More Shoe Box Meal Ideas

As I worked in my pantry this week.  I arranged my few shoe box meals a fresh and added ingredients to one or two.  I've not really worked with this the way I'd planned.  For one thing I haven't purchased all the ingredients I need for the few I'd put together.  I'll do that shopping and set them up proper.

Naturally as I worked I thought up new boxes and would like to share those ideas with you all, as well.

I'd thought about breakfast boxes: dry individual boxes of cereal perhaps and envelopes of dry milk and a bit of canned fruit such as blueberries or plums in light syrup for one idea.  And why not a box with a packet of pancake mix and a can of spam?  Oatmeal packets and muffin mix in another, and perhaps biscuit mix in another box with Vienna sausages or something like that.   This is another idea I need to work out more fully and really I must make an appointment with myself to go to the stores and scout around as to what I might purchase.  I needn't purchase it all at once but to have an idea would allow me to build my list and purchase a bit along.

Other ideas that came to me: Baked Beans and Brown Bread and Potato Salad.  Brown bread used to come in cans as did date roll.  I hope I can find that.

Summer sausage with Canned Potato Salad and perhaps Beans.

I used to have a rather nice recipe called Spoonbread Supper.  It began with chopped ham (canned will do obviously) and a box of cornbread mix with a bit of green onion (chives would do as well) that was baked and topped with diluted cream of mushroom soup.  It was quite good as a meal.  Here again, it's a matter of adding in sides such as peas and carrots and perhaps a fruit or gelatin or pudding as a dessert.

Macaroni and cheese with a can of tuna and green peas to make a casserole.  A packet of bread crumbs or potato chips to top this dish would be nice.  Again, you'd want to work out your sides.

I'd completely forgotten those microwaveable shelf stable meals.  I admit I've only ever had the one with roast beef and gravy and mashed potatoes.  It was okay.  I'd perhaps like to try another brand.  You can add green beans to this and it will do rather well.

What about a jambalaya mix with a can of tomatoes and okra, canned chicken or shrimp, some minute rice, a bit of dried onion and peppers.

I was just thinking of so many other canned entrée items I'd forgotten: beef stew or chicken and dumplings. 

Those jars of Tamales used to taste very good.    You could do a Mexican dinner with a packet of Spanish or Yellow rice and a can of refried beans to go with the tamales.

As you can see the ideas abound.  I'll be the first to confess I'm not overly fond of many of the canned pre-made entrees but they are all reliable and easy to make if you're ill or if someone unaccustomed to making meals must cook.  Because I'm not fond of them I wouldn't make the mistake of overstocking but a single can will do no harm on that score. I'd like to do a trial run at least once a week with the boxes I've set up, so I can work out kinks.  That would allow me to note which were successful and which were so so and which I'd just rather not do at all.  Making them will let me know quickly enough which are tolerable!  

Have you come up with any new ideas for shoe box meals since the first post back in April?  Please share your ideas in the comments section.


Kathy said...

I love your ideas! While I may not have enough room to designate a meal to a shoebox, I can surely add a few of these ideas to my pantry. Thank you!

I remember making a linguine with clams that used mostly pantry ingredients, linguine, a couple cans of clams, spices and garlic.
My son has gotten into making sushi, so I think I will keep some of those nori seaweed sheets, flavored tunas and rice, so he can make his own sushi.
I used to make a cold pasta salad that used rotini, canned shrimp and crab, and thousand island dressing.

Debby in KS said...

I volunteer to hand out lunches to kids that need them. We receive the bags pre-packaged, but there's a little window. Here's what I've seen in that little window....Spaghetti O's, cheese, crackers, cheese dip, applesauce, dried fruit, trail mix, mac & cheese, hummus, milk, beanie weenies, peanut butter, nuts, fruit cups, & bean dip. Not all in one day, but in the course of the week. It's all shelf stable. I don't know if any of that will spark an idea, but I thought it might.

That's still on my to-do list. We've had a real heat wave here and I haven't been getting a lot done. I'm pretty much roasted by 11am!

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