Retirement Remedies: Last of the Fall Wardrobe Round-Up

This shall be my last of the series for Fall.  Fall so seldom necessitates heavy clothing in the South, but sometimes a light sweater or jacket is especially nice.  I am free styling with these outfits, using Pinterest as inspiration, but intent on what I have.  I was on a roll this particular day.  

I have this pleather jacket in a butterscotch color.  I've seldom worn it but I think now I've lost weight it will be a better fit.  First I put this blush shirt with it.  I've found that the amber and tiger eye necklaces go really well with the blush color.  I also have this cute autumn themed corduroy purse.  It's honestly not something I carry a lot because it tends to be seasonal.  I expect this will be my last year using it at all.

The scarf used here with the same outfit is new to me.  Mama gifted it to me in the Spring.  I'm not sure I like it and I mean that sincerely but it does have a bit of the blush color in it's background and olive green, teal and even of bit of the color of the jacket.  I think it pulled the outfit together nicely.

One of the vintage scarves and a gray t-shirt (it's the same same a-line styling as the blush shirt) change the appearance of the jacket and jeans altogether.  I really like this combination.  I think I'd use my black bag and shoes with this, but I am still looking for a good looking navy or gray tote bag to add to my accessories wardrobe.

I could swap out other scarves for this one and change the look of the outfit up just a bit.  It's really all about the accessories.

I purchased this teal/turquoise blue shirt towards the end of summer when I bought the white and cafe colored ones.
I used the same jacket and the vintage scarf.  I would love to see this with my darker bag but didn't take a photo of it with this outfit.

Again,  a change of scarf.  This one has a beautiful border pattern and is shawl length, so if it's warm, the shirt and scarf as shawl would be sufficient.  And the scarf used in the second photo of the same jacket with the blush t-shirt is another possibility with the teal...That's three looks with one shirt/jacket.

This black trench is a purchase I made a couple of years ago.  I seldom wore it because it was a little snug.  It isn't now!  We've had enough damp weather of late that this outfit would be more than appropriate.  I styled it with the teal shirt, two smoky grey necklaces, and my black bag and shoes.

Change the t-shirt...change the look...  I think I could also wear the gray shirt with this and get another look but didn't piece it together to photo it.

I used the blush t-shirt and the same pretty blue border print scarf for this outfit and paired it with the denim jacket.  I like the softer wash of the jacket with my dark wash jeans.  Somehow it looks less matchy matchy.  My favorite purse (at present...I'm fickle about purses!) completes the look.

And again, a change of t-shirt, a change of scarf and it looks like a whole different outfit, doesn't it?  

And that is pretty much all I've worked with at present.  I have  more jackets/sweaters but basically these are the pieces I'm working with.  A dark wash pair of jeans, five t-shirts in various colors, a short sleeve gray sweater, a black sweater, a denim jacket and the leather look jacket, a black trench.  It's not a large wardrobe but the accessories are the things that make these outfits go the distance.

At present because it's humid and the days are a bit warm yet, I'm mixing in the lighter version of these looks (sans jackets, sweaters) and a few pieces from summer (white or black tank) with a light sweater topper.

Funny...As I was going through my inspiration pages, where I jot down ideas each month, I came across one that said "Use more basics in wardrobe and extend it using your accessories for a wardrobe that works harder."  Ha.  I guess losing weight and having next to no money to spend sort of rolled that idea right into reality.  It's worked awfuly well, as you can see.

Can't wait to see what winter wardrobe ideas look like!


Anonymous said...

I finally came to the realization why I was having some problems making my clothes look more put together. Da. 99% of my tops are print! Hard to use scarfs or even necklaces with them. I am now on the lookout for solids! I have found some nice scarfs and know they are the colors I can find in tops. Here I seldom winter or fall ever wear a sweater so having that whole outfit look is difficult. I like the jacket of some kid look. I will keep working on it. I know even so I am looking better than I had and will keep working on it, Well it is more fun than work! :) Really.. Really your ideas have helped me see how I too can do this. I Want to do this. It feels so much better to dress better! Sarah

Lana said...

Looks great! I am glad for cooler weather that makes so many more outfit options possible with jackets and sweaters. For me it is still to warm for scarves. They make me feel like I am suffocating if it is not really chilly. I am about to drop another size and it is going to be a challenge with the pants I have in the next size down since many of them are colors and would do better for spring and summer.

Tammy said...

Understanding that just by changing your bag or scarf or shoes, you get a whole new outfit, makes it easy to have many looks with few pieces. I'm especially a fan of the casual denim jacket dressed up with the scarves and jewelry.
I look forward to your winter outfits series!

Stephanie said...

Love the combinations you've come up with! I'm curious...are these your "out on the town" outfits? What do you wear around the house? I don't want to feel too dressy while washing the dishes, but I don't want to be frumpy either.

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