Holiday's Over...Back to Work

I managed to get a great deal more done today than I'd thought possible...Indeed, I got more done today than I've gotten done all week even though I was trying hard to get it all done then!  What's the difference?  I can't say, I truly can't.  Except that I was alone and simply kept moving from one thing to the next and  by 2pm I'd done all I'd meant to do and had a portion of the day leftover.  That part was lovely!

I did what any sensibly minded woman who'd gotten up at 5:30am would have done: I made coffee, popped in a movie and put my feet up.  Wonderful.

I've watched a lot of films this week.  I confess that was because of Samuel's visit...but let me back track a little and tell you about the 'rest of the week'.  Thursday, as said, Samuel and I went to Mama's for dinner.  My contributions were a gallon of sweet tea and two gallon bags of ice.  Everything worked out just right as far as Mama's leftovers went.  There was enough for John a plate, a couple of plates for another guest's family members meant to come in later that night, a plate for Samuel to take to his new home as his first meal there.

He and I left there to drive to the lake and pick up the truck.  This truck is a 'family' vehicle, I guess.  It was given to us by a family member, we gave it to Samuel, he gave it to us, we gave it back, he sold it to us, we sold it back, and now we've been given it back, lol.  Got that?

When we got back home Samuel insisted on putting in a dvd to watch.  No problem as far as I was concerned.  It's a favorite movie and since he'd borrowed the dvd about a year ago, I hadn't seen it in a while.

Friday morning I got up and tried hard to get busy about the house, but it was a push.  No clue why.  I wasn't that tired but I just didn't have motivation.  Sometimes days are just that way.  I piddled about with this and that.  I'd asked Samuel to plant bulbs for me.  I only had about sixty or seventy...I thought, honestly, that he'd be occupied for a bit and I'd mop the kitchen but alas my plans.  He insisted he couldn't plant them if I didn't supervise and show him where to put them.  I explained my idea which was to spread them about around a couple of trees, along the edges of the yard under the privets and trees.  While he was digging holes for one set of bulbs, I wandered off to my shed and worked in that remaining corner.  I had three big piles when Samuel came up and said he had about six bulbs left.  We planted them next to the corner of the shed.

My piles were to donate, sell, and trash.  I also pulled out the Christmas tree.  We took the tree out of the box and shook it well and then shook the tree really well, too.  I didn't want anything rodent like to catch a ride into the house. Ugh. Enough of that this year already!

I sent Samuel to town to find take out food.  We ended up with Subway sandwiches.  I was weary by that point.  My piddly sort of morning, planting supervision and shed sorting had pretty much done me in.  I vacuumed floors and we settled to eat holiday movies.  There were several on back to back.  We watched three movies that afternoon!

We were all up early Saturday morning.  John off to work, Samuel packed up and ready to go back home, and I got ready for synagogue.  I was pleased to be asked to go have Thanksgiving dinner leftovers with some of the group.  Since we had so few leftovers here it was nice to have turkey again, lol.  Besides, I'm a little nosy...I want to know what traditional foods are for other's holidays.  What I noted was this family is a PIE EATING family.  There were four kinds of pie.  We've always been more of a cake eating family.

I enjoyed the meal and the company and we had a good time laughing and talking together.  I'd carried along a 1941 issue of one of my magazines because my friend/hostess happens to be a needlewoman.  This magazine had 67 Crochet projects and it happened that when I bought the magazine the original subscriber of the magazine had ordered the patterns and put them in the magazine.  I thought Sue would like to have it and I wasn't wrong.  She was happily planning her first, second and third projects when I left her house, lol!

No movies for me yesterday afternoon.  I decided that a quiet afternoon would suit me best and it did.  I spent my whole afternoon strolling through eBay looking up various things.  It was almost as good as a walk through the antiques mall and not nearly so tiring nor tempting, lol.

And so here we are at today all over again.  I started early this morning, as soon as John was down the driveway.  Stripping the bed, gathering towels, loading the dishwasher, doing Bible study, coloring my hair, gathering trash from the shed and loading up the donations, running to town to get the paper, pet food, bread and eggs, sweeping and mopping floors...I'm telling you I worked today and was just as motivated this morning as I hadn't been on Friday.  Who knows why?  I came in this afternoon with my arms full of sheets and towels I'd dried on the line (great snapping wind outdoors today which blew them dry and softened them too), and I took a deep breath.  I could smell Pine Sol and fresh wind dried laundry and the house looked really nice...And I realized that moment that I was done and it was only 2pm.  So I popped in a Netflix movie and settled in my chair with a cup of coffee and pondered the half lit Christmas tree.

You see, the other day I was reading through some previous December posts and read that the top part of the tree wasn't working...and I wished then that I'd worked with it last December to fix it.  I admit I decided I'd rather watch the movie than play with the tree this afternoon.  There's all of tomorrow to work on that project!

Other things on the list for tomorrow: making a beef stew (it's supposed to be rainy and cold, perfect weather for stew), planning menus for the week, working on my grocery list, pulling coupons.  I also want to work on my goals for December, though most of those will be related to trying to tie up the last ends of projects started this year and shifting things about in my shed so a family member can use it to store some of their things.  I reckon that should keep me pretty well occupied, at least for one more day.

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Rhonda said...

good morning! we are also one of those pie eating families. We had apple, pecan, chocolate, pumpkin and cherry!

it is back to work at this home too.

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