to moan and groan and do a lot less than usual on Friday and take a long afternoon nap.  Ill enough to come home, put on my pajamas and go straight to bed Saturday. I am a lot closer to feeling normal again, but don't mind telling you that I did not appreciate being sick.  At all. Ugh.

Tomorrow I am making Thanksgiving Dinner for two.  John has to work Thanksgiving Day and he likes MY stuffing and sweet potato casserole and turkey better than my mom's.  Plus he wants turkey sandwiches and turkey soup from leftovers.  Katie cannot come home at all.  If she liked turkey I'd pack a box and ship to her but she doesn't care for turkey at all.  She can't come home because she is just 19 and in a rental car.  Both her insurance company and the leasing company have told her she cannot leave the state. :-{

Samuel is in the midst of moving.  We were at his place today and nearly everything he owns is in a box except the cats and the TV.  He'll be staying here a few nights next week but not until after Thanksgiving.  His only reason is to avoid the Black Friday traffic jams across cities he'll have to travel to his new place.
He and I will go to Thanksgiving Dinner at Mama's.

To be honest, the whole holiday seems a big let down of sorts.  Mama wants me to bring only ice and Sweet Tea (that is the official dinner drink in the South).  And John doesn't care for a huge big deal meal with loads of food leftover (well except for the turkey), so as a cook I'm not getting my 'fix' in at all.  And then there's the whole family issue.  Except for Samuel, my whole family will be elsewhere.  It wasn't so bad being the holiday widow at gatherings when I had kids about but now they are all grown and on their own, I feel odd woman out with a phantom husband and fictional children and grandchildren!  Here's hoping Christmas will be a better holiday!

And if you wonder why no mention of Christmas shopping, it's because I haven't done any. None. We're just unprepared this year for one reason and another.  I told John I just can't fathom it.  This year I actually had money set aside for Christmas until along about June and then poof!  It has gone to other things that we required.  We'll manage to pull something together but the gift shopping part is history.  Too late to do it even online and hope to have it arrive in time.  I'm not even going to allow myself to pretend I might pull rabbits out of hats and actually shop and send out myself this year.  Gracious!

On the better side of news here:  I am now grandmother to twins, Hailey and Zachary, born a wee bit early but good sized babies.  Hailey was 6 lb 8 oz and Zachary 6 lbs 3oz and all healthy as can be.  I was anxiously awaiting that phone call to tell us they had arrived.

I slept like a top last night for ten solid hours after my long nap Saturday afternoon.  Gradually, as the day has progressed, I'd daresay I'm back up to 85% of usual and feeling better.  I expect to feel even better tomorrow.

We had rain last night, much needed.  It's shockingly dry here.  Not a lot has been said about the drought in Georgia this year but many many ponds and lakes and natural wetlands and swamps are dried up and I do mean dry, not even a muddy spot to show. That's the second bit of rain we've had this week.

My vacation from reading blogs has been misery, lol.  I had no idea how much of my 'spare' time has been taken up reading about lives and decorating and meals of others.  I am slowly building a blog reading list.  Just four on it thus far.  What I've done with the time 'saved' has been no more productive than reading blogs.  I've napped, I've looked through magazines, I've played computer games, I've read.  I've even, GASP, watched TV something I'd pretty much given up doing.   

I did make a rather pretty table for our pre-Thanksgiving meal.  I'll try to get photos of that tomorrow.  I have material to make a table runner but not sure I'm going to get to that after all.  I'd meant to work on that Friday and today.  I did hem five pairs of pants that have been waiting for some time to be hemmed.

I'm not expecting to make out menus this week either just to let you know ahead of time.  There doesn't seem to be much point, what with eating turkey all week long, lol...


Deanna said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. Congratulations on the new babies! As for online shopping, you still have plenty of time. Amazon will ship most things in a couple of days. I just placed an order for all my nieces and nephews a few minutes ago and even with Thanksgiving, I should have them in a few days. I hope this next week is a good one for you, despite the challenges.

BelleDiabolique said...

I'm sorry you've been under the weather :-( If the weather would make up its mind, we might not spend so much time wrestling with it. Off and on coughs, sinusitis, and general ick feeling has been chronic since summer somewhat broke.

As for Christmas: bah humbug! Wait, wait, hear me out!

Christmas isn't about presents. It doesn't matter what religion you subscribe to that time of year has never been about presents. It's been about clan and kin, closeness and comfort, waiting out the longest night, telling tales, coming together. Where the hell we got all this shopping nonsense from is beyond me. I blame it on our commercial society. We'll find a way to market any damned thing.

I try to find enough every year to cobble some kind of small something together for people. There's no way I could ever get something for everyone, though. If I am spending the holidays with people, I try to make it a point to gift those people. It usually winds up being goodies of some variety. Everyone loves holiday goodies, so that usually is a hit no matter who it's for. It's also way less stressful than the commercial [PRESENTS! PRESENTS! PRESENTS!] hub bub.

Make Mr. John a special dinner, some of his favorite treats, and if you just have to send out tokens of the season to people, write a letter or two to the people you want to let know you're thinking of them, and leave it at that.

Love you Ms. Terri!

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