Recent Thrift Store Finds

 I've been wanting a buffet since I moved my dining table to the area designated for it three or more years ago.  I've looked and walked away with head hanging as one piece after another proved far far more than my hoped for budgeted amount of $150.  Ten days ago I listened when my inner treasure-ometer went off as I drove past our local flea market.  I found this buffet marked as part of a dining set which included a china cabinet with hutch, table with folding leaves, chairs and this piece.  The whole set was well priced and I truly expected this piece to be around my budgeted amount.  My feet tapped happily when the seller announced she'd take $65 for it.

Both of the cabinets hold a shelf or would.  The one on the left is missing the cleats that hold the shelf in place but we do have that shelf.  The small top right drawer is divided for silverware.  I've seen just loads of these buffets on blogs lately dressed in a new coat of chalk paint.  Not sure if I want to do that or not.  I'd like to live with the piece for a bit and get a feel for it.  

I am so happy to have it home. This will not be it's permanent resting spot.

The buffet was the last item I bought that day and was a most happy discovery, but I'd already found these two pictures:
 I need to put wire on the backs.  The string that is there appears to be original!  The former owner apparently hung them so that the picture on the left was a couple of inches lower than the one on the right.  Technically, I can see why she'd have done so.  It would line up the fence rails, tree limb and mountains perfectly between the two pictures.  I'll probably hang them side by side just as I've stood them on the mantel.

I love that the pictures look more like magazine illustrations than faux paintings.  The sticker from the back says:  Distinctively Styled MC Pictures, MC Picture Corp. Louisville Ky  Both of the pictures bear the name "Snyder".

I also found this little lovely:
It says simply Made in England on the bottom and that was stamped into the pottery.  I liked the green and cream and orange-y red on this piece.

It was a good day for treasure.  While I was in the store that day I put my name on the waiting list for booth space.  I think it's time I shared some of my treasures so I can keep bringing home new ones.


Rebecca said…
Your new buffet is lovely. I think you are wise to wait before jumping in to paint it. (I just have a feeling that the wave of painted furniture is about to end. Then everyone will be looking for a "new" product for removing paint!)

Great finds -- all of them!
Grandma D said…
Love your new find. Looks like you found a real bargain that you will have for a long time. I wouldn't paint it either. It looks like beautiful wood. Your other finds are great to. Have to take pictures when you have your room all "put together". Isn't it fun to redecorate even if it is just rearranging? Grandma D.
Tracy said…
Wonderful treasures! Those pics are nice. :)
Lorita said…
I love the new buffet! I think,too, that is a great price. Fixing the shelf should not be a problem, otherwise a great place to store taller items. also love that old pitcher. You just find the neatest things.

I sometimes wish I could have kept my husband's old buffet that was in the basement. It needed to be refinished but could have been useful if I had a place for it here, but alas, no room, and his daughter took it anyway.
Tammy said…
Love, love, love your new buffet! Can you find me a bargain like that, too? :o)
Melanie said…
Love your treasures! Glad you found a buffet - and at such an excellent price. With this booth space you're looking at - doesn't it cost quite a bit per month to rent it? The places in my area are $125 - $150/mo. PLUS working one Saturday each month. I know someone who rents one of these booths and she said you don't make any $$; it's simply for "fun". Maybe it's different in your area.
MotherHen said…
Love the buffet - I have one just like it & I absolutely love it!! I love all your treasures, especially the paintings :-)
Love it! What a fantastic deal! I would paint it. Love the paintings also.
Michael Mayer said…
Hi I have 2 pictures from the MC pictures corp do you know what the history is? Thank you for any help you can offer! Love the buffet!

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