Weekend Reading

I've only recently discovered this site and I must say she has some awesome sounding recipes.  I've even tried on or two of them and they stand well on the quick and easy side of things as well as being delicious.  I thought this article about whether or not one might freeze meat again a good one.

Can you tell I was in a pantry/freezer mode of reading this week?  She has some good spice substitutes here just in case you don't have something needed on hand.

http://dontwastethecrumbs.com/2012/06/save-electricity/  From the same blogger, her experience in unplugging.  I thought this was interesting, too and something I want to seriously consider.  I have a clock on the coffeemaker and one on the microwave.  We do have a power strip behind the TV but only turn it off if there's a storm or we're on vacation.  Food for thought in this post.

This one is a slide show.  You can find recipe links in the text under each photo.  I thought it a fun and interesting set of recipes and would love to cook my way through them.

I think Dee @ LifeWithDee linked to this in her blog this past week.  I loved reading through the list.  I'd add: Washington Square with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Anna and the King with Jodie Foster that are beautiful period films as well.  But then I confess that is my favorite genre of film anyway.  Sigh worthy costuming and scenery will get me every single time. 

Just a fun little quiz of sorts...but who could possibly choose just one?

Katie shared this link with me last weekend and showed me her notebook.  It looks like a good system for a budget notebook and they are printable and free.  That Katie not only has me thinking of ways to decorate for fall, she's got my mind gears spinning thinking of ways to revamp my Home Notebook and Budget notebook.


Louise said...
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Louise said...

Katie had a wonderful teacher and now the student is becoming the teacher.. Isn't that the way life is supposed to work?? I am going to check out the budget notebook for sure.and the first two links you shared.. I thank you so much for all your shares.

Living on Less Money Blog said...

Oh, boy! I don't even want to think about how much meat I have wasted over the years because I thought I couldn't refreeze it once it was defrosted. Good article. Thanks for posting it!

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