This Week In My Home: Cramming in All We Can

This week in my home...
...I am weary this evening, and so I'm late in posting.  I do apologize. Inspired thinking simply isn't happening today. 

We made another flying family visit, going down to south Georgia so we could be with Josh for his birthday party.  Officially his birthday is on Monday but it was far more practical and better attended on Saturday than it might have been on Monday.  I was surprised at the changes in my boys in just two weeks time, just as I was surprised at Taylor's fast forwarding last weekend.  Josh was adorable telling guests, "Welcome to my home, guys!" I didn't expect to have a lot of his time or attention with so many guests, some of whom were his size so he had important things to do.  I did get a few snuggles and hugs and kisses towards the end of our day there.   

Tuesday Isaac will be 4 months old.  His eyes have cleared of that almost cloudy baby fuzz and are the clearest, most earnest blue you'd ever hope to see.  He had staring contests with everyone because he is a studier of people and there were plenty to study.  To Grampa he cooed and gurgled and the two napped together in the big recliner.  Then he happily snoozed on Gramma and took a break between naps to frown and stare at  Uncle Moose and then came right back to Gramma for a follow-up nap.  The big excitement of his day was getting his diaper changed at which point he kicked and gurgled and cooed and arched his back to let me know I could pick him up at any time.

But I confess it's hard to make that trek and then back in the same day and despite a good night's sleep I feel weary.  That's our third weekend of travel in three weeks time.  I'm worn down. I'm afraid we've done all we can this month to cram in the family visits and we won't likely do this again together for some time.  

My reduction plan is going along.  I won't say I've been perfect, but where I've failed I've picked right back up and gone on.  Saturday was a hard day. John wanted to stop for a take out breakfast.  I knew Bess' fridge would be packed so no taking along my supper for the ride home.  There were burgers and chips for lunch and birthday cake to follow.  I confess a mighty big weakness for frosted cake and I enjoyed my slice, but we made sure we were nearer being on track for supper albeit a take out meal.

John works tomorrow and then has 7 days off...Plans go right up in the air all over again this week.  I'm certain of (a) grass being mown, (b) a dinner out that was promised to me last week.  Everything else is on his whim.  So no big jobs for me this week.  I'm tired of having to plan not to plan these days but I figure there will be many days come next month when I will be knee deep in projects.  And then again, I may just plain be tired period and can't see the glory of having a whole week with no big plans.

...I plan work:
I won't plan work per se this week.  I may get loads of things done and I might fight hard to squeeze in the basics.  Monday I'll be home.  I'll be doubling up my routine since I got nothing done today in the bed and baths.  I'm going to try to do some kitchen prep for meals and plan out suppers and breakfasts for the week.  Those two meals I'm always assured I'll be home and I hate to be caught blind at the start or end of the day with no idea what I plan to have.

I bought two Wandering Jew and an Angelonia to add to the big barrel this week.  Oh and soil.  I think the petunias I rooted will be ready to plant this week and the ones on the window sill are starting to form tiny little roots already.   The purple petunia on the front porch really needs to be pruned back once again.  

If time allows, I'll put together another lot of outfits.  I've worn all but one of the last set.

...I plan meals:
Deli Roasted Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Steamed Potatoes, Green Salad, Rolls, Gelato

Chipotle Chicken Salad, Whole Wheat Tortilla Strips

Tuna Nicoise Salad, Crackers, Lemon Pudding (sf)

Out to dinner with John

Macaroni and Cheese, Italian Roasted Pan Vegetables, Green Salad

Chicken Verde Enchiladas, Roasted Corn on the Cob, Salad with Pico de Gallo

Spanish Chicken Soup, Mexican Corn Bread

...I plan leisure:
The whole week is bound to turn leisurely so I'm not making any big plans.  There's plenty to entertain me in quiet moments.


Lana said...

We had the most wonderful weekend at Pisgah Inn in the NC mountains for our anniversary. The view is breath taking with a porch and rockers for each room, and the food is the best along with the service. The dining room has a full wall of windows looking out on the mountains. As some said to us on Facebook, I am glad there was an anniversary to celebrate and the my husband is still here with me. If you want a special get away I highly recommend it.

We have a crazy busy week ahead. Two lunches with friends, a long dentist appt and 2 doctor visits will keep us plenty busy. Plus we will continue to work on the garage clean out a reorganization. I have meals planned and started the bread machine as soon as we got home today so we are good to get on with the week.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Tired of planning not to plan. That sounds like me when my kids come home. I have meals planned and then they decide to go out to eat. They have so many favorite local restaurants when they come home, and they all travel around together like a swarm of locust. They say that i taught them all how to cook and they would rather eat out at restaurants they don't have.. Maybe i am not that great a cook? LOL! Gramma D.

Rhonda said...

Good evening Terri,
Did Josh turn 3?
I'm hoping to have a productive and more routine week at home too. But we both know when husbands are home around the clock, they have a way of making other plans for us.

Debby in KS said...

I love my routine so when my husband is home during the week, I constantly have to tell myself to relax! Cuz I love having him home, as well. But I KNOW I'm not going to get my regular stuff done. Now, sometimes we get busy and I'll get a whole mess of extra projects done & then it's wonderful. Other times, he feels like being a sofa lump and I find myself annoyed at the sound of the tv. I'm not a daytime tv watcher. I watch about 15 min. of the news in the morning, primarily for the weather and to make sure we're not under attack. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I had no idea about 9-11 until after the buildings had fallen. While ignorance is bliss and all, I found it hugely disturbing. Anyway, then the tv is off, sometimes until the next day. I like the silence.

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