In My Home This Week: I Got Sunshine....

In my home this week:

...It is mid-July as I write this and we are well started on the second half of this year.  Does that stun you as it does me?  I vaguely recalled the first weekend of July I let the idea that the year was half finished sort of slide through my mind.  I suppose the truth is that I've just been so busy that it only barely registered at the time.  Now that I've taken a short breather, I realized that here we are.    I haven't taken time to review my goals for the year nor to see how far I've gotten in achieving them.  Indeed, I'm not even sure I've been working on my goals at all!  But I am sure that I've been productive thus far. **I went and looked them over and I've done very well indeed.  Whew...there's always the thought that I might have gotten lost along the way and sidetracked myself.

Frugal Boot Camp continues.  I'm currently reading two more books from my shelf.  I am enjoying this reading as it does focus me on what I want to accomplish and that's what I needed.  Sometimes I lose sight of the biggest part of the picture.  It's not merely to make the ends meet but to live well while I'm doing my very best to improve our lives.  Since most of the books I've been reading date from 1930's to 1960's, I've been immersing myself in a culture and time that believed in the business acumen and absolute creative genius that was required to be a homemaker, something that is sadly lacking horribly in today's mindset about women in the home.  Of course, I'm blessed to have so many people in my realm of acquaintance who are homemakers in the truest sense.    Working women who work outside the home and in it both, women who are solely employed in the art of homemaking are absolutely needed in this world and frankly, I believe they are more needed than ever.

We are the fortress builders, the restorers and the sustainers.  We have a duty to our family, to our husbands, to our neighbors to be those very things.  Let no one mistake our calling or the vital importance of our place in this world at this time.

Now let's us move forward into the week:

...I plan meals:

I had a whole menu planned for Saturday.  Katie and her husband were to come get the little freezer.  Then Matt got  a hard case of flu.  Poor dear was still in bed on Friday despite a doctor visit and medications and worrying Katie no end, as well she might be.  He's no slacker that husband of hers and he'll fight through most ailments in double time, but this flu has kicked him hard.  He's the overcomer sort which I admire greatly in anyone.  

Well fortunately for myself, I was just heading to the grocery when she texted to let me know that she was too concerned to leave him alone for even a few hours.  There was no need of the special purchases I was going to make, which was a special menu meant just for them.  I got busy mentally going over my supplies and making substitutions.  In the end, I came out of the grocery with breads, eggs and prescriptions. 

Turkey Tenderloin, Warm potato salad, fresh sliced tomatoes, Three Bean Salad, Croissants, and Cherry Cobbler
Yes it is a big meal but we ate small portions and this is our Sabbath dinner which I like to be a bigger and nicer meal than we'd have rest of week. 

Hot Dogs, leftover potato salad, Coleslaw
Just revamped the menu from last week that we didn't use...

Leftover Turkey Tenderloin, Squash and Onions, Sliced Tomatoes

On my own

Steak Fajitas, Corn on the cob, Green Salad with Pico de gallo

Grocery Day

Leftovers Day

...I plan my week of work:

I've been so busy in my home that I'm not even sure anymore what needs to be done and what's extra and what's important and I mean that.  I rushed about Friday morning dusting because I'd noticed the build up.  I suspect I should clean the ceiling fans, I've not yet cleaned either of the showers, though the baths are being cleaned otherwise, sigh...we won't mention that third quarter budget sheet I've put off doing either.  All of those tasks will be on the docket for this week.  Then I mean to take a day and just go through my home and do a routine cleaning and take pictures as I meant to do two months ago and review them so that I can 'see' what I can't see just looking at it in person.

Bills, grocery shopping, errands.

Take another batch of donations off.  That will likely be the end of it for a bit.

Start clearing files of excess paper work. 

Work on sorting record albums.

Start deep cleaning the kitchen.  This will involve wiping down the insides of cabinets, removing excess stuff, bleaching the white counter tops to whiten them once more, wiping down walls, etc.  I also want to find ways to clear countertops.  There's too much visual clutter and while I like all that I have it's still too much.  It makes the kitchen read as though it's messy when it's not really messy at all. I may or may not get it all done but it's high time I got started on it.  It can't all wait until fall!

Finish the new ottoman cover.

Continue Frugal Boot Camp.

Repot my huge snake plant/mother in law's tongue that has overfilled the big pot it's in.  I'm taking most of  the thing to Bess, who loves succulents but will keep a small pot for myself.  I also mean to pot up half the basil and one of the rosemary plants.  Those will all be my housewarming gifts to the kids and I think I will buy pretty pots or paint some of my clay pots to put them in.

Mail off Daniel's birthday card.DONE!

...I plan my leisure:

I am really enjoying all the extra reading I've been doing of late.  I'm now well into the second book in the series by D. E. Stevenson, Miss Buncle Married, but I've also been reading Susan Loomis' book, On Rue Tatin.

Another leisure time pursuit of late is scrolling through the French files.  These are a series of files written by women who are pursuing the easy elegance and composed airs of the iconic French woman.  What I'm looking for is not only tips on how to be my best self beauty wise but how to be so composed and unruffled that I influence calm and collectedness in others.

Run down genealogy rabbit trails.

Take time on my only alone day this week to have a spa hour.  I always find this so refreshing and relaxing that it's worth putting it in my leisure section.

And that should pretty much fill the week ahead.  What do you have planned?


Lana said...

I am sorry for you that Katie could not come. It is always disappointing to have children have to cancel. I hope health is soon restored and the rest of the family stays well.

We are full speed ahead to get the renovations finished here so that we can jump right into the new house renovations as soon as we close. We picked up flooring samples this afternoon at Lowe's and will go back and place the order tomorrow night. Carpet has a free installation special and the hardwood has a special installation price right now. Money saved and it will come back to us when we sell. We were talking about packing things up to move them out of the way for the installation and then realized that we will not unpack them. Oh wow!

It was our goal to move this year and I never thought it would really happen. God is so good! Our lives will be so much easier without all the stairs here.

I shopped at Aldi yesterday with the thought of getting basic food supplies to last two weeks. When produce starts to run low I will go to the local produce stand where they grow their own. I bake all our bread in my bread machine so we are always good on bread as long as I load the machine. Over all I am trying to eat down the food supplies since there is much less pantry space at the new house.

Deanna said...

French files? Oh, please do share!

Julie Baker said...

I can't begin to tell what an inspiration you are to my daily round. I enjoy your blog immensely and thank you for it. -Julie Baker

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Lana, congrats on the sale of your house, and best wishes on the move..[We just went through all that, It is a roller coaster ride for]. We are still working on the new [old house]. It is much smaller and we are having to declutter a lot .

You have really accomplished a lot .. and have a full schedule for this week.. Best wishes. I too have a big week ahead.. Lots to get done.
Enjoy your blog post.

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