Questions, Answers and Comments, Oh My!

  I've had a wonderful time in June, but it's meant fewer posts than usual.  However, you've all been good to comment.  Most were congratulations on getting to see grandchildren, understanding my necessity for alone time (short short supply this past month, lol) and how much you enjoy your own grandchildren.

Karla posed a question:  You have mentioned previously that you now store your berries in jars. Would you elaborate on how you prep them once you bring them home from the grocery?

I had read of storing lemons and limes in a glass jar of water in the fridge to prevent them drying out so quickly and that worked very well.  I happened to stumble upon a Pin on Pinterest for making berries last longer.  You bring them home from the store, remove from the plastic clam shell and store them in a covered glass jar in the fridge.  You do not wash them until you mean to use them.  I'll say that I get at least 5-7 days more to use berries over my previous method of leaving in the clam shell pack in the fridge.  It's been nice to have berries last so much longer.  Just wash right before using and never wash more than you mean to use right away.

Lana Congratulations on your 38th anniversary.  May you have many more happy years together!

Gramma D, I must sincerely tell you that never in all my years of 100f+ temperatures have I lost weight...Sad but true, lol.  We are slated for 102f and 103f this week.  I shall have to be very mindful of watering plants and watching that shades and curtains are drawn to preserve the cool air indoors.

Debbie, Josh is like most folks I guess.  Two or three days of eating bagels and he's done and on to something else.  I think his Mama gets a bit frustrated but I've found that he eats well when he's truly hungry and picks and shakes his head 'No' at everything when he's not.

Anne,  How interesting that symmetry makes you nervous.  I feel off kilter if things are off kilter visually.  I too believe in grouping things in threes and fives and sevens though.  But yes, I have sympathy for your accountant husband.  That was my chosen degree and I so understand the liking of orderly things, lol.

Judy (Sew Blessed Mama) I found the seed packets on Pinterest.  The link led me to this page:  I believe I found others on the same page.

Rhonda commented on the buy one get one deal we found on the taco meal kits.  She said "that proves there is NO one best way to always spend the least. Sometimes scratch is cheapest, sometimes sales/ coupons are the cheapest. It keeps us on our toes, right? "   You are so right, Rhonda!  It pays to look and look and look again and to know your prices as well.  Even making my own seasoning and skipping the sauce, just buying tortillas would have cost more than those meal kits with the seasoning and sauce included.  I almost wish I'd bought a few more and stuck on the pantry shelf, but then again, I promised myself to not add to the pantry during this family time as it would have overcrowded my cupboard or meant trekking through the guest room to retrieve/put away things.

Becky and Lana, I've got you both on my prayer list for finding a home.  Although you live on opposite sides of the country you are most certainly experiencing the same things where houses are concerned in that they are moving quickly. 
Sam and Bess had bad news a week or so ago.  The sell of their Florida home fell through at the last minute after the people asked for an extension of the closing date...Well they listed the house the next day and had four showings right away.  They had a new contract by day's end at full asking price!  What a blessing in disguise that contract loss was!

Jane Allen  We so seldom use our grill...I really ought to make better use of it!  I think the main reason is that it's cool indoors and so very hot outdoors but I could grill in the morning and simply reheat the meat later in the day.  I'll have to study on this a bit and see how I can make it work for me.
As for my being busy, I enjoy what I do and when you enjoy your work it seems natural that you can just accomplishment more!

Karla  I liked what you had to say about my little bout of house envy.  " I know just what you mean about the home envy. I get that way often. Not a deep envy, just a little sigh in my soul that makes me have to dig deep for gratitude occasionally."

Kathy  I remind myself too that we are blessed too in that our home is paid for...and our furnishings and cars, etc.  It does take the sting out of the 'wantitis' as Sparkie Doll says.

I was not in the least surprised to read that so many of you suffer with sleep difficulties.  I've tried so many tricks to go to sleep.  I can shut down my mind and stop the conferences well enough but I still can't sleep.  I've used magnesium, lavender, counting sheep, counting backwards from 100, prayer and sleep aids.  I've decided that I'm just going to resign myself to the fact that there are times I can't sleep and I'm going to stop being anxious about it.  It's just one more fact of my life and having done all I can to change it, I guess I shall accept it and move on.

In the last Iced Tea Chat of the month I shared my breaking down and getting grumpy and weepy.  So glad to hear that it's a normal enough state for most of us women.  And yes, this whole time has gone more easily because Bess is who she is and we get along so very well. 

Nancy, Frugal Boot Camp is a six week period during which I read through books I have on my bookshelf and refresh my own knowledge about what I might do, incorporate or use to further my own creative endeavors at saving money.   I call it Frugal Boot Camp because it's a limited amount of time but an intense course at the same time.

And that dears is it for comments and answers this month...


Debbie said...

I'm doing a Frugal Boot Camp here as well. ;) I've been reading books about the Great Depression too and how people made it through...very inspiring and scary at the same time because I don't think most people have the skills or the patience and fortitude to weather it well at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for the comment about keeping the lemons in water..AND in the refrigerator. I had only heard the water. I tried that twice but the water got ice and the lemon skins soft. Now I know why!! :) Thanks!!
This week we had visits from family and to family and it felt so good. We all needed that. feels like we are recharged like a big hug. :)
I decided to recheck my favorite frugal books too and also my organization books. I am clearing out but need all the inspiration or ideas I can get!! With the realization that I am not young anymore and do not have in all probability not that many years left on this earth I am realizing I really need now to clear more out. Do I really want to carry this 'stuff' around..? Or do I want only the things I need for the rest of my life that I truly love? For the person I really am now or the person I thought I would be when I was 30 or 50? Those days are gone. It has really helped my mind set. I have been blessed to find several others who really like the stuff I have but these things are not for us now. It is odd how I took all my life to gather these things only to clear them out but that is life. :))
So glad to hear about the kids home selling again. Oh the memories both families now have forever of their visit together with you. My mother told me after we left from a visit to her when our son was tiny she did not wash her window for a time. She liked to see those tiny finger prints on it! :-)
I hope you cope with your heat well this week. Sarah

Anonymous said...

...Sorry in my comment...the water got icky...not ice.... spell check decided to change it! lol Sarah

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Terri, thank you for the link to the seed packets.. I just love your prints in the frame.
Proud your back to blogging more..Missed your chats.. You are so encouraging.
Take care and be careful in this heat..We too are going to be in the triple digits..eeeh.

Lana said...
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Lana said...

Thank you for praying for our house hunting. We are right now just taking a break from looking for a few weeks.

It is crazy hot here. Stay cool as you can, everyone!

Lana said...

I leave hand prints ofy grandchildren ony French doors. Sometimes I leave them there for weeks and carefully clean around them.

Lana said...
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