Weekend Reading

I had links set up for last weekend and simply never got time to post them.  Now I have a long list after two weeks of reading newsfeed and such.  So I thought it best to go ahead and give you all a nice list for this weekend.  It's varied enough I think to interest you.  Enjoy!

I love to shop for antiques even though I seldom purchase very many.   This list has the 'best' antique stores in small towns state by state (just one per state) but for goodness sake make sure you go visit those near you in your own states.  I can't name the number of times I've meant to pay a visit and found when I finally broke down and did it that the place had closed up just a month or two before.  It always pains me to think of what I missed seeing.

I was surprised at who owns some of my favorite brands...Big corporations have sure taken over a lot of companies.  Great for those small businesses that hopefully made a profit for their product but sometimes if you've noticed a change in a favored  brand a takeover might be why.

For those of you who enjoy The Royal Family, I thought this short video and article about the Queen of England was fun.

John mentioned the movie, "The Station Agent" to me one morning on our way to do errands.  We stumbled upon later that week and stayed up until midnight watching it.  That's a long way past our bedtime!  It's a good film and I thought I'd suggest you to those of you who have Netflix or get the Audience channel on cable. 

I was not at all surprised to find St. Augustine on this list of the 'best' small towns in America

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Rhonda said...

I looked up the movie and it looks good. I wrote it down so Jeff can look for it on our Roku.

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