Summer Eating: Chilled Soups

How do you feel about chilled soups?

This weekend as I was reading through a cookbook I discovered about 8 soups that were meant to be served cold.   Frankly, I'd forgotten all about the concept of chilled soups until I saw the first recipe and then I recalled that a friend used to bring a Blueberry Soup to synagogue on the days we had meals after service.  It was lovely really, but I must say here that John would have none of it.  In his mind, soups are hot and if done to his taste they are thick and heavy like a stew.  So it's not likely something I'd have when he's home but I might consider trying one or three for just myself some of these days that he's working.

I was familiar with Vichyssoise which is a cold potato and leek soup.  The name may be French but the recipe was invented here in the U.S.

And Gazpacho which is a Spanish favorite.

I'd even heard of Cucumber Soup

I like cucumbers but they don't much care for me.  The cookbook I was perusing had all sorts of cold soups including some with cooked dried beans added in or pasta.  I thought it was all very interesting and confess it was an idea I'd not entertained for a summer meal until the moment I scanned through the ingredients in the first recipe.

But seriously, how well would a chilled soup come across at your home?

The Blueberry soup my friend made had a yogurt base and John claimed it as just a smoothie in a bowl, lol.  It was fresh tasting and light and delicious in my opinion.

If you'll click on the links you'll find a recipe.  Not one of them have I tried, so I can't claim they are the best or even good,  but I thought you'd at least like to get an idea of how they are made.  All of them, except the Vichyssoise, are low in calories and high in fiber.  There were several Gazpacho recipes which included canned beans but this is not a classic Gazpacho.

Nearly all the recipes in my personal cookbook included a salad and a hot bread to go with the soups.  Personally I think a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon would be excellent with the cucumber soup.  And  the cookbook suggests corn muffins and a fresh citrus and lettuce salad with the Gazpacho.  I think Chicken salad would be nice with the Blueberry soup.  I have no idea what to suggest serving with the Vichyssoise.

Anyway, there's another suggestion for possible summer menus that should help keep us cool.


Amy said...

No, no, no - cold soups wouldn't work in my house. My husband doesn't even like hot soups very well.

I missed your announcement about when your Jamberry party was. I just read about it afterwards. Did you only post it on Facebook? I'd really like to check these out during your next online party.

Debby in KS said...

Yeah, cold soups wouldn't go over here, either. I laughed at John's comment about a smoothie in a bowl. I think my husband would see it the same way. And I have a serious soup aversion in summertime. I always start our cold weather seasons with a crockpot of chili.

We were both hungry last night and I didn't plan dinner. I was thrilled to find a small 2 serving bowl of Sloppy Joe meat in the freezer. A loaf of wheat bread had finished in the bread maker so we sliced some of that and put the SJ mix on top. It was really good!

Louise said...

Yeah cold soup wouldn't work for me either... I've never had one, mind you.. so maybe I'm missing something good.. Have you ever had dill pickle soup?? One restaurant here serves it but I am afraid to try it. LOL

Lana said...

No cold soups for us! I think that part of what makes a meal a summer one is what you serve with it rather than it all being cold. Tonight we had chicken and dumplings with a plate of sliced tomatoes and a glass of chilled White Zinfandel wine. It was delicious!

Terri Cheney said...

Amy, I did announce it on the blog but it was within a post. I'll be having another come mid-Fall and I'll set the announcement as a separate post.

All, no, I'm afraid the cold soup thing wouldn't fly here at all either, but it was an idea. And the blueberry soup was really good, but yes, John's point is well taken that it's really a smoothie in a bowl. I don't like cold potatoes so I can't imagine eating cold potato soup. So go on that lot of recipes, lol.

Lana I agree that what you serve things with makes a difference. I like a mix of warm/hot and cold if I'm going to eat in that manner. However, if I had NO AC I'm not real sure but what I mightn't appreciate an all cold meal.

Karla Neese said...

Same here - my husband probably wouldn't eat it. I do love a good Gazpacho. I may make a small batch this weekend for next week's lunches. Although, I'm more than willing to eat hot soup, which I seem to be obsessed with this summer for some really odd reason. I made myself a batch of broccoli cheese soup on Sunday for this week's lunches. I'm the only one who will eat it and that's just fine with me.

Kathy said...

I don't think I have ever had a cold soup. It wouldn't go over too well with my family. I can see my kids asking where is the entree and rest of the meal. I think I would like that blueberry soup though.

Kay said...

Vichyssoise would be a bit like a liquid potato salad (the more herbal kind than sweet relish kind). I think a grilled chicken breast would go well with that.
However, cold soups would not go over here at all either. I am not much of a soup person and Farmer only likes hearty hot soups. We are more salad people here.
And the Blueberry soup, I'd rather just have the smoothie. (Which is another cold weather meal I have many times in the worst of a heatwave.)

Tammy said...

I have made gazpacho, but only for me and Bradley. Greg does not eat fresh tomato-anything. The soup was delicious and I think we had grilled cheese sandwiches with it if I remember correctly.
I think I'll Google for a recipe for the blueberry soup. Bradley would love that - blueberries are his favorite.

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