Weekend Reading

Interesting reads this week.  The FDA determined that hand sanitizers weren't all they were meant to be.  In fact, some of them were proven to be harmful!  The first link has a video and article:

And then this on electric hand dryers.

Revolutionary idea:  We should actually EAT our vitamins instead of taking supplements.  Also includes a video/slideshow.  http://www.msn.com/en-us/health/nutrition/stop-taking-expensive-vitamins-and-eat-these-foods-instead/ss-AAig2fH?ocid=spartandhp

How to stock your pantry on a budget

Another slide show featured seasonal foods.  There are links to recipes below each slide in the description.  I think I pinned half of these...28 Fall Recipes

Just for fun, another slide show, this one featuring a beautiful but unusually striped cat

How about free fall printables?   I think they are lovely.
10 Fall Printables |  On Sutton Place
from onsuttonplace.com  Click on the link up above and you can find individual ones to print out if you'd like.

I've been meaning to look up a whitening bath I can put some of my old linens through to make them white once more.  This one from Jillee popped upon Pinterest this week.

Remember earlier in the year when Kroger stores had a Taste of Spain series?  Now they've gone Italian.  Check it out HERE.


Lana said...

It really worries me that hand sanitizers are the way hands are cleaned in hospitals now. There is nothing like good old soap and water!

Lana said...

I just read this post about packing breakfasts and lunches. Lots of good ideas here. http://gdonna.com/cooking-from-scratch/lunch-box-meals-for-adults-and-children/

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