Weekend Reading

The first three items here this week are some of the articles I read for 'Frugal Boot Camp'.  I thought you might like to see the sorts of things I read on Pinterest to gather my ideas.




This is a lovely magazine to take time to flip through albeit online. 

This blog was just plain interesting.  I've tagged this one so I might go back and read it in from start to finish:

Jenny has a way with needles and thread and a way with words when it comes to things of the spirit.  Having just come out of a long waiting period, I was especially touched reading this post:

John and I are fans of TMC.  They've been playing Westerns all month long.  We watched a biographical movie about Custer.  I had a feeling, based on what I've learned from modern history books that the story was slightly skewed.  I went to look up his wife Jenny Custer and I think the movie was based on excerpts from her books.  Interesting little history lesson:

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Anonymous said...

I may have already given you the name of this blog but they too are living like the past. Not like a play but every day. Simplicity of those days. They started out living as much like 1943 as possible..ration points and all but now are just living like those times in slowing down and living sustainably etc. I really, really enjoy this blog. it is : gdonna.com 1940's simplicity. She does not have comments but you can e-mail her.
They just finished an outside clothes washing room and bath house. She has lots of past articles too just click on the top or bottom of the blog..or side! Sarah

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