Weekend Reading

Isn't it lovely?  The picture, I mean.  Because so far autumn doesn't even begin to describe the appearance of our landscape.  The trees look a little thinner, the lawn looks terribly dry, the flowers look scrappy and the golden rod just can't seem to make that final push and really bloom.  But hey, I've got a picture full of fall beauty right there.

I saw this on MSN last week.  I love big piles of fall leaves and this series of videos captures the joy they can be for kids and pets.

I plan menus here on the blog.  I then forget all about them and have to have the computer up and running in order to see what my plan was.  Nine times out of ten I won't bother.  I thought menu plan sheets might change all that.  I haven't printed any out just yet.  I had to buy new ink cartridges just in case I ran us completely dry, since the warning sign keeps coming up.  Perhaps tomorrow I can choose something pretty and print it out for my home notebook.  Here's a post I found on Pinterest with loads to choose from.

I don't have Microsoft Office on my computer.  I refuse to pay the huge price for it.  I'd heard of this program earlier this week.  Virginia got a new computer and installed this program but it played heck with the particular word program software that makes up her work.  I don't know how this will work on anyone's computer but it's free and if you don't need something very specialized or specific it might be a great answer for you.  Apache Open Office.

I have really been enjoying the ideas behind the posts at GoodCheapEats.  This one asks some relevant questions about rethinking the grocery budget.  And this one has some good ideas for cutting down on meal prep time.  I don't have to have dinner on the table quickly, but if I'm in the midst of a project I sure do like to cut out all the stuff that takes me away from my project work.

I happen to like to clean bathrooms (except to scrub the shower).  I think sparkling white porcelain and shiny chrome are the most rewarding of cleaning jobs.  That said, I know it's not to everyone's taste and some of you might even like to {{shudders}} dust, instead.  To each his own.  That said, we must all clean the bathroom and why not make a grand job of it and be done with it?  You might appreciate these professional hints in this post.

I love my gas stove and oven.  I don't like the idea of cleaning it and mixing gas fumes and pilot light with crazy oven cleaning chemicals.  This MOO (sort of a trademark from this blog that stands for Make Our Own) oven cleaner.  Anabelle tried it and liked it.  I'm going to try it myself, though I confess I have found that just wiping it out each time I use it is the very best method of all for keeping it clean.  And while you've got the site pulled up look at all her other MOO mixes.  You might find something useful!

That's it for this week.  There's the most wonderful bit of sunshine coming through the sheers that I kind of want to gaze at just now.  Enjoy your weekend!


Louise said...

I use Apache Open Office as well.. However, I wish it had Excel with it.. I'd love to learn how to use it. I thought it might help with budgeting.. not that I budget now that I live alone but my daughter might make use of it since she is the one who is struggling right now. If you hear of a free Excel program please share..
I am heading out now to check out some of the links you shared.. Love learning new things.

Lana said...

It is surprising how much color there is on the trees this early this year as we drive up toward the NC mountains for the TR night concerts. We have commented on it every week. It is disturbingly dry here, too. I pray for rain everyday but we have not had anything but a few sprinkles for weeks.

Dusting is my least favorite chore too and it seems to be the biggest chore there is on my lists. Everyday there is something to be dusted. My favorite is laundry. I love piles of freshly washed clothes.

Anonymous said...

My favorite chore is hanging clothes onto line then looking at it off and on from the house on the line and later taking it down and folding and putting it away brings me joy. Why I don't know but it happily does!! :-)

I have started an new home notebook Every once in a while I get new ideas and better ways. When I read the many books on keeping home I have they sound easy. Basic chores, ones that only need doing every three month and ones for each season etc and it sounds simple....till I try to fit it all in!! This time I took part of this idea and some of my own and even if it does not do it all it does it better than it was!! LOL Finding time for the things I have to go to outside of home each month and gardening and all the odds and ends we each personally want to fit into our lives takes some juggling. Something has to give. LOL LOL

Terri i am sorry but could you put the link up agin for your recipe blog? i will put it in save this time! Is it the Penny Recipe? I have that one. Thanks. I am glad I stumbled on GoodCheapEats quite a while back too. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting blog names in your posts. Copied the one for oven cleaner and will definitely be trying it. Using more and more homemade products. Gramma D

Karla Neese said...

Thanks for the link on the professional bathroom cleaning tips. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Okay let's back up. I hate cleaning. LOL Our bathrooms are nearly impossible to keep looking clean because the sinks, showers and tubs are all that plastic that was white way back 20 years ago and over time has turned yellow. But I do my best. The shower stall is the hardest one for me! These should be handy tips.

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