Book Review: Jefferson's America by Julie M. Fenster

I got this book late this past May, perhaps early June.  I set it aside at that time due to the family we had staying with us for an extended time and only recently have I picked it up once more.

The book interested me because I am slightly enamored with Thomas Jefferson as a gardener, architect and naturalist of sorts and I enjoy history.  The idea of reading how lands were surveyed, added to the U.S. territories and such seemed to me worthwhile.

Unfortunately, I found the author's delivery of such information as the book contains was dry.  It's not done in a logical manner so that theinformation about exploration and addition of this land or that is not all together but scattered and mixed up with information about other lands and explorations.  It becomes confusing unless one can back track to discover just what the current subject matter pertains to. 

I was disappointed in the book overall.

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Dora Wedlock said...

His home in VA is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful vountry setting in the mountains and a lovely home that has been carefully restored. Gramma D

Krishan Arora said...

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