In My Home This Week: Whew!

In my home this week...

...I don't know just what this coming week will hold. I only expected half of this past week, lol.  Sam and Bess stayed the night one night in the middle of the week on their way to the northern part of the state (that was unexpected). I babysat a sick Josh while they tried to do an errand in the city that night and the next morning their first stop was Urgent care with the boy.  He did not feel well, poor baby.
Friday I was trying to order my thoughts towards the arrival of my older son and grandchildren, only to get a text message moments into my planning session  that he was going to arrive FIVE hours early!  Oh dear!  That restful easy pace I'd been thinking would be mine had to go into overdrive and several ideas of things I'd meant to do were tossed away completely.

It was a rollicking visit.  Thankfully the weather was slightly cooler, the kids happily roamed and ran and roared about outdoors and then came indoors for quieter (relatively) play.  They cleaned their plates at every meal eating every bit as much as any adult, and pretty much went top speed from morning until Gramma slyly sent them all to bed a half hour early (hey they can't read clocks yet!) and were asleep by 9pm.  It was wonderful, every bit of it.  But 9pm was almost blissful and that's no lie. 

Typical  of November, we're seeing a bit more color on the trees now.  Last week it felt rather odd to have the AC running most of the afternoon (and into the early evening hours) and to watch leaves drift from the trees at the same time.  There was definitely something wrong with that picture!  Cooler weather blew back in over the weekend, but truly it's not cool in my opinion.  It's 'about right' but it's not cool.  Cool weather to me necessitates a sweater or light jacket and allows me to be quite content to keep them on!   However, the weather man insists upon calling it 'cooler' and even 'cold' (sheesh and he's supposed to be from Nebraska or something...) and so I shall refer to it as 'cool' as well, just to differentiate between pleasant and the stinking hot we've had for what feels like endless months now.

There are now chipmunks out back...if Maddie has left any of them alive.  I think chipmunks are cute, far more so than squirrels who tend to be a bit too destructive in their ways however acrobatic and funny they might be.  I was so pleased to see my first chipmunk on the place but at least twice now I've found Maddie feasting.  I have a strong suspicion that in her mind they are just so many more baby rabbits, which she seems to consider a great delicacy.  Sigh...It is her sole indiscretion.  She typically chases birds from tree to tree, or plays tag with the bees.  She admires adult rabbits from a distance.  Any other feasting she does is the result of thievery, because Misu is the huntress in this household.  And no doubt that is how Maddie came to know there were chipmunks about. 

The blue jays still are loving the bird bath under the pecan tree.  I've been checking it for water levels every day and refilling when needed.  There's one rather persistent mocking bird who is brazen enough to chase away the jays.  And when no other birds are lurking a smaller bird shows up.  I haven't gotten a good look at him just yet, so I don't know what type of bird he is.

I have a confession to make:  I've never allowed myself to like blue jays.  Granny disliked them so you see, and told me they had the habit of pushing out other's birds eggs from a nest and leaving their own to be hatched and raised (as does the cuckoo and a few others).  And too, the Blue Jay's cry is persistently 'Thief!  Thief!' which I feel is so hypocritical given their way of foisting off their children on others.  But here in the winters the jays and the red birds are the lively bits of color in an otherwise brown and  grey landscape. And this autumn I've come to appreciate how their blue and gray and white coloring complements the tobacco gold of the pecan leaves.  I don't know that I can quite forget their nature, but I suppose they are just as God made them, and so I will do my best to appreciate the finer things about long as they don't scream 'Thief' at me too often!

...I plan my work week:

 I didn't get to a thing on my list of work for last week...So I'll just transfer it to this week's list.  Now that I'm officially slowing down for a little bit it's all copasetic.  No worries.  I expect things will get done during the month. 

It's Harvest week.  Bills, groceries, running errands and all that sort of thing.  I'm trying to plan ahead for the holidays since the next check is the short one and so Thanksgiving dinner must be pretty much purchased this week.  Lots of thinking carefully and at the same time being careful not to stock the pantry but just 'buy what we need'.  It shall be a struggle of sorts but I'll get it done!

Paint the kitchen cabinets (finish the last wall).

Get guest room cleaned up and ready for the next guests.  I don't know who or when but they're coming, I'm sure of that!

John has a long week off this week with no work days so I'll be at the mercy (and fun) of his spontaneous choices.  I'll leave the work plans where they are.

...I plan meals:

Pot Roast with Mashed potatoes, Green Peas and Salad, Gingerbread

Leftovers of roast dinner

Polska Kielbasa, Cabbage, Pierogi (or potatoes au gratin if I can't catch the sale at the store on piergoi)

deli takeout

Tamale Pie, Pineapple Salad

Cranberry Glazed Turkey Tenderloin (leftover makeover) Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Butternut Squash

Vegetable Beef Soup, Corn Muffins,  Apple and Pomegranite salad, Snickerdoodles 

...I plan my leisure:

I hope we can maybe visit Katie this week.  We haven't discussed days or anything yet.  (Katie, don't panic I hope by the time you read this we've talked.  We won't just pop in.)  I would love to get some good Winesap apples and see some fall color if we do go northward.


Lana said...

It did get cool here! We woke up Sat morning to a 62 degree house at the lake. Brrrr....

We rarely sees jays here and I put away the feeders several years ago as I was just sick of the constant mess of them. Odd how we see different birds at the lake house which is just three counties over than we do at home.

Apple season has just been off this year and I completely missed my favorite. We are getting low but won't have a chance to run up the mountain for a few weeks and maybe there won't be anything left at all.

We must get regrouped here after being away. I must get up and unpack! And plan menus and grocery lists!

Kay said...

You wrote: "However, the weather man insists upon calling it 'cooler' and even 'cold' (sheesh and he's supposed to be from Nebraska or something...) " I'm curious where in Nebraska he's from or what his name is. Maybe he left my television station to go to yours. :)

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