The Prayer Warrior

Penny Ann Poundwise Throwback post

September 2006
Final Thoughts

I met Joanne a couple of months ago when she first visited our church. She had a pleasant face and a ready smile. A few weeks ago, I began a project at church and she volunteered to partner with
me. Little did I know what a powerful witness she would be to me.

As we worked on the project and prayed over it, I became aware that she had a strong prayer life, far stronger than my own. I could feel the very deep relationship she had developed with God thru
prayer and I was grateful she had chosen to partner with me on the project.

Two weeks ago, it was announced that Joanne had a severe health problem and had been hospitalized. Yet even ill, her faith stood strong and in record time she was out of the hospital and back at church.

When I spoke to her she told me of the restrictions placed on her by the doctor. They were many and she laughingly stated "but I asked him, 'Does this mean I can't go to church?' and he said it would be
all right." She went on to relate that the doctor began to question her about her recovery and she told him that she'd prayed for her health. He then asked her about her church and about her God. Joanne
told me the replies she made, eloquent in their simplicity. "Do you think it would be all right for you to pray to your God for me?" the doctor asked.  Joanne told him she would pray for him daily. 

What makes Joanne's story so powerful is that her doctor is Muslim, yet her faith and love for God moved this man to ask for prayer. In moments after the doctor left the room, his nurse came in and also began to ask questions and ultimately also asked to be prayed for. 

I learned from another church member the extent of Joanne's illnesses and how limited she is in her abilities. Not once has she ever mentioned them to me. She has faithfully come to church between
hospitalizations and never utters a complaint. When I asked her how she remained strong, she told me simply "I have a God who heals.  He's taking care of me." I see why her spirit and her testimony
might move a man who embraced another faith to ask for prayer.

I hope I will be as strong a witness for Christ as Joanne.



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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What a fantastic blog post.. I too, pray I can be as strong a witness and prayer warrior as Joanne.
Thank you for sharing this older blog post. SO very encouraging.

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