Frugal Friday: Upside Right

Saturday:  Made a roasted chicken for dinner.  I kept the seasoning on it simple and cooked it in a slow oven.  The warmth very appreciated this morning as it was quite cool.

We took morning coffee on the front porch.  The air was crisp, the breeze slightly chilly.  I wore a sweatshirt and jeans.  Maddie seemed right at home in her fur coat.  The sun shone brightly and the sky was clear and blue.  It was absolutely lovely.

I mixed leftover baked sweet potatoes with the leftover roasted butternut squash and made a Sunday Sweet Potato/Squash casserole to have with our roast chicken dinner.  It was delicious!

We had enough leftovers for a second meal from the casserole and chicken.

Ran a very full load of dishes.  Shorter wash and air dried.

Sunday:  I made French Toast this morning.  I just thawed and reheated.  With an egg and sausage each it was an ample breakfast.

Took water and a granola bar with me for after church since we planned to go by Lowes.  It's always Lowes or Home Depot for us these days.  We've decided that either one is the new Walmart in our lives. 

Picked up paint for the bathroom wall and cabinets, the right paint for the last dining room chair, a tub of sample paint for the soon to be record cabinet, hooks to hang my mixer attachments and  something else...All necessary to tend to jobs here. 

John stopped at the supermarket to get a paper.  There were none.  Instead he came out of the store with dinner in the bag.  Unexpected but his treat. Sweet!

After dinner John painted the bathroom wall and then worked on my shed door.  The handle broke and it couldn't be locked but he took care of it.

Light supper after our late late dinner.

Monday:  John washed a full load of clothes.  He used dryer since it was overcast and heavy humidity this morning.

John painted the sink cabinet in the bathroom.

I cleaned and moved some furnishings we don't need at the moment, smaller pieces I can easily move on my own.

Dinner was Shepherd's Pie.  I didn't have enough leftover gravy to make the dish wet, so I used a can of condensed tomato soup.  Oh my gracious!  I can't tell you how very good that was topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.  I had enough leftovers for another meal...and I put a small casserole in the freezer for a future date.  I'll either top with pastry or mashed potatoes when I start to serve.

I ran out of zippered bags a couple of weeks ago, and did try to buy more at Aldi but couldn't get the ones I find most useful.  I spied some on the back of the pantry shelf here at home when I was reorganizing the shelves. I decided  to see how long I could go without them and I made it another week.  I finally was just down to no clean used bags of suitable other containers.  However, it's made me more determined than ever to continue to build a stock of suitable alternatives.

Made pimento cheese for sandwich filling.

I wanted a better option for compost scraps on the kitchen counter.  Several times now I've noticed a definite odor in the area even though I empty the container daily and wash well.  Thanks to Deanna I was able to purchase a metal covered compost container with a charcoal filter that absorbs odor.  It was deeply discounted at Amazon and was just the sort of thing I wanted, but felt sure I couldn't afford.

Received one of the new pillow covers.  I paid just $3 each for 5 new pillow covers from Amazon.  That includes shipping!  I ordered for both the living room and the bedroom.

Tuesday:  Stripped our bed. Washed sheets and towels.  Despite the morning clouds, I hung them on the line to dry.  Sun came out and dried them just fine.

We ate leftovers of Sabbath dinner: Roast chicken and sweet potatoes.  I added a side of a waldorf salad.  I put a few red grape  I'd found in fridge.  I also added a few bites of celery so that the side dish would be less sweet.

Spent more time packing, removing pictures. and moving unnecessary items.

Wednesday:  Took down the bedroom curtains and washed them. I hung them to dry on the line I won't put them back up until the carpet is done.  I did hang one panel across each window to keep the room darkened at night.

I used leftovers of white primer to go over the dresser I am revamping.

I took a meatloaf from the freezer and put in the oven to cook. I knew I didn't have quite enough leftovers of any one item to feed us a proper meal.

When the curtains were dry I folded and put away.  I took some of the quilts outdoors to hang on the line and freshen.

Thursday:  John had class today.  He got paid for the hours he was at class.  This is a windfall for us.

I went to Walmart today.  We don't go very often, but it was the most convenient for my purposes today. 

I found three items on my personal shopping list today:  pajamas, robe, and a bra.  I paid for those from my own personal money.

I looked in several departments at various things.  I did not indulge in a lot of impulse purchases.  I got Josh some boxer briefs similar to what his daddy wears.  He's in the midst of potty training and hates the briefs his Mama bought.  Fingers crossed he'll wear these.

I found a cute pair of pajamas in the next size up for Taylor.

I found a remnant for $1.  It is a 1 1/4 yd piece and will make a cute apron.

Other purchases made were grocery items: baking soda, buns for tonight's burgers, and fruit.

I was about to head back home when I got a text saying Bess was in Perry and stopping for lunch.  I was literally half a block from her.  I told her I was in Perry too and would come join her.  Josh's surprised face was priceless.  It was so much fun when he told the man behind him "My Gammy" and pointed to me.

I'd left myself $7 for lunch. Dinner cost me $6.78.

Spent all afternoon outdoors watching my grandson run up and down the long expanse of lawn, digging in the dirt, following Maddie about the yard.  The weather today was just lovely, breezy and sunny and beautiful.  It was a perfect day for a little boy to run free.

John was quite late coming in.  We'd lost track of time out in the yard.  I made a quick supper of burgers for us.  Grampa brought home ice cream because the little boy likes it.

Friday:  Stripped the curtains from the rest of the house (except the guest room since those just went up and are fresh) and washed them all.  Weather is cloudy and humid and sprinkling rain now and then so I put them through the dryer.

I mopped the old kitchen floor.  I just felt it deserved to go out clean...I used dishwasher detergent which took up the old carpet tape residue and lightened the yellowed area where the old carpet sat in the breakfast area.

Washed a full load of dishes.

Saw my family off.  Packed John's lunch and made him breakfast, fed Bess and Josh and sent her of with water and juice.  I had leftovers for both my meals today and I am glad of it.  It was a rough night with sleep elusive  and frequently disturbed.  John and I both felt out of sorts.  I got a whole 1 hour of sleep, I think.  Ugh.  Up at 5am and really thought I'd sneak in a nap this afternoon but no, John set the appointment for flooring placement up for Monday.  We don't work on our Shabbat, we are fully obligated on Sunday and John is working today.  It's clear that I had to work triple time and get the maximum of the moving done that I could handle, work up the bill box, plan meals and finish the Friday work.  Shoo!  It was a lot of hardwork. If I'd had to cook my own meals today I'd have sat down and cried!! 

Time for Shabat dears, so off I go to light my candles and say my prayers.  Praises for the hurricane not doing more damage and for all good things!

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Lana said...

The upstate of SC is crammed with evacuees from the hurricane. Out to breakfast this AM we saw families in vehicles just waiting it out in parking lots. Too many are still at the coast as the storm seems to have turned more inland. Our coastal kids came home on Wednesday. But, we have had an inch of desperately needed rain today. I turned 5 pounds of ground beef into sloppy joe for the freezer since I was staying home all day.Family in Florida is fine and still have power but we do not know about my Mom and Dad's house in Orlando as they went north to my sister. I saw a CNN video of Daytona Beach though right where their timeshare is at the beach and it is in a shambles. Still praying that more will leave our coastal areas before the storm. Silly man on the news said he wanted to stay just to see the hurricane. Hopefully he will live to tell about it. Proud of our governor who ended her last news conference today with prayer.

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