In My Home This Week: The Sweet Season Continues...

In my home this week: 

...I keep hearing the song "The party's over now..." in my brain this morning.  Well, this party may be over but seasons generally go on a smidge longer.  I'm just assuming there's more to it and I'm getting a breathing space between rounds.  That's just fine by me, because I need that breathing space.  If you've read my July goals list you'll know I've plenty to keep me busy this month.  In addition we've got three social events already on the calendar for July.  John has a ten day stretch off at the end of the month...Yes, I expect this season isn't over but simply giving us a lull and that's quite all right.  I could use a lull along about now to catch up on some of the many things I'm behind on.

So yes, my family has moved on into their new home, 'roughing it' as they say until their furniture arrives on Wednesday.  They have a blow up mattress, a pack and play and I suppose they will purchase a couple of outdoor chairs to use indoors until the furnishings arrive...I would. 

In other news, my next youngest granddaughter celebrated her second birthday with her family.  The youngest one took her first steps this week, ignoring the hand reached out to assist her.  My eldest son is in Hawaii, such a hard duty that one has for his sea duty.  Mama is slowly moving things into her new abode, a mother in law suite that my brother built into his home especially for her.  It seems, as one of John's songs goes, "Everybody's moving....", if not in fact, then in theory.  And peach season began...Well, cling free peach season began and I'm enjoying it!  Yum!

Moving in my house this week will take the form of getting busy cleaning all those neglected areas and shifting things about, in and out.  I had a call from the flea market just before the weekend and was asked if I'd like to resign my space.  I made nothing again this past month and it's obvious to the owner as well as to myself that this venture of mine is at a clear end.  I've given my verbal notice and allotted myself plenty of time to move things out a bit at a time.  I'll go in this week and start the process.   Today...well I'm under strict orders from John to not work myself "into a heap but to leave a few things for the rest of the week".  Obviously he's not seen my list of July goals, ha.

And regardless of how easy I might take it, there are still plans to be made for the week ahead, right?

...I plan meals:
Two days this week, I'm all on my own.  There are no leftovers to be had, but I'll manage something.  I suspect on a third day we'll pick up takeout since we'll be out doing grocery shopping.  It's meant to be very hot this week and miserably so at that.  I'm planning 'cooler' meals with no oven involved.  Oh!  Samuel and Bess gifted me a new Crock Pot, the exact model I had before, so I shall not have to adjust to it.  Lovely! 

Tuna Pasta salad, Crackers, Fresh Peaches

Spanish Chicken and Rice, Green Salad, Banana Cream Pie (sugar free)

Ground Sirloin  Steaks, Mashed Potatoes, Lettuce and Tomato Salad, Rolls

Chicken Salads in Lettuce Cups, Potato Sticks, Whole Grain Crackers, Peaches with Whipped Cream

...I work in (and out) of my home:

We got paid last week on Friday and all the bills are paid.  Just need to do my grocery shopping this week. 

Clean showers, both of them.

Mop floors.  For real this week.

Clear the first shelf at the booth and haul that stuff home.

Deep clean the guest room.

Shift a few things around indoors if I have time and energy.

Get the little freezer cleared.

Shift the pantry stuff and move the freezer and the shelf so that  it's easier to move the freezer out.

Write, write, write whatever blog posts I can while I can.  I've missed writing!

Start my next book for Frugal Boot Camp. I've started three!

Work on my 3rd Quarter Budget Sheet.

Go over my clothing and figure out what outfits I can manage from what I have and make out a list of what is needed.

...I take my leisure:

I haven't had a lunch date with Mama in over a month.  I'm going to look hard at my calendar and schedule a date with her.

Read, leisurely sort of reading, not blog or business or health reading.  Fun reading.

Another spa morning.  I really enjoyed the last one and I am going to try and make this a new habit.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Good plans... Hope you have a great week, and you and John enjoy a happy july 4th..

Anonymous said...

Have you ever figured out why you can feel like you have all the clothes you need at the start of a season and a month later look in the closet and moan"there's not a thing in here to wear?"LOL!Gramma D

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