Sunday, July 31, 2016

Frugal Boot Camp: Heloise's Housekeeping Hints

Available at Amazon from $.94 to $2.97.   This book  published in 1962 and is one I long ago 'borrowed' from Mama's bookshelf when I was first married.  To my knowledge she has never missed the book, but it has been well thumbed in my home.  It is one of the books I routinely skim looking for the next hint I might put into use in my home.

While the previously reviewed book focused entirely upon the kitchen, this book covers the household.  I paid particular attention to the chapter on the kitchen in this book, as I find her hints for saving labor and money almost always are quite good ones and it is the kitchen where I feel I can generate more than average savings.

The real focus of this book is a savings of time and labor although there are hints for saving money as well.  The chapter on treating stains and the one on laundry seem to be the greater focus for labor savings in this book, following the kitchen.  Had I not acquired the book from Mama I likely would not purchase this one, simply because the Kitchen Hints is so much more focused on the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Memories! Had this book and faithfully read her newspaper column. I guess this is how young homemakers without the internet. Gramma D

Anonymous said...

Yes my mother and her friends and sisters read her column too and she seemed like an old friend hearing her name mentioned so often. :) I think I used to have a paper back of this book. Sarah

Sparkiedoll said...

Oh, I'm loving the books you share, I'm a big reader. I picked up a copy of 'Eating for Victory' for 50p from a charity shop at the weekend. It's much like the WW11 rationing recipes in the 1940's experiment blog you mentioned. I'd never heard of 'Heloise' but typed her into Google and immediately found a tip that will save me some money. It is to cut the hem off a fabric shower curtain with pinking shears so that water runs freely off. The bottom hemmed edge always gets mildew in the seam and I can never get clean so end up throwing away an otherwise good shower curtain. So simple but it had never occurred to me. Thank you so much Terri/Heloise. Rose x