This Week In My Home: Second Verse Same As the First

In my home this week...

...I am mostly repeating last week's plans since I was out of commission all week long and then Friday John and I took advantage of my feeling so much better to finally make a trip to the grocery and then go out to the missed but much planned for meal.  It wasn't exactly the day we'd planned originally but some things don't get repeated right away.  Ho hum.

I do feel much better and have already been hard at work this afternoon.  I'm merely sitting down to cool off at the moment. 

The house shows the neglect it received last week though I did make occasional desperate strikes at the housework and even asked John to help with a thing or two.  I'm so proud of my husband for never ever looking at me and saying "Hon...I have a job..."  or worse still, to ignore me entirely.  He happily grabs the vacuum and goes over the rugs or does a load of laundry and will even cook a meal (or four as the need arises) and cleans up behind himself to the best of his ability.  Not to my standard but he does truly try and so I thank him as well I ought and let it slide until I feel up to making any corrections that are required.

I am feeling the tug of the 'year end review' that I seem to feel annually.   That's where I sit down with pen and paper and go over last year's goals, make observations of growth or lack of it personally and spiritually, remind myself of things I'd realized would help improve my life or home as I discovered them throughout the year and finally, I look ahead to the New Year and set my course.   Why this time of year?  I think subconsciously it's because I've always felt this season was a new year of sorts as the Jewish calendar deems it.  And partly because I never seem to have time to do this sort of review with the holidays upon me...and who wants to try and do it all on New Year's Eve or Day?  

I'm going to be reining in my spending again this week.  I let things get a little out of hand towards the end of the week.  Spending too much on groceries, picking up a bunch of stuff at the hardware store that was needed but expensive and then a trip into Publix today where I gathered a number of things on sale with long reaching expiration dates.   Let's just say we'd have done better to just go to the fair

...I plan my work week:
I'm ashamed that some of these items are now THREE weeks in the planning stage and ZERO weeks in the working stage!
Finish cleaning the kitchen walls... just the area about the stove is it.
Hem  my pants.  I did all the other sewing but didn't even put those on to see how much I needed to hem.
Turns out they don't need hemming!
Mail the package to Amie.

Spruce up the door wreaths to look more autumnal.  Especially now that so many leaves have started to turn color and fall.

Continue work on the porches.

Go by Kroger and see if the Ball jars are still buy one case get one case free.  

 Gather a load of stuff to take out to the shed.

Start a restock list of supplements and vitamins, so I'll know what must be ordered.  And place the order!

Make John's requested cookies.

I have a day out with Mama on the calendar (rescheduled to this week)

Complete working on the Jamberry party I'm hosting October 23-27.  Pay attention girls who want to join in.  You can find me on Facebook or send a request here this week...   I'm planning party games and my theme is all things Fall. 

Deadhead, trim and replant the mums...all of them.  The front of the back porch is looking mighty sad and little else is looking nice beyond the fern which is thriving.  It's that in between moment when it's too hot and dry to plant anything and expect to last, too late for summer things, too early for the cooler weather plants.  Gracious I wish this weather would just go on and change into proper autumn weather!

...I plan meals:
For a change, I made every meal on my menu plan despite turning the kitchen over to John so often this week.  We had the Roasted Chicken yesterday and it was so awesome!  Makes me wonder why I hadn't made it sooner...Oh yes!  I didn't have the whole chicken required.  

Apple Cider Roasted Chicken with Potatoes, Onions, Apples and Butternut Squash.  Green Salad.  

Leftovers: Fancy Pants Burgers, Yellow Rice (freezer) and a Green Salad.

Leftovers:  Roasted Chicken Breasts, Butter Beans, Cream Corn, Tomato Salad

out with Mama

Tuna Casserole, Green Peas, Wedge Salads, Biscuits
(doubling up biscuit dough.  John's asked for cinnamon rolls this week and I thought a few biscuits for the freezer would be nice).

Steak, Armenian Potato, Green Beans

on my own...

...I plan my leisure:
I want very much to finish reading the archived posts from the Emilie Loring Biography page that I linked to last week in the Iced Tea Chat.  I made a good try.  Not complaining that I have a few more posts to read!

I keep putting this on my list: genealogy.  Add in the paperwork I'd printed out, look for gaps, maybe pull in a new line to start working on.  I'm longing to 'get lost' down some rabbit trail or other.

A day out with Mama.  She has plans that she hopes to attend to.  I'm not planning to do anything but follow along and help her.


Lana said...

It seems so much the same here but we are getting things done slowly. After 6 weeks of chugging along on it we have the deck staining done. We have to put everything back and get all the flower pots attended to since we are to have a freeze next week and we will be gone to the lake. About half get overwintered in the garage and the rest get emptied and stored for next year. I want to plant some violas in pots but the stupid squirrels think I am planting a salad bar for them and will just sit out there and dine on the flowers. We have to just regroup and get on with life after the departure of our daughter's family for the mission field. It is our new normal. Thankfully our best friends have come home from Uganda so they will carry us along.

We have done a lot of grocery stocking up here but I had not spent all the budget for several months and had a huge surplus built up. It has served us well since deals such as butter for 1.98 came along this month. I have over 5000 Plenti points which means over $50 I can use at the grocery store and I think I will save it for holiday meat purchases.

Becky Gepford said...

Ok, Lana. Now, I have "butter envy" LOL! I had to break down and buy some for $2.75 (at Costco) and $3/lb at the regular store--ON SALE!

Terri, I'm glad you are feeling better this week. You really got hit hard with that virus. Hopefully, it's gone for good!!

Debbie said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. Please do make sure to take things slowly as you regain your stamina.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are still feeling good and enjoying the fall. Our temperatures are to be 100 next week..hope yours won't be. One of the hardest things for me now is to stop and not over do when I am working. I usually push myself to get the job all done or work till time runs out or... Then later or the next day I am hurting too much.
I saw a quote the other day..."I knew I would get old but I didn't know it would be this fast." I think all of us can identify with that one.
I see young people over doing and pushing their bodies and carrying way over what they should. I try to warn them to not hurt their bodies but they think they can't. They say they work out and have muscles etc. Well we all did but you can still over do and hurt those big muscles!! :) I can remember doing things that I could barely do and kept doing it. Then I would stubbornly do a similar thing and soon places in my body I hurt started being painful a lot and still do. I was strong and quick and toned then too. But since I didn't have help to do the chores I over did it alone and shouldn't have. We think we are immortal when we are young. And so full of energy!!! :-) Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri! Just taking a quiet moment with my coffee in hand to catch up on your lovely blog! So sorry to hear that the virus reared its ugly head again...and at such an inconvenient fun at all. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed learning about the Emilie Loring blog! Like you, I read her books when I was young (also Barbara Cartland haha) but had forgotten all about them! It's such a pleasure to revisit them and I wanted to thank you for bringing them up! You seem to have a knack for that! A while ago you mentioned Grace Livingston Hill and I found her books in audio format on the FREE Librovox audiobooks site (which I've mentioned before). I do appreciate Librovox very much...especially compared to Audible at $13.95 for each book (or $23 per month for membership...which buys three credits/ books). But I digress! My point is...I truly enjoy your book recommendations...please keep 'me coming haha!
I'm off now to read a bit more of your cozy blog and then start my day!
P.S. I love Loring's attitude about the idea of aging being a 'germ'...I do believe she was onto something as the mind is a very powerful thing! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way always

Anonymous said...

Oops 😊 I meant to write "please keep 'em coming" but forgot to proofread until after pressing send...haha.

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