In My Home This Week: Slowing Down

In my home this week...

...I have been thinking about what's really important to me.  I've put off buying flowers for autumn because it's so hot and dry but it occurred to me last night that I might well employ deeper water saving tricks such as I'd used in the past to see us through this dry autumn...and incidentally water plants.  So I think I'll invest in a few flowers this week.   I really love flowers and enjoy having pretty things and spaces indoors and out.

This thought started as I watched a blue jay splashing happily in the bird bath outside the window.  How I have enjoyed watching those jays at that bird bath!  I smile every single time and it took just a few inches of water to bring me that easy smile.

Besides planning for flowers and finishing up two projects that are in progress but very nearly done, I've decided that since November begins with a family visit and ends with the first of the holidays that I'm going to cease making huge goal lists with big projects upon them until January.  I can see all about me the results of the  hard work we've put into our home and yard this year.  At this point, it's time to stop and think about what I want to change or do next year, plan for and enjoy the holidays and rest a little.

...I plan my work week:

I want to get the kitchen cabinets finished by end of this week.  It is the last big project on our list and is very nearly completed.  John works two days which is a prime time for me to knock out the job and have things ready for him to put back (cabinet doors and hardware).

I want to go back to the DIY store and pick up 10 more landscape block.  That should finish that space at the back of the house.

Buy and plant some fall blooming plants in my pots.  I'll employ my summer dry weather water savings and get them through the fall months.

Plan out meals for the coming weekend family visit and make out a shopping list for necessities.

Just routine household chores.

...I plan meals for the week:

Roast Beef Hash, Steamed Broccoli, Tossed Salad, Rolls, Maple Leaf Cookies
This meal got pushed back this last week.  I have leftovers of it so I'll use as vegetable soup base.

Sloppy Joes, Creamy Potato Soup, Baked Apples

on my own

Vegetable Beef Soup, Fresh Pear Salad with Nutty Cranberry Cream Cheese, Corn bread

Chili Pineapple Chicken, Brown Rice, Mandarins or Grapes


Baked Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce, Pear Crisp

...I plan my leisure: 
Rest, rest, and rest.  Three grandkids coming in Friday and they will wear me completely out.


Lana said...

It is a lake week for us. Right now we get ready to go and Tuesday we are on our way. We are looking so forward to rest and time together. We plan to buy the stocking stuffers for the 15 stockings. This is an enjoyable project to do together. We have a list of items we are looking for at the good thrift stores in that area. We also plan to do a lot of nothing and just sitting on the deck overlooking the water and enjoying the leaves around the lake.

Anonymous said...

Although we already tend to live somewhat like the 1940 Simplicity bloggers way of life I hope to do more. Many people talk about living simpler but her blog is so soothing and informative isn't it. She does not have a comment section but you can write her. I would love to see others comments to learn from them too. I learn so much from you in so many areas. Bloggers are wonderful people. Like neighbors across the globe. Terri, all of us would miss you terribly if you decided to stop blogging. Which is your choice of course.
I too am ready to relax and enjoy the holidays without any big projects in the back of my mind to hurry and get to. We do have some things though contracted and that will interrupt that time somewhat. More and more I see that not only do I want to..but have too.. break up work. It gets done but maybe a bit later than it normally did years back. Perhaps it is that we treasure life more and want to have some time to look around and also smell the roses. Not just hurry through our days without realizing what a wonderful life we have. Then too part of it is naturally that we tire easier than we did at 40 or for me even 60. Priorities are a bit different too. I enjoy my little sphere of family and close friends more than ever. This time of year especially gets me to reflect.
It rained a bit today too. Seems unreal since we have had so little rain for so long. It has cooled down today too. Also welcome. The air is so clear and everything looks so beautiful. Outside is away from the newspaper or tv and the many things going on in the world that bother us if we let it to put it mildly. Outside is nature and the hints all around us of God. Outside. I never looked up that word. To me it could mean to go outside as in also outside our selves? Outside to think of things not of this world? Outside to wonder and give thanksgiving to The Maker of it all? Being outside in the quiet is a real respite for our minds and souls. I know it is the opposite of inside. In some ways inside is all about us unless it is to have the Holy Spirit inside us and such. I am just rambling. Being outside just a few minutes ago left me very reflective and grateful for His creation. My mind is all over the place. :)
Sorry I got so off subject but as I said this time of year I do get to thinking inwardly... ! :-) Sarah

Angela said...

Goodness girl- painting, yardwork, housework, and company! Doesn't sound like much resting to me! Haha!

Lana said...

I just thought of something about the problem with your cursor. Try cleaning the roller ball on your mouse. I used to have that problem before I got my laptop and used a mouse.

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