Retirement Remedies: Fall Wardrobe Part II

Today I focused hard on a white tee shirt.  It's just a plain basic tee, nice heavy knit.  I also focused on a short sleeve smocked gray cardigan I have had for about three years.   I found a few inspiration outfits on Pinterest to help me build my Fall wardrobe using these pieces.

I don't have the cute print shoes...but I'm keeping my eyes open for comfortable flats.  I have an orange bag which you'll see in the outfit below.  The navy jacket is a light cotton, perfect for cool days.  I also have a navy tissue thin cardigan that I could use on days that  are warmer and require just a little bit of extra coverage.   I have a bracelet and pearl studs very similar to those in the inspiration photo.
later note:  Looking at this photo, the jacket looks sloppy as it is displayed but has nice details that do make it appear more tailored than it appears. Mama bought one at the same time I purchased this one and she wore it today.  It really has a nice look overall, not at all slouchy.

I found this image shortly after pinning the one above it.  I think I'd like to swap my slouchy brown bag for the orange one used here in my photo.  I'll  use my gold bangles and hoops as jewelry.  On a warmer day I'd be tempted to wear my soft peach colored sandals.  That's one beautiful thing about the South.  So many items transition from one season to another rather nicely.

All the same, I think I'd like to look for cute print flats.

 Then I found this possibility for the same pieces...

I could easily use my dark brown satchel purse but I decided to use the slouch tote bag and accessorize with dark brown beads and bracelet.

 In this inspiration photo it is the use of the almost watercolor soft aqua/turquoise that drew my eye.
I am especially fond of this necklace with turquoise and a moonstone colored stone mixed with gold filigree balls.  I think it sets the same mood as the inspiration photo and I'd carry my new mint bag with this outfit I think.  I'll be using this short sleeved smocked cardigan.  I love the short sleeves because I find far too often that long sleeves are entirely too long on me.  I spend so much time pushing them up over my wrists that I get quite irritated.  I've never had that problem with this short sleeve cardigan!  

The next few outfits continue to focus on the white tee but the gray cardigan is introduced as a second piece.

I liked the way the olive green popped against this light gray cardigan.
I used a green glass bead necklace and my suede ruffled bag has the same textural feel as the bag in the inspiration photo, I think.

Another glance at the scarf basket revealed this challis shawl that was a gift from Katie.  It's a pink with gray/olive/white pattern over it and suits this same outfit.  On a day that was slightly chilly the scarf about my shoulders would be very welcome.

I love the gold/camel mix with the gray and blue here...

 I think my bag and scarf bring the same sort of feel to my rendition, don't you?

I couldn't help but notice the use of the gray cardigan here with a black tank. 
My jeans are dark wash but I have a sleeveless black top. 

I accessorized here with a silver/ dark blue bead necklace and silver bangles.  I do have a silver bib necklace that would also work well with this outfit.  The black patent purse and cute black flats (have those!) will complete this outfit.

As I was about to put the black tank away I noticed the black/red/taupe/gray scarf in the scarf basket nearby...I styled this outfit:

I rather like the scarf with the gray cardigan and as always, a simple change of accessories makes such a huge change doesn't it?

Well there you have  my second post of possibilities, using my slender wardrobe.  I do have a few more pieces that I hope to feature in a third and final post in the coming week or so.

Sue sweetly suggested I try these outfits on for you all and have John take photos.  I would be so uncomfortable as I feel I'm not in the least photogenic but I do need a better way to display things so you can have a better idea of how they look.  I'll work on the photography end of it, I promise and hopefully you'll be able to get really see the silhouettes and details  of what I'm working with.  In the meantime, I hope you draw inspiration from what inspired me to create new outfits of your own.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Great outfits..Love all your pretty bags. Really changes up the out fits.. thanks for sharing.

doe853 said...

I love, love these outfits. You are really good at putting them together. Do you dress this well every day or just when out and about. I don't think I am very photogenic either, hate having pictures taken, but I have seen some pictures o And f you and thought you were so pretty.
I remember one in the car after a haircut that was particularly good. I have to star doing the same wardrobe organizing too, but still shorts and tee weather so haven't felt like it. Maybe after this weekend, it is supposed to get cooler and rain, yay, Sunday. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I will admit I never used to look at scarfs much but you sure have me looking now! And changing up my jewelry too. Layering can't be done till it turns cool and many times it is too hot inside places for it to work but I will look for thin or all cotton over tops. As always the hunt is fun too!! I must say feeling more 'put together' has sure been fun and a real moral boost! I get the ideas of your outfits even how you display them now. Thanks again Teri! Sarah

Lana said...

Wow! Great outfits! I need to get busy here to work out some things before the Sunday morning meltdown occurs! I keep thinking I have some pieces that I have gotten too small for and gotten rid of and then go to get them and remember that they are gone. I did add some striped T shirts that were clearance for $3 each at WalMart last week. Time to get down to work!

Tracy Lee said...

Your outfits look great! I still need a lot of work in this area!

Colleen Gold said...

Great going on the way you put it all together. I need to get myself in gear

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at what just a change of color does for your outfits. I'd never guess you were using the same pieces over and over with the color pops. Hope you find your cute flats and whatever other pieces you need at good prices. Pam

Karla Neese said...

I think these might be some of my favorite outfits you've posted! So cute! I love that gray cardigan. You are very creative with your wardrobe!

IM said...

Good job on the outfits...come on though! Give us a fashion show! You will receive nothing but applause!

Anonymous said...

Nice choices. You would look very polished and stylish while being comfortable in any of those outfits. Congratulations.


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