Weekend Reading

I've been saving up some posts over the last few weeks that I thought you all might enjoy as much as I have.  We'll start with the two freshest and work our way down the list I'd saved.

Dee wrote this week about the Housedress...I really enjoyed this post and was inspired to order four dresses for myself as 'at home' wear.

MSN had this slideshow over the weekend.  I loved looking at it and since we're going retro here anyway with housedresses, why not see what travel was like in yesteryear?

I stumbled upon this article about these 'crystal caves'.  Having visited Ruby Falls and seen some of these caves in nature series I am familiar with the idea, but these are truly spectacular.

Coloring being very popular for adults just now, I've got this on my wish list.

I thought the renovation on this home was intriguing, since they made it as it was when built in 1960.  The whole site is a fun one to read through.

I recall my first reading of the scripture referred to in this post and it struck me hard.  Loved this post!

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Lana said...

Just last week hubby and I were talking about our mother's house dresses. I wore only dresses for years but they are hard to find with sleeves for the summer. I have drifted back to pants for that reason.

I loved the 1960 brick ranch!

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