Weekend Reading

I loved this set of photos of  France.  Running Errands is a lovely photographic record of yesteryear.

I don't know why this appealed to me, but it did.  St. Josemaria's Signs of Humility .

I don't do all of these, but 1, 2, 4, and 8 truly are the basis of the beginning of my days.  I find that I am a more productive person altogether.  Read this list from MoneySavingMom.

This looks like an interesting Bible study.  I haven't looked into it thoroughly, but it just seems like something I'd like to do now that I've read through the New Testament chronologically this year.

I like reading these sorts of list.  I think this one had more items we'd actually eat on it than many do.  Of course, there are many lists out there and most all of the bloggers who are interested in stock piling will tell you repeatedly, stock pile what your family eats...It's a great money saver and a great way to go about it.

Sarah shared this site in a recent comment and I thought you all might like to read there as well.  I began at the very beginning of the blog posts.

One of you shared this site where in the blogger cooked from How To Cook A Wolf.  She begins with the recipe for Sludge which is the soup recommended to fill the empty places enough.  I thought those of you who had not read the comments might be interested to read it through.  The posts are not done consistently from one day to the next, so be sure to scroll through them until you see those titled as being from this book.

I loved Debbie's post on Five Minute Fixes.  It goes right in line with that quote from The Complete Book of Home Management I used last week "Minutes are time and time is life."



Deanna said...

Love those French photos!

Iris Dondlinger said...

I just finished that Bible study it was very good.

Karla Neese said...

What a nice list of treasures! Thanks for sharing.

Like Iris, I just finished that Bible study too. I have bough the app for my phone so I automatically get the daily readings every day. The current study is Mourning into Dancing.

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