Sneak Peek

 After weeks of slowly moving things out of the rooms, we were down to the big pieces of furniture.  John and I had a very busy day on Sunday and I worked him in between our obligations to move the last of all we could move that day.  The house fairly echoed with the lack of furnishings.

We were up early last Monday morning and I barely had time to get breakfast cleared off the table before the workers arrived.  I kid you not, within an hour the four guys had the big pieces of furniture moved and the floors looked like this:

And by lunchtime the floor in the entry was laid.  Oh it was pretty!
Formerly this area was just a little 2 foot x 2 foot space. There was carpet against the wall there.  I think it looks so much nicer and so much more intentional.  The space didn't allow the planks to be laid in a way that looked like a wood floor without a lot of waste.  I liked the way they worked this space.

After lunch, the guys returned (45 minutes was all the break they took), and began laying carpet and spreading glue on the kitchen floor.  Honestly the aroma was not that bad.  I'd sort of dreaded that part of the job thinking the house would smell just awful.  It didn't.  By 3pm this is how the kitchen looked:

The crew came together and set all the furniture in place in the bedroom. These guys encouraged me to rearrange to my heart's content.  I tried to be decisive and didn't take advantage of their labor too much.  By 4pm, I had the bedroom together enough to take a photo of it:

The guys put quarter round down in the kitchen while I was making up the bedroom.  They worked so efficiently!  By 4:30pm they had tools neatly stacked on the porches, appliances back in place and were packed up ready to go home.  John and I were left to gaze at the gorgeous floors...

And looked forward to the great room's transformation the next day.


Kathy said…
Wow, it looks beautiful! I love the flooring!
It really looks wonderful. I'm so happy for you. Hopefully someday my husband and I will be able to replace the carpeting in our home (every room is carpeted unfortunately, even the kitchen and bath, which is really hard to deal with since with have young children).
Melonie said…
Lovely! You must be so very pleased - it looks awesome. Congratulations! :D
joinoz said…
Absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful result. Enjoy. Cheers.
Lana said…
It looks great! I bet you felt like you were on vacation when you went to bed that night!

I was surprised by how little odor we had, too.
Sparkiedoll said…
I think we are all inclined to forget how big and important an area our floors are. I've put up with floors that haven't functioned properly or I've disliked for years. I'm hoping to move house soon and the first thing I shall tackle is any flooring issues. I want floors that look as lovely as yours! Although I am in my heart deeply grateful to have a floor and roof at all. But what a transformation, lovely to see pictures. Rose (UK) x
Anonymous said…
Very nice. I love the white chair to! Very pretty. Does your carpeting have flecks in it? Looks like it from the picture. Fun to see pictures. I am sure your kitchen will be much easier to keep clean. Gramma D
Sharon Schulze said…
Beautiful! It looks so fresh and lovely.
Debby in KS said…
It looks wonderful! Enjoy!
Terri, so very beautiful.. Love, love the kitchen flooring. You and John did a fantastic job picking out the new flooring.
The white kitchen cabinets, look so pretty on the flooring.. know you two are enjoying it so much.. So happy for you..
Angela said…
Just beautiful! I am so happy for you!
Karla Neese said…
It's beautiful! I love the colors you chose so much!! I can't wait to do this in our home but we are waiting for our dogs to pass away first before we spend the money. We know we won't be replacing the pets so there is no point in doing it now.

I'm so happy for you!! I know it must really be worth the sacrificing, budgeting and moving.

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