This Week In My Home: A Temporary Normal

This week in my home...

...We return to a temporary form of normal.  John started back to work today and to my knowledge will work every day he's meant to of June and possibly an extra day or two that are half shifts.   This will end this particular work schedule.  Since we don't know just how things will go come July 1,  I am tackling the house and then going to start to work on something,  though I'm not really sure just what at present.  Perhaps I'll start to work on a half dozen somethings.  I am just anxious to get knee deep in a project.  I'm done with the excuses of 'no money to spend' and 'it's too hot', both of which are very true.  But bored is just no way at all to live and I cannot fathom going through summer bored to tears as I've been this last week with  I can't stand it!  I've got all sorts of things I'd like to work upon, some quiet, some creative, some hard labor and some routine.  Seems to me that's a pretty good mix in any day!

But first...isn't that the way we must always begin, at the very beginning?  Yes, it is.  But first, I need a plan, a focus point and a list to get me going.  I'll be working on those things this week.

I'm also sorry to say that I stepped on the scales at Katie's house this weekend.  Ack.  I've gone backwards.  I'll spend the summer getting that gain off me once more.  I remind myself that I've done this before and I can do it again.   I knew full well that the tell tale snug clothing was telling me a very true story but I just didn't want to acknowledge it.  I also know that a body has a weight set point just like our spending has a mental set point.  I'm creeping hard upwards to an old set point and I refuse to go there.  I'm going to make my former lower weight my NEW set point and that's my target for now.

I laughingly noted this week that I'd been researching cooler summer recipes and so far it looked as though I'd live on pasta salads.  Well, no, I won't!  Nor cool refreshing desserts either unless they are 2 bite portions or sugar free Jello, which is refreshing and cool and doable on a reduced eating plan.  Happy me who has a bevy of summer produce to choose from just now.  I'll re-introduce my measuring cups to my meal plans and make sure to incorporate some extra steps into my days. 

Let's start planning this week!

...I plan my meals:

I'll make up some sugar free jello and pudding and put in to individual sized containers.  This worked really well for me two years ago when I lost weight and is a good place to start now.  I'll also set up some smoothie jars with carefully portioned fruit so that get just one serving and use my sugar free plain homemade yogurt and ice cubes to make a cool milkshake that feels like a treat and is really just a good single serving of fruit and dairy for me.

I'll also cut up carrots and celery sticks for snacking.  I'm going to follow Rhonda's example and make up a big salad basket with all sorts of vegetables and lower carb choices for salads.  This encourages me to eat the salads I know I should be eating.

Meals will look normal but will be measured into portions.  I'll be sure to adhere hard to my Iowa plate method which worked so very well for me before.  Sure wish I still had all that good information I was given at the hospital...Alas, I copied it multiple times and gave it away to others who begged to know how I'd lost weight.

BBQ chicken breast portion, Squash casserole, Green Beans, Salad, Strawberries with a single spoon of fat free whipped topping
This meal courtesy my sweet Katie who sent home leftovers of chicken and Squash casserole with us yesterday.  I love squash casserole and her recipe is lower in fat than my usual one.  I can eat  up to four cups of green beans and salad so that will fill the bulk of my plate, and no, I won't have four cups of these vegetables.  But is a comfort to know I may if I'm especially hungry.

Pan Broiled Sirloin Patty, thin brown gravy,  Brown Rice, Asparagus, Salad, Pineapple Tidbits

Tuna Salad Bowls, Tomato Soup, Crisp plain Whole grain Toast, Jello
Canned tuna, kidney beans, sliced apples,  carrots, celery and hard boiled eggs over lettuce with a vinaigrette dressing.  I'll make the soup with half water and half milk.

grocery day. John likes to eat out.  I'll suggest we order a single slice of veggie pizza and get a house salad at a favorite restaurant where the dressing is served on the side.

out with Mama, most likely broiled fish for me

Broiled Chicken, Steamed New Potatoes, Steamed fresh green beans, Tossed Salad

Broiled Turkey Italian Sausage, Zucchini, Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Green Salad, Ice Pop
The ice pops have 13 carbs each.  I find one is very satisfying.

...I plan work:

Harvest Week: Bills, groceries, errands
Groceries will be a test this week.  It's not only short week but it's the first time we've really shopped in two weeks time. 

Plan projects.  Quilting, deeper cleaning, yard work, genealogy, writing...And that's besides routine stuff.  I need a plan. 

I want to begin work in the front yard.  There are two areas with plants to be divided that I can use in the new beds, so I'll work at digging some of those up.  I need a plan for the new beds.  I'll try to draw something out to help me focus and lay a few of the extra blocks I have on hand to get me started

Fill the three pots with soil and go purchase some plants to fill them.  I've rooted a few purple petunias and will use those and some lilies I have on hand. I also have some bulbs I want to put down deeper in these pots so I can have some spring blooms next year.

Work on genealogy at least 30 minutes every single day.  I read this challenge on a blog and thought it a good way to keep my hand on family research.  I haven't done anything with this in more than a month. 

Walk for 10 minutes three times a day.  This extra 30 minutes walking is easy enough if we're out shopping but it's a lot harder to work in on a routine day, only because I can think of fourteen dozen other things I'd rather do.  Yes, I consider this work.

Write six posts for the blog.

Continue to research summer meals ideas.  Look for lower carb, lower fat options.

...I plan Leisure:

Spa day.  I haven't had a spa day in a couple of weeks.  It's time.  I also need to make out a list of things I need to purchase based on current skin care and beauty needs.  It will be a short list.  I have ECBs to spend at CVS that expire today.  So I'll make a trip over to CVS today.

Reading.  I finished two books during the holiday.  I've started two more. 

Journal.   I've let this fall by the wayside.  I find it's very relaxing because it empties my mind of the chatter and allows me to focus better on single things.

