New Blue House Journal Recipe Blog

This little recipe blog has been hanging about in the blogsphere for a good many years now, neglected and dusty and with a whole 11 followers.  I'm slowly getting it up and running and over time I'll even organize it a bit better but for now, here it is, debuting as a companion to this blog.

I'll continue to add recipes as I have time to work on older posts from here and the old Penny Ann Poundwise blog.  I hope you all enjoy this added resource.


Anonymous said…
Is this the old Penny Recipes site? I clicked on my list and it was gone and I wondered. I am so glad to have some of your recipes down in one place!! Thank you! I liked to go to the old site but had a hard time finding what I was looking for. I knew it was there but what page did I see on ? :-) I don't know a thing about blog design and placement of things on one at all. Zero. Sounds hard to get it all set up how you want it. Let alone keep it going! I say another thank you for figuring it all out!!!!!!! lol Sarah
Lana said…
Yay! I have it bookmarked!
Debbie said…
I just added this to my reading list! Thank you!
Kathy said…
I have bookmarked your recipe blog. I see several recipes that I want to try. The mongolian beef sounds good. I have made the enchilada sauce, and we really like it. I made the lava cakes from the tried and true recipes, and my family loved them! Thanks!
It may be because I am using chrome, but I don't see the link for the paprika chicken so I'll check again using ie.

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