Out with Mama x 1 day


Rhonda said...

Hi Terri, it's been too long since I had time to visit your sweet blog.
Jeff and I both eating healthy, he bikes and I walk, and thankfully we are both already feeling better.
About the prepared veggies, I just started adding cucumber sticks and and really enjoying them. For regular cukes, I peel, cut out the seeds and then cut into sticks. The Burpless and baby cukes can just be cut but I've been using the regular ones as that's what I've been finding at the best price.

Lynn said...

I really enjoy your blog. Thank you. I'm just wondering how much weight you lost two years ago?. I'd like to lose 25lbs so am looking for a good way to do that. I'm sure the answer is diet and exercise right? I saw a sign at the store the other day. It said " I just want two things. To lose weight and to eat" is that asking too much????

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I am often surprised at how similar the things going on in your life are similar to mine. I particularly noticed it starting a couple of years ago when you were hospitalized during part of the same time period I was. I was was in the hospital during three of those many days you were. I was not as seriously ill as you were. I had suddenly developed atrial fibrillation and had to have cardio version to get my rhythm back to normal, it was corrected for a while, and unfortunately then went back out of rhythm. I believe part of what caused it may have been that I had, unbeknownst to me, become severely hypothyroid (under-active thyroid). The AFib is not currently causing me any uncomfortable symptoms, but I will need to take an anticoagulant for the rest of my life.

When you wrote in one of your previous posts about how the anniversary of your illness and hospitalization is a time that you stop to ponder and evaluate what is going on in your life. I had been doing the same thing this year on what looks like the same days you were. Now in today's post you were writing about weight gain after having dieted and lost weight after your illness. I, too, am now having to buckle down and get myself back on track battling my weight gain, after gaining a bunch back since losing some after my illness. It is so hard to keep my will power going. Why is it that weight piles ON so much faster than it can
be pried OFF? I am overly efficient when it comes to gaining weight, and that weight sticks on me like velcro.

Terri, you have very often been an inspiration to me as we walk along some similar paths in our lives.

Lana said...

Today my husband said he is starting to realize the brain deficiencies he has been left with and that he does not know if he will work again. This is something we all knew but he needed to know it for himself. So, all that to say to just be thankful for a job and a husband able to do that job. One never knows what tomorrow holds. I am not bitter but I find that most just do not understand how it is to be unable to work anymore at age 59. We have planned and saved well and will be fine but it was just not how we thought life would be. Today I told him that I am happy to have him home with me everyday now and I meant it.

Tammy said...

Ah, I have been on that gaining back the weight train as well! Last summer I was able to take off 30 pounds. Nine of those are back again. Oy. (Greg rode the same train, too...) Here we go again, but we can do it. I keep telling myself, "Gee, remember how good it felt when these pants that fit really well were a bit loose?" Um, yes, I do.

Lorita said...

Add me to the list of gaining back some weight. I am not happy. My doctor noted that when I went in for pre-op checkup recently as well. I am still ahead of where I was before losing but getting much to close so I must get rid of the sugar foods again and so far have not been able to say no to them. It will always be a struggle and with all the surgeries in the last 2 years I don't feel like struggling any more. I am just tired. Period. One more cataract surgery next week and then I hope there won't be any more for a l. .o. .n. .g time! Wishing much suggest with not only the weight loss but all the things on your lists.

Anne said...

I have long wanted to drop you a note and mention how much I enjoy your blog. My financial situation is such that my scrimping days are now over forever, but you are such an honest, up front person that I enjoy coming here, anyway.

So many bloggers prefer to always keep their best face forward, and that is fine, but it's so nice to read the struggles of someone with family and financial problems like the rest of us. That you wrestle with moodiness, restlessness, disappointment and sometimes depression is to feel a breath of honest fresh air over the rest of us.

Thanks so much for your sharing.

Anonymous said...

Terri, if you run out of projects you have my address. Just saying. I to have a few pounds to lose. I bought some snack pretzels, honey mustard, and gobbled way more than my share. Now to cut back and get walking a little faster instead of just strolling when we go for our walk. Hopefully, Johns new hours work out. I know from personal experience to have a husband lose his job a couple years before retirement age is no fun. That is when all the making do, doing without over many years time paid off. It is not really doing without, it is just keeping priorities straight and your eye on the goal. Gramma D

Debby in KS said...

Lana, I wanted to tell you that my good friend went thru' a similar thing as your husband. She's a doctor and had a damaging stroke at 60. She spent months in rehab just learning how to walk and write again. She had to quit practicing medicine. She said the first couple of years were impossibly frustrating and even now (6 yrs. later), she feels angry at times. She misses medicine. From watching her, I'd say it's not something you ever get used to, but you do eventually learn to live with it in a peaceful way. I wish you guys the best.

Oh, the dreaded scale rise....I feel your pain. I had to buy a new bathing suit because the one I had is riding up....that means my butt has grown. :::grooooaaaaaaannnnnn::: So, I'll be doing some food changes in my life, as well. Feel free to share any tasty recipes you find! :)

Summer has definitely arrived in KS as the temps are in the upper 80's. The humidity is already terrible and I feel like I'm hit with a hot, wet blanket as soon as I leave the house.

Compiling a summer bucket list is on my to-do list this week. I have some projects I'd like to do and some fun I'd like to have. Since we lost 2 months of income this year due to that surprise job loss, we'll be playing it cheaper than normal. We're going to try some local geocaching to combine some fun treasure hunting with a little exercise.

Julie Baker said...

Don't know why I have never thought of planting bulbs in pot for next spring. We live on a creek....well technically a "drain" which has a lot of critters especially muskrats who eat bulbs planted in ground. Thank you for sharing your great ideas.

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